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Headcanons for being their little sis.


-He’d be really proud of how much you were like him.

-He’d teach you how to fight and get rid of boys trying to pick you up.

-Him telling you over and over to stay out of trouble.

-Boys who like you being scared to death of Dallas.

-Johnny’s practically your second older brother. 


-Him spoiling your rotten with candy and what not. 

-Soda’d keeping a watchful eye on you and Pony. 

-Him being your best friend and would help you pick out an outfit for a date, and would even help you do your hair and makeup.

- You two would pull pranks on everyone all the time, especially Dally.

- Calling him Pepsi Cola.


-You’d know everything and anything there is to know about cars. 

-You and Evie being best friends.

-Being like brother and sister with Sodapop.

-Stevie beating the tar out of any boy that tried to flirt with you.

-He’d never let you fight in rumbles.

-Him protecting you from the harsh words of your father. 


-You going to all his track meets.

-Him reading to you all the time,

-Checking out books you think that he’d like from the library.

-Him occasionally asking you to watch the sunset with him.

-He doesn’t mind you coming to the movies with him. 


-Helping out with the bills and taking care of the boys.

-Cooking for the gang all the time.

-Helping Ponyboy with homework.

-Offering to cancel your Friday night plans so Darry can go out with his old buddies. 

-Throwing Darry surprise parties every year. (he falls for them every time)

-Teaming up during a rumble to protect Soda and Pony. 

-Giving him girl advice. 


-Constantly watching out for each other.

-Being close with Dallas and Pony.

-Both of you being shy, but loud and funny when it’s just the two of you alone. 

-Comforting each other after getting hurt by your parents/

-Having each other’s back, and being best friends. 

Steve, marry her

Pairing: Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1829

Category: Fluff

Warnings: Badass female reader, 1940s Steve and Bucky, sassy reader, kinda insecure Steve, 

Summary: Steve defends your honor, so you invite him and Bucky to go dancing with you. But all is not as it seems.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Melanie, I need a huge favor,” you beg as she rounds the corner.

“What Y/N?”

“You know Steve and Bucky? They live across the street? I need you to agree to go on a date with them. Please.”

“No way. I don’t want to go on a date with Rogers. Have you seen him?”

“No, you’d be going with Buck. I want Steve to come dancing with me. But he won’t go unless Buck goes.”

“Why do you want to dancing with him?”

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Steve’s Little Sister *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Summary: You’re Steve’s little sister, you work at the little local diner every evening and it’s routine for Bucky to walk you home, till he is late and you decide to go on without him. 
Warnings: Harassment, idiot men & Bucky being the hero! Fluff
Note: I feel like this could be a series of you, looking after your older brother and falling for Bucky till he is shipped off!

“Y/N, can I have a refill?” the smug voice yelled across the diner, you rolled your eyes at Dott who simply chuckled.

You grabbed the coffee jug and walked past a few customers, smiling as you went till you came to a stop at the table. Jim Marshall smirked up at you; you hated him with a passion. It started off as light flirting, in which you’d laugh at his horrible attempts and then he got progressively worse, he just now always turns up on the nights you work.

His mug was on the far side of the table, he wasn’t making any move to put it closer for you. You sighed and leant over, knowing full well what his play was, his friends snickered as he grinned cockily. It’s disgusting and you’d be worried about walking home, but luckily your older brother was protective. Not that he could do much, he was small and sickly but his best friend, always without a doubt walks you home.

“How are your little brother and his bodyguard?” Jim asked chuckling lightly.

You pulled back glaring slightly but smiled, “Steve is fine and so is James, I’ll pass on the message that you asked.” He swallowed and smiled tightly back as you swiftly turned around, seeing to other customers.

