I’m seeing a lot of “Finn and Rey trying to deny the depth of their feelings for each other” headcanons and it’s not that there’s anything wrong with that per se? but it’s just such a Very Hetero Romance Thing, the “no, we’re just friends UNTIL WE AREN’T and everyone who knew more than we did all this time is punching the air and we just smile ruefully and kiss” and it’s a little tedious and I just 

I’m really into them knowing and openly admitting how much they mean to each other, even as that changes and intensifies over time, and having the concepts and language to describe it, and accepting it and answering nosy questions like “So are you two, uh…” with enthusiastic yeses. 

our slice of reality

the abetted dance
of your sea-garden rhythms
full of renaissance phallic dreams
swallows and mutters erotic syllables

yet …
you remain an
uncollected bloodhound
perching with the wisdom of owls …

thrusting away the rebuttals
of your beatific conscience

with an innocent
simpered smirk …

oh …
the mansuetude
of your sheepish
smile -

oh …
the silk bunting
of this hot flesh
of yours -

must i remain forever a pious urchin?

the silence
of your soul
arouses me …

the offshore winds call us
into the singularity of our

cadences … synchronized

the frenzy
of our hunger.

let’s augment reality
and erase the lacerations
of society’s leg-worn obscenities …

let’s fly into
the future tense
and sneak through the sky …
the ocean will climb up to reach us …
nothing else will matter … everything else


the religious value probably most responsible for pushing me towards apostasy was the idea of faith as a virtue. it’s just…so transparently a memetically fit value for a belief system to have (“it’s good to not examine things too closely”), especially when the belief system involves, well, implausible things. it makes sense that if a god existed and he knew best, that faith would be a value worth cultivating. but should that be the case, the degree of self-doubt and cognitive dissonance inflicted in the process is so cruel as to not inspire much reverence in me. my stomach used to turn whenever my family members (or others) would talk in a shining-eyed beatific way about the beauty of “child-like faith” in god, and it took a while to figure out why.

i’m sure there are plenty of gentle and positive takes on the idea of faith. something like “accept that there are things you just won’t ever know, or be able to control, and chill out.” or “be good at recognizing when some people are wiser than you, and consider that distrust or discomfort is in those cases is sometimes worth ignoring.” religious faith is good for social cohesion the way that civic faith is, and the way that loyalty is.

i think the thing that weirds me out the most is when faith as virtue trickles down to contexts that aren’t any of the above, where it becomes something more like openmindedness as a virtue. except openmindedness never seems to end up being “extreme evidence-based curiosity,” but more just…credulousness.

Why “third place” meant “first place” on Iowa caucus night

Honestly, you could be forgiven for thinking Rubio pulled off some sort of upset last night, just based on the amount of time the big three spent discussing him, showing footage of him, carving graven images in his honor. The Rubio beatification is not unexpected, because so much of the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses involved these media outlets being stymied by Trump’s runaway success in the polls. 

“This is the agreed-upon game of the 24-hour political news cycle: In a world of internet access and social media that can tell people what’s going on more quickly than structured TV programming could possibly manage, all they have to offer is the ability to impose narratives upon events even as they’re still unfolding.”

This is why you’ll see the words “BREAKING NEWS” below a candidate while they’re in the middle of a speech, only to follow it with words the candidate just said. It’s why unusual poll results or a mildly surprising Iowa caucus outcome will be harnessed to a political narrative already being pushed. It’s the media’s effort to exert control over a messy democratic process that, by definition, they can’t control.

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Jesus is rocking the halo and the head of lustrous curls on fol. 20r of Ms. Codex 1572, but this is a gradual for mass we’re talking about– does this beatific savior take your singing abilities into account when judging admittance to heaven? No sweat, you’re only singing for the fate of your eternal soul, i.e. the most nervewracking audition ever.

Manuscript description and digital images can be found here at OPenn.

These Faustian hours I spend
In a whirring haze
In a constant stasis
Somewhere underground –
Is that not my place?

As beatific sprites with
The faces of my friends
Beckon me through
To evergreen glades
To honeyed towns

I shake my head
Murmur formless words
And retreat to the labour of
My spindler’s wheel
With pinpricked hands

Even as Mephistopheles
Reaches up from the abyss
And seizes me
By the

Bernie Sanders Releases Tough Ad on Wall Street Speaking Fees

The conversation is apparently over. On Thursday morning, the Sanders campaign released an ad with the less-than-beatific title “The Problem,” which criticized the Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs and other banks for corrupting politics with “millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees.”

Mr. Sanders has done much to lay the groundwork to associate Mrs. Clinton with Wall Street, highlighting her acceptance of speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and it’s role in the mortgage crisis. And on the stump and interviews now, Mr. Sanders has added a new line noting that Hillary Clinton went to Philadelphia last night for a fund-raiser at an investment bank.

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Have been going through a lot of shit and have been meditating to calm myself down about problems I can’t change right now. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, soul-searching, philosophizing, etc. about the nature of my life, meaning, etc. and for a lot of the meditating it was really more of a collected thinking - but I had a moment where I lost ‘myself’ where thought went ‘quiet’ - shortly after a period of emotional overwhelming and kind of extreme focus - and while I was still awake I either hallucinated or had a microsleep or something and had a weird experience.

