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changkyun as your roommate


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meeting // moving in-

  • he’s gonna be like super awkward
  • changkyun would walk into the house without you knowing
  • and you’d be dancing on history might just die
  • he’d be shook
  • i think this guy wouldn’t be able to look you in your eyes
  • when he did he bursted out laughing
  • the same for you
  • both of you were crying your eyes out because of laughing too much
  • “omg how much did you see?”
  • “i think i saw too much, so, that is what you do when you’re alone?”
  • “yep, gotta make sure that i’m as good as them hahaha”
  • “so, should i introduce myself, in a normal way?”
  • “you’re y/n, i’m changkyun, we’re roommates.”
  • “oh okay then changkyun, thank you for introducing myself. i think that i like you”
  • “i think that i like you as well”
  • you and changkyun would eventually dance on kpop songs 
  • “changkyun, do you know this one?”
  • “yep, i think he knows”
  • you two would also jam on k hip hop songs and expect him to dab lots
  • you’d do the same ofc
  • and that’s where actually you guys became the best of friends / roommates


  • lol? what rules?
  • i can already see him breaking the rules directly
  • like he’d accidently throw his smelly socks on your head
  • while you’re sleeping on the couch
  • you’d directly wake up to the smell and chase him
  • since he’s the only roommate that you have and no one else
  • when you finally got to hit him with a plastic sword 
  • the two of you talked about rules 
  • and the both of you didn’t wanted any rules since
  • you and changkyun would just do the things what you guys wanted and live a free life
  • when his friends come over or your friends they just stare at the both of you
  • like
  • “how the hell can you live like this guys”
  • kihyun would buy a big white board and write all the rules that everyone has to follow
  • and voila the end of the story of yours and changkyuns free life

feelings for each other?-

  • yes even though he’s rude towards you sometimes
  • he’s like that because he’s able to talk to you more?
  • and ye, he’s the person on your mind so that’s what he likes
  • sometimes it’s way too obvious
  • you catch him staring at you when you’re studying or
  • when you’re smiling
  • he smiles as well
  • “changkyun why are you smiling?”
  • “oh- uh, it’s just a thing that something funny popped In my thoughts”
  • “oh okay? what is it? is it something dirty??”
  • you would chase him around the house just to know why he was smiling
  • he’d eventually tell you that you look beautiful when smiling
  • you blushed and brushed it off like you didn’t heard anything
  • “so, what? do you like me back?”
  • you’d be shook since he’s not the type to say things like that
  • “wait, did you just confessed?”
  • “i did…i think?”
  • “okay, i like you too but this is awkward okay”
  • “what are we now, like love partners roommates??”

sharing ____-

  • beds 
  • you guys aren’t literally sharing beds it’s a bunk
  • he sleeps above, you sleep under
  • and it’s annoying sometimes since he moves a lot and
  • throws almost all of his clothing on you
  • “changkyun what is your shirt doing on my bed???”
  • “oh huh, what? oh wait i’m not wearing a shirt??”
  • “it’s on my hEAD”
  • “oh, oops sorry”
  • “you should be, this stinks”
  • sometimes when you wake up in the middle of the night
  • you can feel someone beside you
  • and dun dun dun
  • it’s changkyun who’s sleeping next to you
  • while having his arms wrapped around you tightly
  • “what is he doing here??”
  • you’d try waking up, but he’d be deep asleep
  • so it’s not really easy
  • you’d stay there, trying to sleep 
  • but ye, it doesn’t work as well
  • so you just stare at him, while you play with his hair
  • he’d wake up all of sudden
  • and blush at the situation
  • “oh, i wanted to sleep with someone today, you know”
  • “stop lying”
  • “no, for real, y/n.”
  • “i’ve known you for a couple of years now changkyun, you had a nightmare admit it”
  • “okay okay”
  • “see, i knew it!”


  • i can see him helping you 
  • actually 
  • “y/n, i can take out the trash if you want”
  • “oh, really? thank you”
  • “everything for you”
  • you’d smile there as you do the dishes even though there wasn’t many to wash
  • when you two hang up the laundry
  • you and changkyun would be laughing a lot
  • because you guys throw the clothes at each other
  • “changkyun stop!”
  • “you stop first!”
  • “okay, okay.”
  • you stopped but he didn’t 
  • in the end changkyun became tired 
  • but he still decided to mess with you
  • changkyun threw the blanket around you
  • and pulled it so you were closer to him
  • you’d hide your face since you looked like a tomato by
  • the sudden ‘k-drama’ moment
  • “hahaha, look at you, y/n.”
  • “it’s not my fault that my roommate is so ‘k-drama’ in his head”
  • “but you like it, don’t you”
  • “i do”
  • the rest of the day, you two would be all cleaning up
  • or else kihyun would take changkyun away and you don’t want that to happen

lazy days-

  • lazy days with changkyun 
  • always turn out to be one of the funest days
  • like the other time
  • when the two of you had nothing to do
  • he brought you to the movie theather and you guys ended up
  • watching some weird movie that was for children
  • “wait the turtle reminds me a bit of one of your friends, changkyun. what’s his name again? hyunwoo?”
  • “ahahaha, i can see it.”
  • after the movie ended you and changkyun walked around seoul
  • just to explore
  • but instead you two ended up eating lots of food
  • “this one! you have to taste this, chankyun. this is delicious.”
  • since you said it was delicious, he’d taste it
  • “yeah, it’s good.”
  • but actually he doesn’t really like it, he acts as if he does because he doesn’t want to hurt you
  • “y/n, let’s go taste some other desserts?”
  • “sure!”
  • he’d have his arm around you the whole time
  • just to make sure that you’re okay / safe
  • you and changkyun eventually bought clothes and ye basically shopped
  • in the end of the day both of you were exhausted and
  • slept next to each other on the couch

