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I’m Raven & I have cancer but I love my life #BEATCANCER

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We hope you’ll be there for this very special fundraiser on March 19th! We love you, Renee Sheehy.

All info on how to donate and join is on our Facebook page. #InItToWinIt #BeatCancer @distrct @iamcristyle #DanceBattle #LasVegas #LesTwinsClique 👊

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Las Vegas Fundraiser Recap—IN IT TO WIN IT!!

Before I went to the Fundraiser, I ventured out in Vegas for a little bit. Here’s a picture collage of my travels:

From left-to-right… bottom:

1.The Shops at Crystals (I could only afford to window shop 0_0 )

2. Tom Ford @ The Shops at Crystals *clap clap clap-clap clap*

3. M&M’s World—SOOOOOO many M&M’s to choose from………….

#’s 4-6. Views of the Strip

It was a complete honor to be apart of the team that brought this event together…& there were a lot of people that made it out, too! :D Here are a few highlights from the “IN IT TO WIN IT”—Battle To Beat Cancer Fundraiser for Renee Sheehy in Vegas:

  • My LT Vets Family & I gathered at DISTRCT @ 4:45pm to see if there was anything we could to do to help set-up for the event. We set-up chairs, tables, & got the paperwork ready for dancers/spectators to register for the event. We had a small hiccup in regards to trying to get everyone inside of the venue quickly, but we got the hang of it. ;)  Here are a few pics of the inside of DISTRCT (that’s me in pic #2):
  • The Fundraiser started @ 7pm, & that’s about the same time as when LT arrived. LT gave each one of us hugs…1st Lau….then Larry. Now Larry did something to me before he gave me a hug—he re-positioned my blouse—he was covering up my cleavage (I didn’t have THAT much cleavage). Really, Larry? 5 minutes later, I soon realized WHY Larry     did that: HE SAW THAT GIF….oh my gosh…that GIF. Y’all have re-blogged that GIF so many times…..ARGHHHHHH! 0_0
  • Laurent et Larry both gave an interview with Ms. Renee with Channel 8 News….watch the interview here, & if you pay close attention, you can see me in the background giving Larry a hug ;) They BOTH brought their SoloWheels…& with an open parking lot area, they sure did have fun on those things…
  • I was pretty much in charge of the door—making sure everyone that entered had a stamp on their hands for entry/re-entry purposes. They also had a pretty tall security guard that kept order on the inside & outside.
  • There was an artist outside (Cliff from ISI) airbrushing a canvas of LT (originally a photo from Shawn Welling) that was to be auctioned off after he was done. Here are a few pictures of Cliff at work:
  • The order of events: as each dancer registered outside (about 48 in total), they battled 1 vs 1 on the inside. Cristyle from Jabbawockeez was the DJ for the evening. The judges for the battle were Smart Mark & LT. The Host, M.P. Art, made Smart Mark sit in the middle of LT to “cut the umbilical cord”…LOLOLOLOL! Larry cried a little….hehehehhe!!! Bailrok was also sitting with the judges…a few pictures of the judges panel:
  • When the 1st Round of Battles was done, everyone took a break. There were mini-cyphers happening inside of DISTRCT. Then, Round 2 began for the remaining dancers. I was able to go inside & watch Round 4…there was some intense battles going on….Lady Tchozn was one girl to watch out for…I told her she was an AWESOME dancer…. 0_0…here’s a picture of her staring her opponent down:
  • Yak Films was covering most of the battles….getting all types of great angles from inside of DISTRCT. There should be multiple videos coming out very soon from Yak Films (Yak Battles)….Yoram from Yak Films is a pretty cool guy, too.
  • Right before the Semi-Final Round, the judges did a Showcase…here is my video of LT…
  • After a very intense Final Battle between Skitzo & Lady Tchozn (Yak Films has the battle out already…click here to watch)…Ms. Renee raised the hand of the winner (Skitzo), & I was given the task to give the 2nd     place winner $200 Cash. I happily handed the Cash to Lady Tchozn—she was on fire—& she was pleasantly surprised to see me again :D
  • After the Battles, everyone went outside (more air was out there). The boys rode their SoloWheels all over the place….Larry even caught me with my legs locked as he zipped by on his SoloWheel (that really caught me by surprise). I asked Lau how long did it take Larry to ride his SoloWheel by himself….Lau said “A long time”….lololol…..he even said that Larry took a large spill in San Francisco…they need to be careful on those things….0_0
  • As everyone else left the venue, only a few of us remained in the parking lot area for an additional 2 hours after the fundraiser (LT were still there as well). There was a dancer who challenged Larry to a battle, which Larry accepted. Even kitamulathamsampier​ used her car lights to shine on the battle  because EVERYONE needed a better view. I have video of that, but unfortunately, the volume was really low….so you REALLY have to turn up your volume to hear what was being said in the video. Click here.
  • After a very long night, everyone was STARVING…so we all gave hugs to the boys & headed back to our hotels (LT wanted to go to a club…we pretty much figured that out).

Thanks again officiallestwins​ for allowing me to be involved in this fundraiser for Ms. Renee….she is SUCH an amazing woman. I enjoyed spending time with the whole LT Team that helped make this event happen!