You cleaned the counter as two workmen drank coffee, discussing the current war going on and watching the TV in the corner, you blocked out their conversation. Watching the clock waiting for it to turn nine so, you can go home to your brother. You wouldn’t admit it but you did look forward to your walk home, it was nice to have some time with Bucky, even though he is Steve’s best friend. He probably doesn’t see you as anything but Steve’s little sister, but you had crushed on him since you turned fourteen.

“What are you doing after your shift, sweet-cheeks?” Jim asked leaning on the counter, cocky grin as you wiped down the surface.

“James is walking me home,” you inform and he rolls his eyes, groaning and you simply stared at him.

He chuckles at your face which is unamused, “Let’s go to the bar, c’mon let me buy you a drink,” he winked as his friends waited by the door.

“I can’t and I don’t want to.” You cross your arms waiting for him to leave, he doesn’t seem to like that answer, he never liked you saying no but he couldn’t really say anything about it.

He huffs and pushes himself up, glaring as he walked to the door and his friends laugh at the fact he got turned down by you. You stay a little past nine just to make sure they’ve left, you grab the cardigan you came in and walk outside into the cold Brooklyn Street. You look down the sidewalk and see no Bucky walking down, or anyone that resembles him.

He’s never late if he was he’d call the diner and let you know but this was odd. Maybe he met a girl? Bucky is a well-known ladies man, not that he goes around breaking hearts but it’s known that every girl, including yourself (not that he knows), has a thing for the Barnes boy. You nervously twiddle your thumbs and try not to be too impatient but against your better judgement; you leave to walk back home.

You don’t live too far away but enough to make Steve twitchy. You’ve spent most of your lives looking after one another; you with making sure you had the money to buy his medication, him with beating up all the guys that came onto you. You only had each other after your parents died, plus Bucky but he had his mum and sisters to look out for also. That never really stopped him from looking out for Steve or yourself, you were all basically family.

The only one that knew of your crush was actually Bucky’s younger sister, Becky. She was a few years younger than yourself and always told you to say something, always getting excited over being sister-in-law’s, which made you smile. But you weren’t his type; Bucky went after the pretty dames of Brooklyn, the girls who had the time to put effort into their appearance. You threw on your mother’s old cardigan and pulled your hair back, you never had the time for hair or make-up.

You hear your name being called and you know it’s not Bucky calling after you, pretending you didn’t hear you begin to speed up, hoping for some miracle that Jim and his friends just left you alone. Steve and Bucky have told you to never go down alleys, only this time you weren’t going to listen to that advice and risk the shortcut.

Holding your cardigan closely to you, you speed up as you walked down the pitch-black alley, almost at the end and your house across the street. You feel a hand wrap around your wrist and pull you harshly back against the wall, you groan and blink up at Jim, fighting against his hold.

“Let go of me, Jim.” You yell at the man and his friends, grossly ‘keeping look out’.

He chuckled, “What happened to your bodyguard, huh?” he asked teasingly and you continue to shake his hand off your wrist, till he grabs you by the shoulders and pushes you harder against the wall. You smack your head against the bricks and instantly feel dizzy, sick and disorientated. “Should get your head outta the clouds, girly. He doesn’t want anything to do with you, he’s got prettier girls to chase than you, stop being so stubborn and let me take care of you!”

With the little strength you have against the man you push him away, stopping him from leaning in and kissing you. He grumbles something low in his chest; you don’t hear it as he grabs your arms and attempts to stop you from struggling against him.

“Hey,” a voice yells, “get the fuck off of her.” Jim instantly lets go of you in a sudden rush that you fall to the floor, you sit against the alley wall and look up.

“Fuck off, Barnes,” Jim yells back as his friends try to hold back the obviously, angry Bucky. “Why don’t you go crawl after some floozy’s some more, I’m on a date.” You stand up and sort your cardigan straight again, an effort to look like you hadn’t just been shoved up against a wall, “Y/N, tell him you’re okay and that we’re just playing!”

You blink at Jim’s words and before you can control yourself, you slap him, hard across his cheek. The sound echoes through the alley, your small hand stings with the aftershock, his right cheek already turning pink with the smack.

