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Lunch from earlier. 🌱🍅🌶🍚 Brown rice, sautéed carrot, red onion, mushrooms, green beans, all sorts of peppers, and zucchini, served with fresh heirloom tomato. I sautéed them in a bit of water and seasoned them with thyme, paprika, and coconut sugar. Super tasty, filling, and healthy! 🙂 I feel so lucky that we are in Spain right now. Every day we eat fresh local fruit and veggies, and everything is so cheap at these fruterías! Perfect for us! 🙏🙏 We are just about to dig into some watermelon and cherries for dinner. 😋🍒🍉💯 Oh, and the weather can’t be beat either. 😉🌴


haha i finally doodled some latin americans-Costa Rica, Chile and Brazil- thanks to those people who messaged me with info!

yeah football rivalries are intense hehe. Anyway, in case it’s unclear- the European countries are drawing their battle lines based on language- the Germanic and Latin (Romance) family. English, Dutch, German etc are all Germanic languages. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian are languages with Latin roots. Belgium and Switzerland have bigger majorities that speak Germanic languages, but they have sizeable minorities that speak French, Dutch (Belgium) and also Italian (Switzerland).

And well, the Latin Americans as you know mostly speak a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese in addition to their indigenous languages. But they have very much got their own character :D Football wise, Chile sounds like a sinister mastermind because he’s the one who beat defending champions Spain and booked his ticket to the Round of 16. Costa Rica was considered an underdog at first but just defeated Italy (2006 champions), and Brazil is possibly going to face Netherlands in the second round.  

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Ever beat up Spain in your pirate days? ~ask-nyo-south-italy




HIGHLIGHTS: England beat Spain in WRWC opener
In which England scores many, many tries.


HIGHLIGHTS: USA beat Spain 43 - 0 at the Women’s Rugby World Cup

Hetalia Theory

Alright, so after reading this post, I feel like I am finally able to propose an answer to why the heck Canada’s polar bear is named Kumajirou.

Let’s start with the post I linked to. If you clicked on it, you may be wondering what it has to do with my theory because it isn’t about Canada or Kumajirou at all. It’s about young America and how Hima has been throwing a pun in our face from the very beginning by always pairing the young nation with a rabbit (the joke being that “usa” is short for “rabbit” in Japanese). 

This fact is very important to my theory because it shows Hima loves puns. 

With that fact in mind, let’s break down the name “Kumajirou”.

“Kuma” is easy. That’s Japanese for “bear”, which is logical because Kumajirou is a bear. But then we get to “Jirou”, and things get a bit confusing. “Jirou” is a Japanese name that literally means “second son”. This doesn’t make any sense on the surface because Canada has only one bear (that we know of) and Kumajirou isn’t his son. However, I believe the “Jirou” is referencing two things: a pun and a major shift in Canada’s life.

The pun is easy to explain. Look up “polar bear in Japanese” and you’ll see it’s “shirokuma” or “white bear”. Outloud, just for fun, say “kumashiro” and “kumajirou”. For added effect, try to say them in a Japanese accent. You may find that they sound practically identical. 

So, great, “Kumajirou” is just a pun on “polar bear” in Japanese, right? 

Yes…but I still think there’s more. 

Look at the one comic we have with child!Canada and France

Technically, this isn’t the whole comic, but you can still notice that something is missing.

Where’s Kumajirou? Though I don’t have the whole comic on this post, I can promise you the bear is nowhere to be found. For a character who even takes his bear to world meetings, this is a bit odd, no?

So when do we first see Kumajirou with child!Canada?


You see, in Hetalia canon (not necessarily Historical canon), Canada is England’s second son. 

So “Kumajirou” is a pun both on the Japanese word for polar bear and the fact that Canada was England’s second son!

Yes…but I still think it goes one step further. 

In the strip with England I referenced above, the flashback makes Canada realize that once he got to England’s house he was no longer the center of attention. America was. Hence, once Canada moved to England’s house, he started to be forgotten. 

In Japanese family dynamics (remember, please, that at it’s core, Hetalia is a Japanese comic, so all these references and puns are not necessarily based on a Western mind set), the second son is often seen as less important than the first. We see this “first son is worshipped, second son is kicked to the side” trope over and over again in Japanese storytelling (though it’s technically a Chinese tale, I cannot help but think of the children’s book Tikki Tikki Tembo, in which the first son is loved and given an insanely long name that means “The Most Wonderful Thing in the Whole Wide World” while the second child is named “Chang”, meaning “Little” or “Nothing”). Why wouldn’t we see it with America and Canada when Hima has presumably also grown up hearing this trope?

