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Would You Rather... Beatles Edition

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1. Have guitar lessons with John or have drum lessons with Ringo

2. Date John, Paul, George, or Ringo

3. Take LSD with George or smoke weed with John

4. Attend the Shea Stadium concert or watch the Rooftop concert

5. Meditate with George or spread peace and love with Ringo

6. Early 60s, mid 60s, or late 60s

7. Go to the hair salon with Maureen or get your nails done with Cynthia

8. Eat dinner with Brian Epstein or eat dinner with Mal Evans

9. Listen to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band or listen to the White Album

10. Spend your birthday with Paul or spend your Christmas with Ringo

11. Go to Japan with Yoko or go to India with Pattie

12. Read a McLennon fanfic or a Starrison fanfic

13. McLennon or nah

14. Wear John’s iconic round glasses or wear Ringo’s St. Christopher Medal

15. Save John from dying or save George from dying

16. Meet old man Paul or old man Ringo

17. Listen to Revolution 9 on repeat for 30 minutes straight or stare at John and Yoko’s nudes for 15 minutes straight

18. Have Ringo’s adorable big nose or have George’s bushy eyebrows

19. Have Paul sing Till There Was You at your wedding or have John sing It’s Only Love at your wedding

20. Wear Beatle boots or have a moptop

21. Have John’s jawline or Paul’s puppy eyes

22. Ride in John’s Rolls Royce or ride in George’s Mini Cooper

23. Punch Ringo or slap George

24. Have Paul write a song about you or have George write a song about you

25. Listen to Wings or the Plastic Ono Band

26. Bungee jump with George Martin or skydive with Neil Aspinall

27. Have a girl’s night with Cynthia, Olivia, Jane, Maureen, Linda, Yoko, or Pattie

28. Make mashed potatoes with Paul or do a bit of light gardening with George

29. Be a vegetarian like Paul, George, and Ringo or still eat meat like John

30. Sing with the Beatles or play an instrument with the Beatles

“In his own private hotel room - not a suite, just a room - at 12:30 in the afternoon on Park Avenue, River Phoenix is wearing a T-shirt (“Burning Down the House,” it says), black polyester pants and Beatle boots. He’s just waked up - a phone call from the lobby and MTV (left on overnight) combining to raise him from his slumber. His blond hair is messy, his blue eyes sleepy and he’s got this peach-fuzz number going under his nose”

- The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 1991

It was at the Liverpool Empire. I was looking at John on the stage, but all I could see was him as a little boy. I always used to take him to the Empire at Christmas for his annual treat. I remember the time we’d seen Puss in Boots. It had been snowing and John’s Wellingtons were still on in the theatre. When Puss came on in his big boots, John stood up and shouted, ‘Mimi, he’s got his Wellington boots on! So have I.’ His little voice was heard everywhere and everyone looked at him and smiled.
—  John Lennon’s Aunt Mimi