“Don’t you ever, ever, touch me again! Do I make myself clear?”  Your voice sounds shaky but there’s a sternness to it, he looks as though he’s about to say something cocky back and his fists are clenched. “Touch me and I’ll tell Mr Marshall, your father, who scuffed me up.” It’s silent as your words settle in, “Go!” Jim’s friends harshly bump shoulders with Bucky, Jim glaring as he walked past Barnes.

“Are you okay? He didn’t touch you or whatever did he?” Bucky asked stepping to you; you frown at the fact that somehow worked in making him leave.

It takes a moment for your mind to catch up, “Where were you?” And Bucky looks a little taken back, so do you because honestly, you didn’t expect to be this angry over Bucky not walking you home, “I’m fine, I hit my head a little but no, he didn’t touch me.” You finally answer.

Bucky doesn’t answer your question instead stepping to you, lowering your head and looking to see if your head was bleeding, you remain silent as his fingers move pieces of your hair out of the way. “You’re not bleeding but I think, you have a small lump. I’mma kill him,” he wraps an arm around your shoulder and leads you out of the alleyway onto your street.

“Don’t tell Steve,” you say in a rush and Bucky looks down at you, “you know him, he’ll end up fighting with Jim and I’ve been doing such a good job at making sure Jim leaves him alone. Oh god, he’s gonna beat up Stevie now that I’ve done that, I should have just gone for a drink with him. It would have shut him up, I’m going to get my brother killed, oh fuck. Shit, I just swore-“

Bucky’s laughter cuts you off and you glare at the man, “Y/N if anyone is gonna fight Jim it’s gonna be me, okay?” His chuckle settles as you reach the stairs of the house, you shake your head. “I won’t let Steve get beat up, you know that! I’ve been finishing his fights for him since we were six. Judging by that slap, good aim, by the way, I think he’ll be leaving you alone Rogers.” He nudged and you chuckled.

“It stung my hand a little,” you admit, “I’ve never slapped anyone before. Apart from you when I was eleven,” he chuckled at the memory recalled and it was only meant to be a playful one, only your judgement of force was not very good and you gave him a bleeding lip. “Thank you, James. We Rogers sure do look trouble.” You fish in your pocket for the front door key.

“Gives me somethin’ to do, I suppose.” He comments grabbing the key under the plant, chuckling as you sighed lightly and he unlocked the door for you, holding it open. “And for your information, I was arranging for all of us to go to Coney Island this weekend, so shu’up! I was a little late, don’t wonder off next time.” You roll your eyes but smile.

“Why were you two so late?” Steve asked with a frown from the living room, you peek over his shoulder at the sketchbook and grin as he closes it.

“I brought you home a slice of pie, eat up.” You push the paper bag into your brother lap, trying to get him to shut up and Steve smiles. Bucky sitting beside him eyeing the treat also, “there’s two, so you don’t fight.” Both men grin but end up fighting over the ‘bigger’ slice.

“You’re gonna make a good wife to some fella someday,” Bucky says with a mouthful of pie, Steve gives a glare and shakes his head. 

You chuckle, “How can I get married whilst I look after you two?” 

(Let me know if I should think about making this a series, I kinda have a few ideas about this, plus a sad/happy ending.- Rosalee)

Read: Say Something *Steve Rogers x reader*
Bucky’s Girl  

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Marry Me For Christmas? // Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: What matters most about Christmas is the appreciation of the love we’ve found in the years we’ve had. Sebastian’s realized that this year he was going to make sure he gave the best present of all to you…

Warnings? None 

Characters: Sebastian / Reader

Enjoy! (Send in requests! Doesn’t matter whether it’s detailed or not! Whatever floats your boat I’ll cool with it! :)) 

Every year I spent with Sebastian was just extraordinary. No present or gift would compare just to be able to see the sight of him asleep in the morning light, with the sound of taxi cabs and people bustling down below us, it was New York waking up, and I couldn’t love it more. Hearing the muffled voices and beeps of the rushing business men and women were always drowned out by opening my eyes to the beauty they say only God’s possess. If that is so, then I was dating fuckin’ Zeus.