Sadly, I did not get to attend the San Francisco Workshops today…..I’m so bummed right now…..but…I’m going to the LT Workshop @ IDA Hollywood in 2 days!! WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m about to start packing right after I post this Recap….

Until next time…



Do you see this beautiful little girl? Her name is Harlie and she is 6 years old. Harlie has brain cancer.

Please Reblog, visit , and follow @hopeforharlie on twitter.

Keep Harlie in your prayers. Jesus saves.

THE WHOLE STORY- Through the eyes of Harlie’s mom, Lisa.

March 29, 2011- I had taken Harlie for an eye exam because it had become a requirement for admission to kindergarten. The Optometrist noticed Harlie had nystagmus, aka rapid eye movement. She had the condition for the last few years but her doctor said she would grow out of it. The doctor wanted Harlie to see an Opthamologist for reassurance.

March 31, 2011- Appointment with an Opthamologist. He suggested that we have a CT Scan of her head performed just as a precaution. The CT Scan was done that day.

April 1, 2011- I received a phone call from the Opthamologist while at work. He told me that Harlie had a tumor the size of a softball in her brain, directly behind her eyes. I couldn’t believe it! When I told my husband, Jamie, he just kept saying, “This is a horrible April fools joke!” An MRI was ordered for that day an Harlie was refered immediately to a local Neurologist. When the Neurologist viewed the CT Scan, he cancelled the MRI and sent us to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.

April 2, 2011- Harlie’s first MRI at Cincinnati Childres Hospital. I knew that day that our child was the strongest, most brave person I had ever met. Once she was sedated for her MRI, walking away from her was almost unbearable!

April 3, 2011- Harlie was already winning the hearts of every person she met with her vibrant personality. The doctors and nurses were amazed at how well she did with the neurological tests. Then, the doctor took Jamie and I out of the room to show us the MRI. I thought Jamie was going to pass out. The tumor was half the size of her brain. That definately put things into perspective. Later that day, Harlie was discharged to go home.

April 7, 2011- First line of treatment, surgery. A consult with Dr. Stevenson, the Neurologist that would be performing the surgery. He explained what to expect during and after the surgery.

April 26-28, 2011- Let the pre-operation tests begin! I felt like we were thrown from one thing to another, never having time to grasp what was happening. We had an Anesthesiologist consult, CTA, MRI, blood work, a physical, and an eye exam.

May 10, 2011- Harlie graduates from pre-school. Harlie’s school, Faith Foundation, moved their graduation up so she could attend.

May 12, 2011- The Big Day…Harlie’s Surgery. Dr. Stevenson had told us that her optical nerve, carotid arteries, and hypothalamus were enclosed in the tumor, so the surgery was risky. That was the longest day of my life! Not knowing if I would ever see my little girl again was almost more than I could take. Finally, after 10 hours in surgery, it was over. Dr. Stevenson came out and told us that they were only able to remove 15-20% of the tumor. The risk was too great to attempt to remove it all. Only three days after this major surgery, Harlie went home. My brave little girl. She never asked for any pain medication..

May 26, 2011- Next treatment option, Chemo. A day full of pre-chemo tests. GFR to test kidney function, MRI of head and spine, and audio testing.

June 2, 2011- Surgery for port placement and the first round of chemotherapy. LET THE SICKNESS BEGIN!!!! The next three months seemed like years. Chemo was devastating on Harlie’s immune system. She had blood work done twice a week and numerous trips to Kosair Hospital in Louisville for blood and platelet transfusions, sometimes three times a week.

September 2, 2011- Three month testing time, MRI and audio testing. While my Mom and I waited for Harlie to get finished with her MRI, my doctor called to inform me that I had thyroid cancer. When Harlie returned, Dr. Hummel told us Harlie had developed a 5 cm cyst on her brain.

September 8, 2011- CT of head. Following a consult with Dr. Stevenson and Dr. Hummel, it was decided the best option for now was to monitor the cyst with periodic MRI’s.

September 29, 2011- My thyroid surgery. The cancer had already spread to my lymphnodes, but I made it through surgery.

October 14, 2011- Harlie started taking a Neulasta injection, hoping it would help with her blood count and immune system.

October 18, 2011- I have radiation therapy. The hardest thing was staying away from my baby. Since she was diagnosed, she had slept with me. How was I supposed to not be around her? And of course, she was sick.

December 8, 2011- More tests, GFR, MRI, and audio…no change. Harlie’s still sick.

February 1, 2012- Neurological and physical exam to determine if any damage was done by the chemo or the tumor.

May 23, 2012- GFR, MRI, and audio tests. We met with Dr. Hummel and decided to stop chemotherapy because the tumor was not getting any smaller. Nearly one year of sickness! Other types of chemo would likely affect Harlie in the same way, so she will have an MRI every 3 months to determine if the tumor has changed. If the tumor grows, she will be forced to begin chemo again. If it doesn’t, the next step is to have Proton Radiation therapy next year. Dr Hummel would like for her to be older before we start because of the location of the tumor. Only seven places in the United States have these facilities. Treatment will be six to twelve weeks, depending on how the tumor responds. But for now, we try to make Harlie’s life as normal as possible. She will be starting kindergarten this fall.

June 22, 2012- Today, Harlie lost her best buddy. My Dad passed away. Harlie was devastated, they were always together.