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Eugene’s Missing Boot

Since it has been shaped as the movie that made it into the theaters, Disney has loved the gag of Eugene losing his boot.

It started with the cut scene where he was beaten up by Rapunzel’s hair.

Continued with the scene that was never meant for the final picture, where Eugene theatrically calls for Rapunzel to let down her hair.

In the final production, Maximus pulled it right off his foot!

In fact, they liked the gag so much, it made the cover of the comic version of the movie!

But to me, the very best aspect is the newest addition: Varian has Eugene’s boot in his collection!

Did you see it?

Varian has found and kept Eugene’s missing boot. XD

(So Imma be real for a moment

I think I’ve come to realize that one of the best things about this fan base, all the Fans of EMR ad and all is the fact we’re all mostly artists. And this isn’t just limited to drawings. I mean writings, story telling, animations, voice acting, everything that makes you an artist.

As artists, we all understand how hard it is to get known and I’ve come to enjoy how people here will actually reblog artwork, help  spread words, and we all just, like, lowkey look after one another.

There’s a strange sense of security here i guess.

Thanks for that)

I went to see Pancho, and on my way back I was attacked by a dog. It tried to bite my face and threw me down on the ground. I implored the Virgin of San Juan with the Lord’s Prayer because it seemed the demon himself attacked me Then the dog ran away and left me lying down. I didn’t have any scratch. Then I found out that the dog had rabies. I thanked and I promised to dedicate a retablo for delivering me from such disgrace of being beaten. Otherwise, it would’ve given me rabies. I bring this testimony of what happened to your feet. May you be blessed, Holy Virgin.

Your Petra Murillo
San Juan de los Lagos
December 8, 1955

“They call me the Wig”

me: googles “The Wig”

“The Wig” is a 2005 South Korean horror film about a wig that possesses it’s owner, a girl with cancer …. spoilers … (all from wiki, I didn’t watch it bc i legit have dial-up internet) it turns out that the hair had belonged to a GAY MAN who used to date the (BISEXUAL?) boyfriend of her sister (is this real? can anyone confirm?). The gay man was beaten, then killed himself by jumping off a building (What???). His ghost possessed the wig’s owner to try to reach the still-living man he loved, by using Soo-hyeon’s (*COUGH* Soo…who???) body to have an affair with the man. When they kiss, the hair grows very long at an impossibly fast rate. Her sister fights and kills the ghost but accidentally kills her sister in the process. Nice reference there Moftiss.

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Hey have you guys seen 'They Took Out The Blood and Death' by alyseofwonderland? works/10271831/chapters/22749311 It hits so many cool fairy tale points. I love the characterization. And she made a graphic for it.

thanks for your rec

They Took Out The Blood And Death by alyseofwonderland (Esyla)Esyla

“Fairy tales are more than true – not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.” ~ G. K. Chesterton, writer. Sam Wilson is a slut for Fairy Tales. Steve considers what it takes to cut out a heart. A man in the woods needs a name. Cinderella and the King’s son adopt little Red Riding Hood. A mermaid becomes sea foam. A fairy godmother gets his wings.
The dark fairy tale remix no one asked for.
Different members of the Avengers find healing or understanding in the pages of classic Fairy Tales.
Songs and quotes included.

I wanna see more artistic depictions of the retreat of crusaders in the 5th and 7th Crusades (aka the Egyptian Crusades) bc you got these of beaten and broken knights full of disease and shitting in their own armor or in overcrowriver boats if they could no longer while they get picked off at will by Mamelukes it’s cool imagery

Cuts And Bruises

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager.

[Trigger Warning: Blood]

The heist hadn’t been a total disaster. 

The night had been a complete nightmare. Everything that could possibly go wrong did. But Geoff and Jack managed to return home only slightly beaten up, with a backpack full of money. So Geoff deemed the night a success. 

Geoff and Jack collapsed on the couch side by side, completely exhausted. They didn’t notice that the boys were still awake until Gavin appeared at Geoffs side.

“Are you okay Geoff…?” He asked tentatively.