His long eyelashes hid those blue eyes that sparkled in the sun’s passionate rays. His hair, which stood about a foot high in the morning and was all askew, just begging me to run my fingers through it. Always gentle so I didn’t harshly hit any knots that came from his constant rolling around in the night.

“Are you staring at me again?”

His raspy morning voice made my heart skip a beat and my cheeks turn into a soft rose colored blush. I didn’t take my eyes off of him, though, I just continued to stare at his face, focusing my eyes on his jawline. I raised a hand from where it laid on Sebastian’s chest, giving the scruff that was formed on his chiseled chin, a loving touch, lightly gliding my hand to and from his right side jaw.

“Can you blame me? I get to wake up to this in the morning…” Moving slowly to his lips, I gave a tender kiss, to which I happily felt reciprocated by the sleepy man that I was hopelessly in love with. With a slow tug of our lips naturally sticking together, I let them part to open my eyes and see those dazzling blue eyes sparkling just like they did every morning I blessed to see them.

“I’m the lucky one here, baby.” His toasty hands ran their fingers through my messy hair that had fallen out of its bun while I had been sleeping apparently. A doting smile was plastered on his face, and I couldn’t help but give one back. “How did I get so lucky?” Sebastian asked quietly. I gave a small shrug and let my head fall to his chest, snuggling itself into the gap Sebastian left in the nook of his neck and shoulder. Kissing his neck as I snuggled back into the arms of my love. “Are you gonna be miss sleeping beauty all day?” Purring into his neck, I signified that I had no intentions of leaving his arms today.

I murmured into his neck and felt his chuckle rumble slowly in his chest where my arm was laid across.

“Eh chri-mah, bae-bee.” His cold lips pressed against my heated forehead, giving me a long kiss before pulling away and letting a breath of his fortunate life in the present sink in. “Don’t you wanna open gift’s honey?” I grunted a ‘no’ and didn’t hear a reply back, just a tightening of his grip on my waist, pulling me closer to him as he wrapped his other arm around me, enclosing me in an embrace no one else could ever give me. It was the embrace of a man in love. A man in love with me.


His head was resting on the top of mine, looking out at the snow falling down onto the terrace our New York apartment had in the master bedroom. It was a walk out terrace and Sebastian could see the outdoor furniture starting to become camouflaged with billions upon billions of white snowflakes. He’d heard that every snowflake was unique, not one had the same pattern as any other.

That was what you were to him, one small, minuscule snowflake that he could proudly say was all his, unique and one of a kind. Not once, did you complain about his life’s never ending unpredictability? Or the fact that his job involved potentially kissing other women, changing his diet drastically and going to the gym almost for four to five hours a day. You never let one rumor spread about you touch your velvety skin or the words people wrote about you online. Nothing broke your skin, penetrating your heart with the hate that sometimes seemed almost too overwhelming for him.

“I love you. So much, dahlin’. I feel like my heart’s gonna explode sometimes when I get thinkin’ about how much I love you.”

You didn’t unravel yourself from Seb, but you did lift your head just a bit, so your lips were right next to his ear. It caused shivers to run down his back with your soft morning lips lightly touching the bottom of his ear, “There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t thank the heavens above for you, Sebastian. I don’t think any present will ever make me happier than when I’m here with you.”

His heart pounded and his temperature rose while he removed one arm from your warm waist that was hidden underneath the mountain of blankets you two had piled on. The heating system broke and since it was Christmas week and then New Years, the guy to fix the system wouldn’t be here for another two weeks.