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I pushed the button on 2/16/2014 - 

A night that changed my life. I had spent hours on my sign and day dreamed of pushing the button - and meeting my idols- every single day. When they didn’t show up to Resolution, I was heart broken. But it made me even more determined! Being chosen for such an experience… truly unbelievable. I’m still having a hard time processing that this actually happened to me

I was balling the entire time (clearly) and being guided through the narrow hallways of the Showbox to get backstage is something I will never forget. When I was waiting for my time to get on, I felt like my legs were going to give out, then Paavo started walking towards me, and I was introduced to him. I couldn’t help but run/tackle hug him, almost knocking him off his feet as he said ‘Hello Kyra!’. He brought me out to the stage and Jono, where I hugged him too and he kissed me on the cheek. I looked out to the crowd, and the first thing I thought was, 'wow, my A&B family looks so fucking beautiful from up here!’, and I immediately had love for every single person in the crowd. We were all one that night. Jono told me to 'push the button whenever I was ready’, I took a deep breath, drank it all in, and then boom. Next thing I know i’m dancing and crying even harder and Paavo and I are jumping together.

There were so many things I wanted to say to them but everything was happening so fast and I was so overwhelmed that all I could do was hug them and cry. I can’t believe I was given this gift of pushing the button, and making my dreams come true. 

This is something I will never, ever forget and I will cherish it forever.

Thank you USC, thank you Above & Beyond, and thank you to everyone who was there to make my night so special.

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather bets $15m on Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl

Mayweather, a prolific gambler, has reportedly plonked almost $15 million on the Broncos to salute in American football’s biggest game, to be played on Monday (EDT) against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Vegas Gambling Steam Twitter feed revealed Mayweather had slapped the monumental AU$11.86 million wager on the Broncos to beat the Seattle Seahawks by more than two points.

Other reports have Mayweather also betting $2.96 million on the Broncos to be leading at half-time.

The bets are so enormous that they will likely have affected betting lines at some agencies.

As no betting company would be stupid enough to take the bets on their own, Mayweather reportedly used seven different agencies and four offshore accounts in order to make his giant gambles possible.

It’s not the first time Mayweather has bet big on sport.

Last year he threw down $220,000 in order to win $200,000 on college football team Texas A&M leading by more than 17 points at half-time against Southern Methodist.

Going up?

She had nowhere to be for once. She had no surgery, no meeting, no rounds; she had nothing to do except ride the elevator to the top floor and step off it. How hard could it be? The bell to the lift rang out and the doors slid open, revealing Owen. He looked up and smiled when he noticed it was her.

“Good morning,” he greeted, stepping a little to the right for her to join him.

“Hey,” she replied. She had not seen him since the night they had almost kissed in Derek’s bedroom after listening to the voicemail. If she was being honest with herself, she had desperately wanted to see him that night. She had willed her feet to walk her down to his trailer, her hand to knock on the door, offer a bottle of sparkling water (perhaps raspberry this time) and demand his attention, but her feet had not done as they were told. They had taken her to her own bed and she had not seen him for the past week.

“Going up?” he asked, pulling her out of her thoughts.

“Yeah, to my office… Hey, I’ve not seen you in a while,” she commented, looking over to him.

“I was on leave… spent the whole thing apartment hunting,” he explained, smiling at her as he leaned forward to press the button he knew she needed. “Meanwhile I’ve been Owen hunting,” she bitterly thought to herself.

“Did you find anything?”

“Nope,” he said, putting his hands deep in his pockets and looking up to where the floor numbers were lighting up. “Apparently, my heart wants to stay in the tiny trailer in the middle of the woods for the rest of my life.”

“Understandable. It’s a beautiful location and you won’t beat it in Seattle.”

He nodded, looking unsure of what to say next. The door pinged at the next floor and a huge group of new interns flooded onto the elevator. Amelia and Owen were forced to step towards the very back corner of the elevator.

“OK, so we’re now going to the NICU, don’t touch any babies, don’t touch the tubes, the machines, don’t touch,” Edwards ordered, facing the front and treating the interns like minions.

Amelia shuffled to stand a little in front of Owen as an intern beside her began furiously jotting notes down, taking up extra elbow room. She could feel Owen’s warm breath hitting the back of her neck and she succombed to the feeling by leaning on his chest slightly.

“This is a little cosy,” he whispered, leaning his head down so he spoke directly into her ear. She could hear the smile in his voice and she couldn’t help but grin and close her eyes at the contact. She suddenly felt her fingers being intertwined with his behind her back as he pulled her closer to him. It was their thing- holding hands- it’s what they did, and this is how she managed to convince herself it was completely normal to be standing like a lovestruck teenager at the back of an elevator, goofily grinning because she was holding hands with the boy she had a crush on.

the Dash top the league, WNY and SBFC beat FCKC and Seattle, Jo Lohman scored the game winning goal over Boston with a bicycle kick, Alyssa Naeher and Hope Solo both got scored on at least twice, Heather O’Reilly got a yellow card and missed a PK, Becky Sauerbrunn gave up the game winning PK with a hand ball, two Dash rookies scored, four yellow cards have been given out…. 


New England Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX, claiming 4th title

USA TODAY Sports: The New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 after a goal-line interception to win Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday night. It was the team’s fourth Super Bowl victory.

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Photo: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) celebrates with running back Brandon Bolden (38) after beating the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX at University of Phoenix Stadium. (Matthew Emmons, USA TODAY Sports)