beatiful quotes

I want to be able to wake up early in the morning and be grateful for all that I have. I want to open my curtains, let the the sunshine spill through, and realize how good I actually have it. I want to enjoy every moment of the day. I want to be productive, I want to do useful things. I want to spent my time studying for my exams. I want to make a beautiful planner, colour coded, with inspirational quotes and all sorts of sketches and pictures. I want to read through my material, and make beautiful notes. I want to be satisfied with the grades I get, because school does not define my worth and I did the best I could.
But I also want to relax, I want to shower and use that expensive showergel I got for my bday, and after that I want to put on my favourite underwear and sing in my room with those on, dancing to my favourite music. I want to dress to impress - myself. I want to look good, I want to feel goed. I want to put time into making myself delicious meals - avocado sandwiches, fruit salads, strawberry smoothies - and I want to spent time with my friends, joking with them, laughing with them, talking about our favorite tv shows and movies. I want to be happy. I want to take care of myself. And just before I go to bed, after I’ve noticed how pretty the moon looks that night, I want to read and get lost in the stories of others. Then I want to sleep, deeply, without interruptions, so that I’ll be energized the next day. And if this does not work out today, that’s okay, because there are other nights to come and other days to appreciate.
—  All that I want. Note to myself - @studiesstudy

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Magellan vs Law

t h i s

omg this fight would be fucking epic and beautifully epic. Gut says Magellan since he can inflict status damage but Law might be able to Magic Bounce that bitch and my heart is saying Law but I wanna go with my gut on this one bc I think my gut might be more impartial

- Mod Strawhat