Since the second son is always forgotten, that’s why Canada can’t remember Kumajirou’s name. 

Kumajirou is literally the embodiment of the point in time where everyone started to forget poor little Canada, and to represent that, Hima made a pun

Or, maybe he didn’t. Maybe I’m looking into this too much. 

But come on. All of that makes way too much sense for it all to be coincidence.


World Cup final rematch in Brazil last Friday- Holland beats defending champions Spain 5-1 in the first round openers :D And the Dutch are no doubt pleased not just because they avenged their loss to Spain in the 2010 WC Final but because being at the top of their group means they can escape facing Brazil to enter the last-16- that’s possibly going to be Spain’s fate if they end up the runners-up of the group. And oh boy, nothing like trying to beat a team playing on home ground.  The number of goals scored also affect rankings, so the Dutch have had a pretty good start! 

I know Holland is normally associated with orange, but the Dutch team wore their blue jerseys at Friday’s game with the Spanish team :D

Hyde's Diary Vol.4 (1995 July 2nd ~ 1995 Oct 9th)

1995/ 07.02
We went to the DIE IN CRIES last live. I felt the strong bonding with the fans.

1995/ 07.03
Photoshooting for Rocking F and B-Pass cover. Recording for PS Pop Shake, and Tokyo FM Emotional Beat at Spain Saka Studio.

1995/ 07.06
Vivid Colors single on sale today. Rockin F interview. And then I don’t remember any of the contents of the work that I’ve done…

1995/ 07.08
Nack 5 “Vicious the Night” and “ Soundfilia” recording. We were chatting in a CD store so there were lots of people that gathered  to see us. The behaviour of the audience is getting rougher and more hostile these days though…

1995/ 07.11 – 13
Arena 37C interview, Vicious cover photoshoot. Rehearsal for “ Natsu        no Yuutsu” single.

1995/ 07.15
Bay FM “Bay Factory” recording. Then I looked at horses at        the Jockey Club.

1995/ 07.16
Filming of Vivid Colors PV.

1995/ 07.19
Bay FM “Bay Factory” chatting session.

1995/ 07.21
Recording for “ Video Jam”. I had fun recording a chat with Tetchan but they didn’t use much of the footage.

1995/ 07.22
”Shock Age Shibuya “, I remember this quite well. We were performing with Gray & Eins:Vier. And we thought that the encore part will be more intense so we performed only 2 songs in the show and then 4 songs during encore and it was a big success, but I don’t even want to remember how the singing was because it was really bad.

1995/ 07.23 – 29
Continue to rehearse for “Natsu no Yuutsu” single. Oricon cover, LF interview, TVK Music Click, TV Saitama “Hot Wave”, FM Fuji “Saturday Break Up”, Tower Records Satellite studio…. Lots of appearances here and there.

1995/ 07.30
Rendez-vous pre-show. There will be Laruku news on the big screen outside Shibuya station at 12 today, so I woke up really early to head to Shibuya        first so that the fans won’t spot me. I thought I’d go down and check out the fans for a bit but the manager stopped me. (According to Music Station, a few hundred people gathered …wow) So the Shibuya film concert and Tshirt present & GO! Was announced on the screen. Under the hot sun I made a dash downstairs to check out the fans that gathered. After the film concert we also announced the Budokan show, and we had a secret live. I like this kind of event.

1995/ 08.01 – 06
Recording of “Natsu no Yuutsu time to say goodbye”

1995/ 08.07 – 18
Recording of M Stage, cover photoshoot for Shoxx, Single mastering, photoshoot for tour pamphlet, and rehearsal for concert etc.

1995/ 08.19
Nack 5 Go Rock Live. We head our rehearsal a day ahead and it has been a while since we’ve been outdoor and it felt very good. Tetsu, Ken and Taka enjoyed the Summer well before the show.

1995/ 08.24 – 26
Start of Rendez Vous. This time we split in two groups so Tetchan and I were responsible for the north side. Its been a long time since we’ve been to Niigata. I feel nostalgic seeing Minami-chan of Eventor. Then we went to Sapporo Penny Lane. Nabe-chan’s MC was so calm that it was kind of odd..

1995/ 08.27
Nagoya Dimond Hall

1995/ 08.29
Finish Live at Sendai Beeb Basement Theatre. Then we returned to Tokyo and its been a while since the 4 of us gathered and practiced the acoustic version of “ All dead “ for tomorrow’s Rendez Vous until the morning.

