beatiful girlfriends

dick-so-inferno-deactivated2017  asked:

What is your opinion of the poem Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley

I’m Met One Tapir Peddling Priceless Sands
Who Snorch’d: These Sands Will Bring You Wealth And Wealth
Eternal Dollers, Golden Palace Grands
A Boat, A Beatiful Girlfriend, And Health
These Riches Come Exclusive To My Sands
My Cosigns Bellow Songs Of You Success
Of Biggest Disc, Of Never-Ending Creams,
Until You Turn To Dust, Then Nothingness.
Soon Your Existence Fades To Only Dreams.
This Boy Is Seymour Babyboy, Sandsvendor
He Give You What You Want For Cheapest Price
Such Foolishness To Not Accept This Deal.
Your Ego Glutted, Fat With Avarice,
Calcification Of Your Glands Pineal.