Music Shuffle Tag Thingy...

Yo yo man~~~~ I was tagged by le one and only sassy, the-mental-wolf. Thanks, bruh!

Put your music on shuffle to answer these questions. Tag 10 peeps…

1. Title of the first song is how you die: In My Head - Galantis (Wut?…)

2. The second song describes your love life: Boy in Luv - BTS (umm… excuse you…)

3. The third song plays at your wedding (with Kai): Love Sick - Shinee

4. Add “in my pants” to the fourth song: “When it’s Raining in my pants” - Geeks

5. The song that plays at your funeral: Transformer - Exo (Aaayyy iPod knows what’s up)

6. Your theme song: Secret Night - VIXX (SHOCKEERRRR)

7. The song that comes when you think about something you love (*Kai): I’m Him - Winner (truuuue)

8. Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver”:  “BEEP BEEP with a shovel and a screwdriver” - Girls Generation

9. The song that describes your week: Beautiful - Exo (well damn I beg to differ)

10. Song that plays when you miss someone: I Can’t - 2PM

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Beat Shuffle Club Adios
URUHA: ah man... I made a mistake
RUKI: You wrote it wrongly?
URUHA: Yeah... 
RUKI: We're making bussiness cards so don't write it wrongly...
URUHA: I wrote the "Uruha" in kanji wrongly...
RUKI: Do another one
URUHA: Eh? Wait-a-minute... Did I make a mistake?
RUKI: Again?
URUHA: It's like this right? Ah I remember now.
RUKI: Is your own name, forgodsake! 
2013.04.12 BEAT SHUFFLE: Why did Tora stop tweeting?
  • BEAT SHUFFLE:Someone sent in this question, but I'm also interested in the answer too. Tora, after tweeting, "Eating xiaolongbao. now" you stopped tweeting. You won't update anymore?
  • Hiroto:When was this?
  • B:This was October 20, 2012*. Half a year ago.
  • H:Half a year ago?!
  • B:You wrote, "having xiaolongbao now"--
  • Tora:--and then I stopped.
  • H:Ah, that's right. That was during our overseas live.
  • T:That's right, that's right.
  • H:Probably in Taiwan.
  • T:Well you see, I forgot my password.
  • B:You can't even access your own account. Why don't you just make a new one?
  • T:That's true. I think I lost my phone at that time--it's happened before--and after I got a new phone I couldn't log in, so I thought, "Oh well, can't be helped."
  • B:Hey! You aren't making a new one?
  • T:A Twitter? I have nothing to tweet!
  • B:Well, isn't tweeting "Survival game. now" good?
  • H:"I got hit. now," "Ow. now," "Pow pow pow. now"
  • B:"Taking a break. now," "Fuming. now"
  • T:Just tweeting that would be good, wouldn't it? I'll think about it.
  • :
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BEAT SHUFFLE / sukekiyo (2015.02.20)

sukekiyoの気になる○○はコチラ!things sukekiyo cares about!


■気になる服・clothes he likes:「RICK OWENS

■気になるゲーム・game he likes:「ドラゴンクエストヒーローズ・Dragon Quest Heroes」

■気になる靴・shoe brand he likes:「Alexander McQUEEN」


■気になる映画・movie he likes:「アウトレイジの続編・Beyond Outrage

■気になる映画・movie he likes:「魔女の宅急便の実写版・Kiki’s Delivery Service」

■気になる人・person he likes:「マツコデラックス・Matsuko Deluxe

Translation: the GazettE Kai and Reita on Nack5 Beat Shuffle 24.08.2012

I: After this upcoming song, there will be interview with Reita-san and Kai-san from the GazettE. This is the GazettE’s “Ibitsu”.

I: That was “Ibitsu” from DIVISION, the GazettE’s new album that’s gonna be released next week. Now let’s welcome the two people from the GazettE.
Reita: Hello, I’m the GazettE’s bassist, Reita. 
Kai: I’m Kai, on drums.

I: Please treat us favorably. It’s been quite a long time since we met.
Kai: Right.
Reita: It’s been a long time. 

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2014 12 19 Angelo beat shuffle!UppG0ajL!tgUnCeqiEmnIH8_GLn6q8BEZkux4pVKJJlR-pdxILZA

I don’t have the cutting tool but instead you can hear the new song of Dir En Grey so i think it’s ok?

Angelo starts on 17:00. 

DJ Asai: You had the regular radio before, what do you think?

Kirito: Interesting.

DJ Asai: What do you think, Karyu?

Karyu: I agree. *laughs*

DJ Asai: That’s it?!

Karyu: Which one you were talking about?!

DJ Asai: the regular one that you two had.

Karyu: oh the one that we had. It’s tough! *laughs*

DJ Asai: how tough?

Karyu: I sometimes couldn’t follow leader’s talks.

DJ Asai: Yet, ne, his level is too high.

Karyu: yes. level too high.

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