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Things I already miss:

Laying on the bed laughing with you.
Racing to the apartment.
Walking to the park in the rain and giving you my jacket.
Beatle bug punches.
Driving and listening to music being content with you by my side.
Cuddling and feeling safe in your arms.
Your morning kisses.
Making your lunch.
Doing your hair.
Sitting at the park and watching the sunset.
Playing at Healy heights park.
Spontaneously reading on a random bench on a random street in a random part of town.
House shopping for our future homes.
Forgetting the keys in the car after we raced back to the apartment and you running away from me.
How often you accidentally broke jars in the lobby.
Holding your hand.
Your laugh, such a loud noise from such a small person.
Your eyes.
Hiking with you.
Running with you.
Blackberry picking and lavender fields.
Road trips.
Lifting off on plane rides, holding your hand in anticipation.
Relaxing and watching tv.
Grilling burgers, because I’m the husband in our relationship.
Holding or breathe under tunnels and wishing that I would never have to leave.
Driving back from our favorite hike, with the windows down and the wind on my finger tips.
Sitting under a tree and reading with your hand in mine.
Laughing so hard that I trip and fall and laugh even harder as you join me on the floor.
Eating watermelon together after a long bike ride.
Feeling free while running through a secret staircase we found on accident.
Stealing hydrangeas for you.
Hugging you.
Being with you.

I miss you most of all.

—  N.C. // I miss you and I left this morning.
Yesterday (Rehearsal Medley)
Paul McCartney (feat. Bugs Bunny)
Yesterday (Rehearsal Medley)

Yesterday is the most covered song in the world, completed in just a few takes. But many fans forget that after the final take, an alternative attempt was tried that, although had some stops and starts, proves more beautiful than the popular version. 

a.k.a. Paul McCartney’s goofy live rehearsal of Yesterday for one of his early 90′s tours, featuring a certain bunny. Very funny!