I had a beatific vision, saw the throne of god and all that.

 The entirety of potentials a swirling eternal circle of light and flame, like every color coexisting at once in a swirling layered vortex, bordered by fractally expanding wheels and eyes and wings that seemed to curl outward forever, behind a lens-like focus of that flame as a point of light I knew instinctively as the divine will, all atop a platinum like ‘throne’ stretching upward to the ‘prism’ that was god like a stepped pyramid. I ‘stood’ or sort of placed ‘myself’ upon the second to last step of the throne itself, demanded answers, demanded help, demanded intercession on behalf of all sentience he had created that has now and ever did and ever would suffer. god did not answer, but i felt their pain, and then i felt their shame - not at me but at themself - a yearning to intercede and then the strongest feeling of restraint - felt god look away from me in guilt. then i felt myself pushed back with the most powerful force of will i’ve ever felt, and as I was cast away from the throne i cried out to god and called them a coward, i cast at them every pain of my heart and the empathy i felt for all life and my enmity for the entire concept of suffering itself and the pitiful framework of his design - every musing and belief i ever held upon the divine’s nature was thrown into their focus all at once - and the truth that i had spoken with my heart passed through the light that was god and echoed into the flame of existence itself and reverberated forever, and again I felt god become ashamed of its action - my own overwhelming disappointment in them - and then i felt nothing but cold and dark until i was suddenly back in the world.

Still not sure what to make of it, if there was any sort of meaningful communication there - either with god or with myself if it was a subconscious/id kind of thing.

Chapter two of Aurora Dawning is available here! 

“S-sorry…darlin’, your technique,” Talisa slurred. She waved her hands in front of her swaying before she grinned beatifically at the twenty-something, ”—is somewhat lacking.”

Talisa giggled before she put her hand to her mouth and hiccupped. She knew the kid, or ‘man’, currently harassing her. She had made the mistake of making out with him during a spectacularly boring party ages ago. Now, he’d tracked her down to one of her favorite bars and followed her around like a lost puppy for the past fifteen minutes for a repeat performance.

“You’re a tease!” The man in front of her spit. Talisa’s eyes widened in shock. That was a quick 180. He surprised her by pushing her back into a wall causing her drink to slosh onto her NEW heels.

“Hey, you fu-“ Talisa was cut off when manbaby surged forward and placed his slobbery lips on hers. It took her a half second for her to focus through the alcohol haze before she slammed her glass into the back of his head. He automatically pulled back with a roar, but Talisa was already pulling his legs out from under him. The tall man fell backward like a log hitting a table on the way down. People were looking now if they weren’t before, but Talisa didn’t care. She placed her heel right over his crotch. Her eyes revealed she was more than willing to do it.

“I’ll send you a bill,” Talisa said.

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When I speak of the importance of scientific method in regard to the conduct of human life, I am thinking of scientific method in its mundane forms. Not that I would undervalue science as a metaphysic, but the value of science as metaphysic belongs in another sphere. It belongs with religion and art and love, with the pursuit of the beatific vision, with the Promethean madness that leads the greatest men to strive to become gods. Perhaps the only ultimate value of human life is to be found in this Promethean madness. But it is a value that is religious, not political, or even moral.
—  Bertrand Russell

Very, very curious times:

Tomorrow, the 26th of January, Their Majesties Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko will undertake an historic State Visit to the Philippines to mark the 60th anniversary of the normalization of bilateral relations.

And of course, last week, came the news that the Pope has approved the process of beatification of the 16th century daimyo and Catholic convert Hikogoro Shigetomo, or Dom Justo Takayama Ukon as he was known in Manila. Justo had a great reputation for holiness and led a colony of three hundred Japanese Catholics who settled in the Paco district of Manila (older folks still refer to this part of town as San Francisco de Dilao, literally Saint Francis of the Yellow).

Interestingly enough, I pass by the potentially-blessed’s statue almost daily on the way to work; and of course, the entirety of Roxas/Dewey is festooned with the Japanese flag.

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Could you make ss fanfic when sasuke and sakura are dying then sarada now become adult and she's edo tensei her parent and sakura said "you've become beautiful woman" with crying?

T.T I can’t write something with both of them dead 😭😭😭 But the “you’ve become a beatific woman” part is something to think of…

“But sometimes I sit in a chair, late at night, and quietly feel very bad. When the night is at its most quiet, I can hear death. I am very proud of my sadness, because it means I am more alive”

Just saw World of Tomorrow, the newest movie by Don Hertzfeldt (if u haven’t seen any of his movies watch it’s such a beatific day) and I thought this quote was pretty great
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Today’s word is BEATIFIC

Beatific – giving or showing extreme bliss or joy

Some days you’re on top of the world other days the world is on top of you. Remember to smile. Always. Take time to brighten someone else’s day. Compliment your neighbor on their garden. Tell a stranger their outfit is on fleek. The energy we put into into the atmosphere will be reciprocated back to us in some form or fashion, someway somehow. It’s call the Law of Attraction. Doesn’t it feel good to FEEL GOOD? Enjoy your life. Be beatific