You were getting sick of the bitter cold inside the apartment, and every day that passed New York seemed to condemn us both with more and more snow, aka, less heat. We had a plug in heater in the living room and a fireplace that was hazardous considering the two stockings that hung dangerously close to the licks of fire that crackled in the scalding hot wood and coal.

It was only two weeks ago when you had been out with your mother and sister, shopping for Christmas gifts, that Sebastian himself, snuck out of the house; on a determined mission to get to the place that made him sweat with anxiety. The thought of what he was to do in that place him petrified with fear.

But two weeks ago he somehow summoned the courage; it was after you’d left him asleep, slipping out of the house to catch breakfast with your mother and sister for shopping. Even though you’d be gone, he still awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of soft piano music playing in the open living room and kitchen.

When he saw what you had done, leaving him with some warm coffee and gentle ambiance to wake up his senses, that he realized there was never going to be another woman like you in his life, never ever.

You went out of your way for the man who was gone from two to six months out of the year and took the time to set up the record player and brew his coffee so he’d wake up in a peaceful daze.

That’s what made him rush down to Tiffany’s and grab the ring he had his eye on ever since he’d taken you there on one of your very first dates. Your favorite movie was Breakfast At Tiffany’s and so coming to New York made you feel almost entitled to at least stop outside of the store and see the legendary jewelry store in all it’s morning glory.

“What’s wrong, gălușcă mea de dolofan?” my chubby dumpling. 

Sebastian didn’t even know that his hand was holding the cold ring in a tightly balled fist until you put your hand lightly over his, touching the tips of your fingers to his white knuckles.

A smile graced his lips and before he could even think, he turned his head to face yours. Concern knitted through your eyebrows and eyes gleaming so bright he’d never thought you looked more beautiful than you did in that moment, his white sweater covering your freezing figure. Hair all askew just begging him to run his fingers through, gently, though. So he didn’t pull any strands too hard if he hit a knot. Face clear of anything but your skin. Flawed and yet it was perfection. You were it for him, the one he wanted for the rest of his life. He hadn’t even known he had his palm around opened and the ring just sitting the sweaty palm of his hand. You know did not look in the least bit worried, you looked like you were thinking, wondering perhaps.

Wondering why he hadn’t spoken the final words that would start the rest of your life with him.

“Vrei să te măriți cu mine?” Will you marry me?

You looked as if you had no clue what he’d just said, but by the gleeful tears forming in your eyes and coloring of your face turning into a soft baby pink blush he always loved seeing on your face, you must’ve had a good hunch. Too excited to lay down anymore, he held you as you two sat up in bed.

The only sound was the beeping of horns on the snow covered streets and the soft beats of Stevie Wonder that was playing on Sebastian’s phone in low volume.

“Yes, Sebastian. Yes, yes, yes.” Your hands held his head as you pushed your lips onto his in such a force he hadn’t felt before. Pulling away, a tear slipped out of your eyes that glistened with joy. A joy he gave you, the look on your face was precious, priceless, and simply perfect.

Your shaking voice made his brain become unfuzzy. Suddenly he realized he had done the thing he’d feared the most: Asking the woman of his dreams to marry him. 

“Merry Christmas, my darling.”

There’s a Christmas-y one for you guys! Sorry, it was so late since it’s literally 3 days away lol. But I hope you liked it! :) 

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Terry Hobbs killed the west memphis kids?

I certainly believe there was more evidence pointing toward Hobbs being the perpetrator as opposed to the West Memphis Three, even at the crime scene… His hair was found intertwined in the laces used to bind those boys. A hair of David Jacoby (one of his accomplices) was found on a tree stump. - 

“In 2007, new evidence regarding the Murders was discovered and made public. For one thing, it is generally known that hairs that had been found at the crime scene were tested for DNA: one hair was consistent with the hair of Terry and one hair was consistent with the hair of his friend, David Jacoby.” (x) 

What about Stevie’s penknife, which he supposedly carried everywhere, being found locked in his toolbox? -