1995/ 08.30
Roppongi Art Forum. Ogata-san from B-Pass suddenly threw a B-Pass towards the audience I was so shocked! He said “ I’ve wanted to do this a long time ago” and smiled.

1995/ 08.31
Osaka imp Hall. Although we have already performed in Tokyo, the MC kept saying “everybody you can only see it here!” and we performed again “All Dead” …..-_-“

1995/ 09.03
Niigata Ejison autograph session. For a few days I spent signing over 3000 sheets and I think my signature has evolved…There is a secret surprise in the back side of around 5 sheets.

1995/ 09.08
After rehearsing for 4 days, “ Tour heavenly 95” kick started and until we reached Nagoya on the 21st at last. At Fukuoka we bought a Mohawk wig and ken wore it on stage at Hiroshima. At the 2nd day of the Osaka show, Ken said to the audience “ If you don’t show me your boobs I’m not going to play Dune!” …and there was dead air in the audience… and he went on and said “ I want bigger boobs!” and the audience went silent again…

1995/ 09.22
During TV Asahi “ Music Station” Hyde suddenly disappeared in the middle. He was supposed to record a comment…but the part was cut out at the end.

1995/ 09.24 –10.01
Starting of Laruku’s “ Mid-night Rock City”, B-Pass photoshoot, NHK Rehearsal.

1995/ 10.02
NHK PopJam performance. I thought we should remove our bad name from the previous appearance. The other famous people we saw this time.. maybe only Amuro Namie. She was more quiet than she appears on TV and she was very cute.

1995/ 10.04
NHK Hall Live. It feels weird because we just came here 2 days ago for Pop Jam. But it was the first time I was alone.

1995/ 10.05
TBS “M Navi” recording. I heard Nokko is next room but we didn’t get to see her.

1995/ 10.09
After 3 days of holidays, we recorded for NTV “Music Park”. The next door backstage was Hitomi and I got to see a little bit of her. Right now it is 1:00 AM, seems like it won’t end until 3:00 AM…. I want to go home sooner… The next time would be after the new years ne.

Credits: L'arc en ciel Forth avenue cafe

I can’t find the scans for this chapter. If anyone has it please post it. :)

October 15 2014 - A video has emerged showing police beating up African migrants at the Spanish border. About 200 African migrants who were trying to get into Melilla - a Spanish enclave in northwest Morocco - were reportedly beaten up by Spain’s Guardia Civil (police) on October 15. 

Nearly all of them were then illegally sent back to Morocco. 

The immigrants, who hail from Sub-Saharan Africa, had tried to get past the triple fence separating Morocco from the Spanish enclave at about 6 am. Two men were beaten particularly badly by the Spanish Guardia Civil, including one named Danny, aged 23, from Cameroon. On a video broadcast by Prodein, a children’s rights NGO, policemen can be seen beating the young man with their batons as he climbs down a ladder. After being beaten over the head, Danny falls to the ground. He is then dragged off by the police, unconscious.


Highschool AU for SpaMano

Antonio is a bully. A mean, mean bully. He has tons of minions, people he terrorizes, people he exploits and attacks. And he’s vicious. He fights with Arthur, who similarly controls students, through pure ferocity more than size. They battle and clash. 

Lovino being the exception to Antonio’s terror. Lovino is an underclassman who’s insolent. Honestly, Antonio just finds him funny. They beat up people together, while Lovino keeps track of who needs a good beating.

Historically speaking, Spain was just as domineering and world-conquering as England was. Spain didn’t inflict his ideas so much as he just conquered. He warred. And people make him out to be this simpering sot who follows after Romano hand and foot. Ha. 

That’s the idea of the AU. I want to show his brutality. I want him to beat up on people, and I want Lovino to like Antonio because he’s fucking strong. Because, while Antonio would joke and has a pet turtle he loves more than life, he bashes people’s face in on the daily.

Antonio isn’t nice. 

Edit: I plan on making a story or drabble up about this. :) 


Today, Spain almost beat up America. Here’s why:

America was talking to Spain and asked, “dude, can I have some flat bread?” To which Spain replied, “¿Que?” And America explained what flatbread is and Spain said, “…You mean tortillas?” And America said, “No, they’re called flatbread!” Spain replied, “They’re tortillas!” “FLATBREAD.” “TORTILLAS” “SQUARE UP, RICE MILK.” “IT’S CALLED HORCHATA YOU WEIGHT LOVING BURGER.” And then Spain threw the chair he was sitting in. Romano stepped in and yelled at Spain.