“Course I am Buddy. Why would you ask that?”

“Because you’re covered in blood Jackass.” Ryan commented, walking over with a first aid kit.

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You fill the cracks on my armour with sun kissed glow,
turn my insides into solid gold
You love me in peace and you love me in war

You pull me aside when the tide in my eyes rises,
and dance the night away with me as the water falls
You love me when I’m tired and when I miss home

It’s too much to ask, I know
but as I get beaten down again and again you seem like the only reason worth staying still
Love me even if I don’t deserve it cause it’s the only way I know how to live

It’s a desperate cry disguised as restless prayers
when I hold you tight while your sleep
“Love me when I love you because I always will”

—  I want to believe you and I are meant to be

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Have you heard about the Angel of Death serial killer being beaten in prison a couple of days ago? He has since died from his injuries

I had heard, Donald Harvey, but I didn’t know he had died! I wonder who beat him up, he was really old!

Will You Be My Oxygen When I'm Running Out Of Air? If I Close My Eyes, Will You Still Be There?

Written by: @why-do-i-ship-this

Requested by: @matthew-the-neko-boy

Prompt: Negan finds Carl after he is beaten up my sole of the Saviors, and decides to take his revenge. (I did a really bad job of following this prompt, I am so so sorry).

Words: 1,041

Warnings: swearing, mild violence


“What the fuck happened to you, kid?!”

Carl froze, his thin fingers hovering mid-pat above his collarbone. He had just applied a bright white patch of gauze to the skin, but he could already feel the blood soaking through, blossoming across the mesh like some sort of twisted rose.

“Nothing,” the teen answered shortly, voice gruff. Hand shaped bruises along his slender neck left his speech raspy and strained, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Negan.

The Lead Savior strode over, grabbing Carl’s chin harshly and forcing him to look up. His angry expression softened when the boy winced, and he quickly let go, crouching down so they were eye-level.

“Kid…” Negan whispered, gloved hand brushing strand of Carl’s long brown hair behind his ear. The man nearly gasped when he saw the teen’s now uncovered socket; it was a flaming red edged in greenish-yellow, and some of the strings of skin that had been growing back were now broken, leaving a watered down pool of blood behind.

“Fuckin’ shit!” Negan cursed under his breath. “Carl, tell me what happened.”

When Carl didn’t answer, the older man let his saddened gaze run over the rest of the teen’s body, checking for other injuries. His anger only grew with every inch of skin he saw, as he was full of vibrantly discolored spots and shallow cuts leaking crimson liquid.

Carl shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny, wrapping his sore arms around himself as if he could hide behind the skinny limbs.

“‘M fine,” he mumbled, forcing a smile. “I just–um–I fell.”

Carl was lying through his teeth, the memory of being pushed down a flight of stairs by one of Negan’s men making him bite the inside of his cheek hard enough to draw blood.

“I’m not even gonna acknowledge that weak ass lie,” Negan said with raised brows, before his face became concerned again. “So tell me, my future little serial killer–what happened?”

Carl swallowed audibly, breaking eye contact with Negan’s intense stare. “I pissed someone off, and I payed the consequences,” he answered flatly, stubbornly blinking back tears. “It happens.”

Negan’s eyes darkened, and he stood, ghosting a gentle hand across Carl’s face before turning around, grabbing Lucille, and heading out the door.

“Negan–wait! What are you doing?” The teen asked in panic, ignoring his aching body as he scrambled after the older man.

Negan didn’t stop, but he answered nonetheless; “I’m about to kill the fucker that thought they could touch *my* boy and get away with it.”

Carl felt a flutter of something foreign in his heart when Negan called him ‘his boy,’ but he pushed it to the side, instead simply speeding up, latching onto the older man’s arm before he could turn the corner.

“Negan–stop,” the teen ordered, finally managing to get him to obey. The man in question turned around, anger rolling off him in waves.

“Kid,” he said warningly, though Carl could tell the threat was empty.

“Just–stop,” Carl said again, hand still laying on Negan’s leather clad arm. “Stop, and h-help.”