 “Additionally, after the Murders my sister Jo Lynn McCauhey and I found in Terry’s nightstand a knife that Stevie carried with him constantly and which I had believed was with him when he died. It was a pocket knife that my father had given to Stevie, and Stevie loved that knife. I had been shocked that the police did not find it with Stevie when they found his body. I had always assumed that my son’s murderer had taken the knife during the crime. I could not believe it was in Terry’s things. He had never told me that he had it.” (x)

It’s odd how he disappeared two weeks after the murders because he claimed he couldn’t deal with his wife.  He was unaccounted for from 5pm to 8pm, when the murders supposedly took place. Even his ex-wife, Pam, Stevie’s mother, now believes he killed them and multiple people have come forward with information regarding his involvement. His nephew being one of them. How about the fact that his neighbour saw him with the three boys at around 5:30pm, even though he denies he saw any of them that day? He beat his wife and he beat Stevie. Stevie’s aunt stated he molested Stevie’s sister and forced her own son to watch him masturbate. - 

“Terry has also mistreated our daughter, Amanda. In 1993, when Amanda was 4 years old, my sister, Jo Lynn McCaughey, told me that Amanda had told her that Terry had put his finger into Amanda’s “booty”.  (x) 

“I took Amanda to the hospital in Blytheville, Arkansas, so a doctor could do a physical examination. That doctor told me that Amanda had been vaginally penetrated and that she had a yeast infection.” (x) 

In approximately 2002, when Amanda was older, approximately 13 years old, and developing into a young woman, she told Jo Lynn (and Jo Lynn told me) that Terry grabbed her breasts. This revelation caused me great concern because it was the second time Amanda had said that Terry had sexually molested her.”  (x)  

He was also seen at the laundromat the night of the murders. -

 “Also, my sister Jo Lynn told me that she saw Terry wash clothes, bed linens and curtains from Stevie’s room at an odd time around the time of the Murders.” (x)

Multiple affidavits were written regarding his involvement that all matched, yet they were ignored:

“In April of 1995, I told Billy Stewart what Buddy had told me about the murders. few days later, Billy asked Buddy about it. Buddy told Billy that Buddy, L G Hollingsworth, and the two men in the truck named Terry Hobbs and David Jacoby, had killed the boys behind Blue Beacon Truck Wash, that they had beaten them, stripped their clothes off, and had cut them in the groin area before throwing them in a ditch.”

“LG said that all four were sitting close together smoking and drinking when just before the sun started to set, the three boys on two bicycles surprised them. L G said that Mr. Hobbs shouted, “You better get them boys! You got to catch them! Get them! Hurry up and get them!” L G said that He, Buddy, and Mr. Jacoby all took off running after the boys.“

“According to L.G., Mr. Hobbs snapped and hit the boy with severe force in the head two or three times.93. After the first few blows Hobbs stopped long enough to shout at the boy, “I am going to teach your little fucking ass!” After that, L G said that Mr. Hobbs was in a rage beating the kid over and over and over again.95. L G said that the rest of them started beating the other kids.”

“L G said that after the kids were beaten until they could not stand or run that Mr.Hobbs made L G and Buddy to take the boys’ pants off.98. L G said that after the boys were undressed that Mr. Hobbs pointed at one of the boys and made L G and Buddy hold him down and to spread his legs apart.99. While they forced his legs open, Mr. Hobbs took a knife and reached underneath, cutting the boy’s scrotum and penis.100. After cutting the boy, he told them to toss the boys’ bodies in the ditch of water.101. L G told me that they cleaned up the area as it was getting dark, that they placed he clothes and shoes in the water, and lastly submerged the bicycles in the bayou.”

