what she says: i’m fine

what she means: in the year 2016, the chicago cubs, after a 108 year long drought, won the world series in one of the greatest game sevens in the history of the united states. after being down 3 games to 1, the chicago cubs came back to win game five, and then game six with a whopping 9 runs to 3, thanks in part to a historic grand slam by addison russel in the top of the third. finally reaching the tie-breaking, nail-biting, long-awaited game seven, the cubs took an early lead with a home run from dexter fowler on the fourth pitch of the game. not only was this the first ever leadoff home run in the 7th game of a world series, but dexter fowler was also the first black cubs player to play in a world series. during the majority of the game, the cubs maintained a solid lead until the eighth inning, when, much to the dismay of cubs fans all over the world, indians’ rajai davis hit a tying two run home run against aroldis chapman. suspecting the dreaded curse had returned, many cubs fans at this time were at a loss for words, preparing themselves for the all too familiar feeling of crushing defeat. however, a seventeen minute rain delay, perhaps heralded by The Baseball Gods themselves, gave the cubs a chance to regroup and take the lead in the 10th inning after an MVP winning double by ben zobrist and another single thanks to miguel montero. finally, in the bottom of the 10th, kris bryant, arguably the most handsome baseball player, made the last out, expertly fielding a ground ball to third-base and throwing true (even after slipping a little) to his boyfriend, anthony rizzo. the cubs beat the indians 8 to 7. previously, only five teams had ever won the world series after being down 3 games to 1 in the history of baseball (the first world series being in 1903), and the chicago cubs are now the 6th. 

Memes of 2016 in relatively chronological order:

* Tag Yourself
* Traitor
* The lottery
* “Daaamnnn Daniel!”
* Jeans
* Jared Leto is a terrible Joker
* Dabbin squidward
* Bernie vs Hillary posters
* Look at it. It’s got anxiety
* If dogs wore pants
* Fingersinthebootyassbitch
* Be like Bill
* Fine bros ™
* Flat earth
* Kazoo kid
* Running man
* Gif the feeling (Coke)
* Upgrade key
* Bottle Flipping
* I’m you but stronger
* Krumping Marge Simpson
* Ted Cruz is Zodiac Killed
* The whole entire election tbh
* Leo wins the Oscars!!!!!!!!!!!!!🏆
* A muffin or a chihuahua? (And variations)
* Baby gate (One Direction)
* Just right Pacca
* Face swaps
* Fre sha vaca do
* Don’t talk to me or my son…
* Blurry Mr. Krabs
* Windows Song meme
* Hire a samurai (history of Japan)
* Lol u wild wyd tho
* Boy he bouta do it
* Running man challenge
* Chewbacca mom
* Caveman spongebob
* Dat boi
* Snoop dog narration
* What kind of person are you
* Subway legs lady (sitting all weird)
* What’s wrong pal
* Blurry blue button
* Pokemon Go
* Kimye/TSwift drama “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I never asked to be a part of”
* Russian boy in swamp
* The olympics (angry sith lord Michael phelps)
* Record scratch freeze frame
* Usain Bolt running ahead of everyone
* Harambe
* Roses are red violets are blue meme
* I’m dropping hints that I’m…
* “Woah we’re halfway there…”
* I gave him uncooked chicken but…and he didn’t even say thanks though?
* To be continued (roundabout)
* Black woman coming through door excitedly
* Brangelina divorce
* Describe yourself in three fictional characters
* Hot cheetos
* Me; an intellectual
* This user is…
* Name a more iconic trio/duo
* Celine a scene
* Ken bone
* Clowns
* Juju on that beat
* Starbucks uncle
*RIP vine
* Cubs win the World Series
* Mannequin challenge
* Trump is president
* Biden/Obama meme
* You name it
* Dark Kermit
* Hi I’m ____ and you’re watching Disney channel videos
* Turn up the volume blurry boy jamming
* My longest ____ ever
* The bee movie but every time it says bee….
* (4 options. One is a joke) you can only chose one
* Bone App the teeth
* Boy dancing in the morning outside of car
* Rain drop drop top

Computers beat humans at Go, the Cubs won the World Series, Donald Trump was elected President, and now all of your friends are being transformed into anime characters.  3 seals left.

theprestomanifesto  asked:

How do you feel now that the Chicago Cubs really have beat every team in the league??

The thing is, the Cubs beat every team in the National League pretty much every year. I’m not a stats junkie, but every team in each league plays every other team in the league a certain number of times every year, don’t they? They play division rivals 17-18x/year and teams outside of the division about 8x or so a little Googling suggests. Plus there’s interleague where they play, and at least once or twice beat, teams in the other league. So the line is perhaps not the brainiest line in the history of the Mountain Goats. Still, metrically it’s a lovely line and is nice to sing and I am the first person to pedant-ize it this severely as far as I know. 

Since I have been a Cubs fan since 1975, I do feel super happy that they won in extras last night. I stayed up late to see the whole thing, which means that physically I feel like a jar filled with human butts, seeing as how I woke up for the rest of the day at 4:30 and the game didn’t end til late. But emotionally I’ve been wanting to see this day my whole life and am stoked. I now turn my attention to hockey. I like the look of Minnesota this year and I always hope for Pittsburgh to make a good showing, even though unlike most Pittsburgh boosters I do not hate the Flyers and in fact have big love for them too, considering that one of my favorite games of all time was a multi-overtime Flyers/Penguins game 10 or 15 years ago. I cheer on Winnipeg even though they’re in the ‘Canes division because my friend John K. is from there and knows his hockey. The season is young so there’ll be more to say as matters develop, I hear they’re building in Edmonton and they do look hot out of the gate, that town deserves some shine so unless you have regional beef maybe show some love to the Oilers. This has been sports corner with John and we’ll see you next week

theoldbone  asked:

Tell me about caucasian mountain dogs

An old man lived on a farm with his only son, who guarded the pastures and the herds and cared for his ailing parent. One day a cruel blow was dealt, when the young man was taken by a bear, and eaten bones and all.

The old man had a terrible grief and no fear of death, and went to confront the bear with a club and a fire. The bear roared and thundered, but a father’s grief is as powerful as a mountain storm, and the bear was subdued. Before the old man could strike the fatal blow, the bear knelt and begged for pardon.

“Spare me,” said the bear, “and I will give you one of my own cubs, as fair payment for the cub I have robbed from you.”

The old man agreed, and carried a cub down the mountain and put a collar round its neck and raised it with the dogs. The bear grew strong, but doglike work had given it a doglike form, and fiercely had it taken up the work given to it.

The bears cubs today still wear their collars, still guard the cabins and bellow their awful thundering roars at the wilderness they can’t return to. An iron heart beats in the bear cub, but he remains a friend of man, never forgetting his bargain.
Cleveland Indians Beat Chicago Cubs 6-0 In Game 1 Of World Series
The Indians took a 2-0 lead in the first inning and added four more runs with two homers by catcher Roberto Perez.

The Cleveland Indians beat the Chicago Cubs 6-0 in Game 1 of the 2016 World Series on the strength of a commanding performance by their starter Corey Kluber who struck out nine batters over six innings.