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Hi,can you please write imagine where Y/N is Steve’s younger sister and she used to hang out with Bucky&Steve. She was really shy and innocent,so she never told Bucky,that she loves him. She was frozen few years after Steve. She helps her brother save Bucky and he’s kinda mesmerized by her, because she’s older, more beautiful and much more confident than he remembers. He realises that he loves her when she nearly dies trying to save his life.(I hope this make sense, English is my 2nd language) - anon

Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N- wow so this was waaaayyy longer than I expected. Enjoy!

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You trailed behind Steve and Bucky as they walked ahead of you through the streets of Brooklyn. Steve was your older brother and while you were only a few years younger than him he didn’t like you staying home alone so he always insisted that you came out with him and Bucky, even if they didn’t really talk to you whilst you were out.

Not that you minded, you didn’t have many friends of your own and you had been doing this since the three of you were kids. Hanging out with Steve just on his own was fine, sure he was your older brother but he acted like your best friend. Then there was Bucky, he was always charming and gentlemanly, he was also a secret science nerd when he hung out with you and wasn’t hitting on girls.

You and Bucky got along great when Steve wasn’t around and that was the problem. You had been in love with Bucky for years now even if he didn’t notice, it killed you each time you heard about or saw one of his dates but you didn’t ever say anything. That would ruin it all. How would he feel if he found out that his best friends little sister was in love with him? He’d never look at you again.

So you were fine just being his friend and listening to him talk about science conventions until Steve showed up and you became a third wheel again.

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P5 Footage Scene: Movies with Futaba

This starts with sound from the movie, but the quality of the recording is kinda bad, so I can’t make out what is being said, aside from a character yelling “Too late” in a taunting way and saying something about going home. It sounds like a pretty typical action scene.

Morgana: “He’ll have to go home by himself, huh!? Ugh, what a shoddy cult flick this is…”

Morgana: “It’s so full of science babbel, I don’t get a thing…”

> I feel like I’ve acquired an interest in science…

…SciFi flick leveled up our Knowledge. I don’t think that’s how it works, game.

Futaba: “Whoa, I’ve seen this film about 50 times already, but I guess you just can’t beat an actual cinema when it comes to sound quality!”

Futaba: “You know, SciFi isn’t just fiction.”

Futaba: “It’s fiction about things that might end up being real one day… In other words, it’s the culmination of our hopes! …You know what I mean?”

>> Kind of…
> Nope.

Futaba: “Oh, great, so you do have what it takes!”

Futaba: “Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me today!”

Futaba: “Really… This was a lot more fun than watching the movie on my own.”

Futaba: “Alright! One day you and I are gonna marathon a whole season of something that isn’t SciFi in my room together! Be ready!”

Futaba gets me. 


In 1991, Gus Van Sant directed this montage of William S. Burroughs reading his fiery poem, “Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 1986.”

BEAT CINEMA // Podcast Vol.71 - Mistah Rapsey

Yesterday’s release.

Staying Underground curator and host Mistah Rapsey, helps us unwind this Monday with all the right selections. Tunes from Omari Jazz , vhvl , and Prof.Logik will help you experiment with the soul, meld new environments for the mind, and curate familiar warmth for the body.❞

1. Omari Jazz - Estus Dance
2. tyler ambrosius - moon//gust
3. Prof.Logik - A New York Minute
4. gabonano - orwelliansss (Ft. Norvis Junior)
5. vhvl - echm
6. zeroh - HowWeNotTho?
7. Joji x shamana - BESIDJU
8. Sikh Knowledge - Fuck Bout Nothing
9. L▼TekΛ - C yu Space
10. Savia Andina - Porque Estas Triste (El Búho Remix)

Go ahead; listen, comment, share, download etc..
(all that stuff is helpful for SUN) :)

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Dibia$e at Beat Cinema. Claremont, CA. April 12, 2011.