“L G said that after they submerged the bicycles, they all left the woods.103. L G told me that he was one of the first people questioned, and that he had failed his lie detector test.104. He acted like this proved he had done it.105. He acted proud that he had done it, like killing those kids made him a real toughguy.106. After L G told me this, I knew that Buddy had been telling me the truth. I knew that I had to do something about this, that I could not keep this a secret.107. I immediately told the Crittenden County Criminal Investigator, Ed Laxton, about what Buddy and L G told me, but I never heard back from him.”

“On February 21, 2012, I wrote Prosecutor Scott Ellington a detailed letter about these facts. I stressed my desire to talk to him concerning this because it was important that the truth be known.109. Prosecutor Ellington has never responded to my request.110. I am sharing this information today so that the truth may be told. I want the parents of these little boys to know what really happened to their children and for justice to be done to the ones who did this. This has been a difficult thing to hold and to have ignored. I hope that now, it will finally be heard back from him.”


- the above quotes are taken from the affidavit of Bennie David Guy.

“I learned through my connection in the drug-trade that Mr. Hobbs preferred sex with young boys.”

“Roy told me that Mr. Hobbs was one of the people who murdered the three boyson May 5, 1993, and that one of the boys was Mr. Hobbs’ stepson.”

“Roy further told me that the three boys had caught the four men doing something in the Blue Beacon Wood that was going to cause trouble between Mr. Hobbs and his wife.”

“Mr. Hobbs said that the other two children had to die because of what all that theyhad seen.”

“Buddy told me that he and L G were forced to hold the children while Mr. Hobbsand Mr. Jacoby killed them. Mr. Jacoby beat one of the boys until the boy was quiet and hisbody fell limp. Buddy believed that the boy was dead.”

(x) - the above are quotes are taken from the affidavit of Billy Wayne Stewart.

“If Terry Hobbs said he did not see Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, or Christopher Byers on May 5, 1993, he is not telling the truth. I know for a fact that Terry Hobbs saw, was with, and spoke to Stevie, Michael, or Christopher on May 5,1993. I am absolutely, completely and totally positive that I saw Stevie, Michael and Christopher in my backyard and headed back to Terry Hobbs’ house on the evening of May 5, 1993. I am also absolutely, completely and totally positive that I saw Terry Hobbs hollering at Stevie, Michael and Christopher to get back down to the Hobbs’ house on May 5, 1993 at approximately 6:30 PM. I cannot imagine why Terry Hobbs would claim that he did not see Stevie, Michael or Christopher at all on May 5, 1993.”

“Following the murders, I was aware that there was a search in West Memphis forthe killer or killers. I also knew that the West Memphis Three were convicted ofthe murders. However, I was not aware until very recently that Terry Hobbs hasrepeatedly stated that he did not see Stevie, Michael, or Christopher at all on theevening of May 5, 1993. In fact, it is my understanding that Terry Hobbs hasstated that he did not see Stevie or the boys at all the whole day of May 5, 1993.Terry Hobbs’ claim that he did not see the boys on May 5, 1993 simply was notmade public in the news reports or papers that I read. Had I know that TerryHobbs had claimed that he did not see Stevie Branch, Christopher Byers, orMichael Moore at all on May 5, 1993, I would have stepped forward immediatelyto provide the above information.”

(x) - the above are quotes taken from the affidavit of Jamie Cark Ballard.

I don’t understand why he was never fully investigated from the start. I doubt anything will ever be done about it and he will never be properly investigated because that means the state of Arkansas admitting how much they fucked up.

In the end, Bucky finds Steve, not the other way around.

Steve isn’t really looking. Not anymore. It’s been over a year and he’s exhausted every avenue he can think of – including Tony’s money and SHIELD’s patience. He and Sam sometimes still wander around Brooklyn, haunting Steve and Bucky’s old stomping grounds, but there’s nothing to find. Wherever Bucky is, it isn’t here.