Only then did the Lead Savior notice how incredibly place the teen was, and his eyes widened when he started swaying on his feet.

“Carl!” He yelled, catching him just before he hit the floor. The one-eyed boy was limp on Negan’s arms, his concerningly cold skin now slick with blood. “Fuck!”

Negan sprinted down the hall towards Carson’s office, all thoughts of murder long forgotten. He charged like a bull through the stragglers that got in his way, all his focus on making sure his boy would be okay.


When Carl woke up, he felt groggy and weak. He felt something cool running through his veins, and looking to his right, he saw he was connected to an IV. Furrowing his brows in confusion, he reached over to pull it out when a string hand gently caught his wrist, pulling it into their chest.

“Wha–?” He began to ask, only to be cut off my a familiar voice.

“Hey, kid.”

When Carl looked at Negan, he almost didn’t recognize him. The man’s eyes were rimmed in red, purple smudges from fatigue claiming the skin underneath them. He seemed skinnier, more tired, and his beard had grown in noticeably.

“Negan?” Carl asked, and he was shocked to find that his voice was incredibly raspy and dry, as if it hadn’t been used for a long time. “How long was I out?”

A heavy silence settled over the two of them, and Negan let his gaze drop to the bed sheets, seemingly unable to answer. Eventually, Carl became uncomfortable, and he shifted, withdrawing his hand from the other man’s grasp.

“Negan. I need to know. Tell. Me. How. Long.”

“Two months.”

Negan’s voice was barely a whisper, a croaky and heartbroken tone lingering within it, like they were the default emotions. Carl’s eye widened, and he shoved the covers off of him, jumping out of the bed.

The second his toes touched the ground, he collapsed. Undeterred, the teen started crawling, trying to get to the door of Negan’s room.

“I–I need to see my family! I need to see if they’re okay!” He was yelling now, ignoring the fact that it felt like swallowing fire, and that his bones were nearly jelly.

“Carl…” Negan said with a dad sign, standing up and walking over to the boy. Without hesitation, he scooped him up, holding him tight as he fought against him.

“Let me down! Negan! Stop it!”

The Lead Savior gave Carl’s cries a deaf ear, carefully tucking him back into the bed. “Carl, stop,” he pleaded, voice as small as the teen had ever heard it.

Maybe it was all the pain he was causing himself, or maybe it was the grief in Negan’s tone, but Carl suddenly stopped fighting, slumping fast against the older man.

“I want to see my family…” he whispered, refusing to acknowledge what he’d already known, had sensed from the moment he’d woken up.

Wrapping his arms around the boy’s small frame, Negan kissed the top of Carl’s head, closing his eyes and letting the silky strands of hair tickle his face.

“I know, baby boy,” he finally answered, beginning to rub Carl’s back. “I know.”

Best Ed Moment #30

This is only a little moment, but I am so obsessed with this one second scene.

Edd has been stuck in the ground helpless to the situation. Upon striking Eddy’s Brother, and knowing that Eddy who has been beaten to a pulp lay a few feet away, Ed gently pulls Edd out from the ground.

When caught in situations like these Ed has a hard time in deciding what he should do. He worries what people are going to think about him.

This similar scene happened in Postcards from the Ed where Edd was stuck in a tree, Eddy captured Plank’s parents, and Ed was caught running back and forth trying to figure out what to do. He roughly pulled out out from the tree.

Look at Ed’s face very closely. He is very nervous about what is to come next. He detached the door having it knock Bro in the face, Eddy toppled along the ground with the door. He may have hurt Eddy. This something that Ed has never done before. He never hurt someone on purpose.

I always love this moment. He wants them all to be together to check on Eddy. Friendship is very important to him.


     You have been with the League of Assassins for 6 years now. Thanks to them and Lex Luthors test on you, you have superpowers you never knew you had. You don’t just have flight, super strength, laser vision. You also have telepathy, invisibility, speed and a few other powers that your are unsure of.

  You find yourself using invisibility a lot working with the League. When they send you out with people to get a target. when they train you on how to be stealthy, you go invisible. So of course you would use invisibility to sneak out and try to find your family again.


