Taxslayer Bowl

One more day Vol fans! The Vols take on the hawkeyes tomorrow on ESPN starting at 3:20pm. So far, over 60,000 tickets have been sold and only a little over 4,000 was bought by Iowa fans. PLUS there will be a checkerboard endzone! Looks like it will seem like a home game for the Vols! GOOO VOLS!!

Taxslayer Bowl

It’s finally game day VolNation! Today is the day that our Tennessee Vols take on the Hawkeyes from Iowa. Kick off is at 3:20pm in Jax at Everbank Field. This is the last time many many talented seniors will put an orange Vol jersey on. This year has been so amazing and we have been blessed to have Butch. One game left this season. Lets go out with a bang and GOOOOO VOLS!


(Alright, I tried to get this video to just start at the best part but I couldn’t. Feel free to watch from the beginning or to skip to 1:35 or so, where my favorite bit and the part I really wanted to show starts. This video puts a big ole’ grin on my face.)

 Iowa State Cyclone fans rush the field after beating state rivals, the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, in a neck and neck game that went into triple overtime. Easily the most exciting football game I’ve ever watched and it was just the BEST feeling watching this field rush happen. Such a great day to be a Cyclone!

From the Time article (which is annoyingly only available to subscribers): 

Without a single TV ad - or a single congressional endorsement - Sanders has exposed the weakness of the party’s Clintonian establishment while at the same time spotlighting its hunger for an ideological savior. Polls now indicate that if the nominating contests were held tomorrow, Sanders would edge out Clinton in Iowa and beat her in New Hampshire by 10 points. Nationally, he has cut Clinton’s lead from an impregnable 46 points to a crumbling 21 points in just two months.