Still, Steve’s got nowhere else to go. The others are making a big deal about his birthday again – ha ha Captain America was born on the 4th of July, it’s all very funny – and Steve just needed to get away for a while. Go somewhere quiet. Go home. He’s been sketching in a rundown coffee shop for a couple hours now, and neglecting a tea that has long since gone cold. Happy birthday to me, he thinks sullenly, scribbling out a portrait of the girl sitting in a corner booth that isn’t coming out right anyway. He should go back. Natasha’s been texting him for over an hour, and Sam’s left more than one voicemail. Between the two of them, they’ll figure out where he’s gone and drag him back if he doesn’t come home soon.


This used to be home. Brooklyn. Steve follows the familiar and somehow very different streets that he used to know by heart. He still does, but the city has changed while his memory remains the same. The Man Out of Time. That’s what they call him, and it’s on days like today that Steve can’t help but to agree. He doesn’t belong here. Sure, he’s got a place to live in Avenger Tower, friends in Sam and Natasha and the others, but none of them are home. Then again, these streets never really were either.

Home was blue eyes and a smile that set him on fire. Home was strong arms and bone-crushing embraces. Home was Bucky and somehow, Steve managed to lose him twice.

He’s so lost in his own mind that Steve doesn’t notice footsteps behind him until they’re right behind him. Steve launches onto the offensive without hesitation, striking at the man’s solar plexus and then aiming a solid punch at his jaw. The man crumples without a sound and Steve breathes heavily, wondering just where the hell that came from. The man doesn’t have any identifying markings – he just looks like some guy on the street. And he doesn’t fight like a HYDRA agent. Which can only mean –

A distraction. There’s the click of a finger resting on a trigger, and Steve launches himself out of the way, hurling his shield at the shooter, but even as he does he knows that it’s not fast enough. He braces himself for the bullet, but impact never comes. Slowly, Steve straightens up, trying to figure out exactly why he isn’t bleeding on the ground. Then he sees the man crumpled against the wall of the alley. He’s almost completely obscured in shadow, but Steve can see that his shoulders are shaking.

“Heh.” The man barks out a laugh. Steve kneels by the man’s side, pushing back overlong hair to reveal cornflower blue eyes that have haunted Steve’s dreams for years. No… The word doesn’t make it past his lips, and Steve’s heart seems to have stopped beating. “Hey Stevie,” Bucky rasps. “Long time.” Steve imagined this moment a thousand times but never like this. Never like this. Hundreds of questions crowd in his mind, each more important than the last, but all Steve can manage is:

“Bucky?” At the sound of his name on Steve’s lips, Bucky smiles. It’s a shadow of what it used to be, just a slight upward turn of the mouth, but it still makes Steve’s heart ache. Bucky. It’s Bucky, it’s Bucky, he’s home.

“Whadda reunion, eh Stevie?” Bucky manages before his eyes flutter closed and Steve can see blood speckling his lips. Shit, Steve thinks, panicking. Blood stains Bucky’s ratty jacket that looks like it hasn’t been washed in months and it seeps into Steve’s hand when he presses it against the wound. The bullet wound. The bullet that he took for Steve.

“Bucky, hey,” Steve says, shaking him. Bucky’s eyes open again but they’re dimmer than before. “Stay with me. I just got you back.”"

It’s the fourth,” Bucky says sleepily, his eyelids dipping again. He never loses the smile. “We usta watch the fireworks. I remember ‘em.” He sighs, long and slow. “Fireworks were your favorite.” The smile vanishes and Bucky winces, his whole face tightening with pain. “Think I got the fireworks in me Stevie. I got them in me.” His eyes close once more and Steve can’t shake them awake. He’s already called 911 and Natasha. Good money says Nat will be here first.

“Bucky, wake up. Open your eyes Buck, help is coming. Bucky!” Steve shouts. “Bucky!” I can’t lose my home again. Not again.

“Happy birthday…” Bucky murmurs, the words barely audible but Steve swears that he can hear humor in them. Bucky’s eyes stay closed and he breathes shallowly. “Punk.”


 His hat :L Love this man <3


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