   This isn’t the first time you have tried to run away from Ra’s Al Ghul. Normally by now he or someone from the League has already caught you and you were in confinement getting ready to be beaten or tortured. But not this time. This time you have safely made it to Gotham. Granted you are dresses as a ninja walking the dark streets, but you are safe in Gotham.

   Should I look for dad or since I’m in Gotham Uncle Bruce. You think to yourself as you walk down the street. I’ll drop in on Uncle Bruce and let him know I’m alive. It’s been 6 years since I have seen him. You start making your way across town to Wayne Manor.


   You fly up to the roof tops to take in the sight of what is now Gotham. It’s darker than you remember. A lot of activity is going on in the streets below you. Men and women walking out of bars drunk. Some teenagers sneaking around the city to go party and have a good time. You watched amazed at the sight going on below you. At the age of 16 you can’t even imagine Gotham being this crazy and full of spirit.

   “Are you lost?” A voice from behind you speaks up. Nearly scaring you half out of your mind. Not even realizing you are throwing a punch the direction the voice comes from. The body moves out of the way of your fist.

    “Don’t you know it’s rude to sneak up on people?” You ask as you realize what you just did and put your hand back at your side. You let out a sigh and turn to look the figure in the face. The eyes of the person are covered by a mask but he has black hair along with a black and blue suit. You start to speak up, “And who are you? Some kind of Batman knockoff? By the way, the names Cat.”

  You see the eyes of the mask widen then narrow again. “I’m Nightwing.” That’s the only response you get. You stare at him for a long time. Every once in a while you look at him from head to toe then make eye contact again. Little did he know your were trying to read his mind without him knowing to find out his identity.

  The silence was broken by a familiar voice. “Lydia Kent. There you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere.“ That familiar voice belongs to your best friend K.T. She is also a super powered person. She was found by the League of Assassins and trained with them for a long time. The two of you bonded and became best friends. When the League has an assignment the two of you normally go together.

   "Really K.T. My real name? We are in public, I’m Cat in public.” You tell her looking all over for her. Her powers are flight, Invisibility and telekinesis. “Show your self woman,” you tell her.

   K.T. appears behind Nightwing with a frown. “You no if Ra’s and Lex found out you tried to run away You would never see the light of day again.” She tells you this while she crosses her arms. You just stare at her then smile and say, “Fine I’ll come back just give me a quick second ok.” You nod at her then turn back to Nightwing.

    Walking up to Nightwing you take a piece of paper out of the bag you had with you and wrote down your cell phone number. You hand him the number and tell him, “Can you tell my dad and Uncle Bruce I said hi. Oh, and Dick text me some time. Bye” With that you and K.T. fly as fast as the two of you can back to the Leagues compound. The last thought of Dick’s that you remember was him say “Oh my god she’s alive.”

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Had to skip a lot of years.

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(1/2) How do you cope w/ignorant family members who allow their cats to free roam? This particular relative lost their 2 yr old (surprised he made it that long considering he was unutered and constantly came home beaten up) boy to a car less than a year ago, and now they've adopted a new cat they brag about "saving" from the pound... Who they're also exposing to the dangers of free roaming. It's only been roughly three months and she's already infested w/worms & fleas :')

I’ve tried convincing them to let me buy her off them to no avail. I… I just don’t what to do at this point, tbh. If she stays where she’s at she’ll likely end up just like their other cat and I just feel so guilty ugh

Are you especially attached to the family members? If you’re willing to burn bridges you can check your local by-laws to see if there’s anything prohibiting free-roaming you can threaten them with, you can also contact animal control and ask if there’s anything you can do for an owned cat being neglected medical treatment (i.e. treating the fleas). Unfortunately, some people just aren’t willing to learn.

one of my least favorite whump tropes is when the character gets hurt but they like ?? have no reaction ? like, they’re bleeding a lot and beaten up but they just get over it somehow? whether it be offscreen or because the character is immortal ?? like no. come on. show me at least some suffering. please.