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There is nothing scarier than something that is out of your control..

Like cancer consuming someone you love so dearly and not being able to take the pain away..

It’s these types of situations that make you stop and realise how cruel life can be..

I’m so scared to lose you..

Whether that be soon or in years to come.. Just keep fighting and I will always be here to support you


Cockatoos use tools to make music

Cockatoos are already known for their wicked dance moves, but a new study reveals that they can create their own beat as well. Researchers observing 18 palm cockatoos (Probosciger aterrimus) in northern Australia discovered that, when courting a mate, male cockatoos grab a stick or a seedpod and start rhythmically whacking a hollow tree branch, producing a steady beat.

Scanlan’s Impact On Vox Machina

Grog: More than just a friend and accomplice in various crimes, Scanlan was one of the only people who valued Grog’s ideas. Scanlan never really treated Grog like he was dumb and equally considered all of Grog’s suggestions which did end up getting them into some crazy messed up situations on occasion, but was always extremely funny. Grog did not understand too well exactly why Scanlan left but was specifically hurt that Scanlan did not bother to specifically say his goodbyes to Grog. When Scanlan returns he does not seem super excited to see VM again meaning that Grog’s friendship did not mean as much to him as it did to Grog. To add insult to injury Scanlan has a very Grog-esque character with him, Lionel. Grog immediately tests his strength either hoping that if Lionel was obviously stronger than him then obviously Scanlan was just looking for the best protector available or that he would be obviously weaker and Grog could prove that Scanlan had made a bad call. However, Lionel proves not only to be about equally matched with Grog but instantly likable and compelling. Grog storms out and demonstrates his new literacy to Vax and Vex as he passes by not knowing how to express his feelings of loss, believing that Lionel is in fact a better version of himself that Scanlan has found, one who is, at least in his mind, stronger, smarter, and more fun to be around.

Pike: It is debatable whether she harbors specifically romantic feelings for Scanlan, but she assuredly at least has grown closer to him emotionally as he shed his comedic playboy roll and began reaching inside himself to re-examine his life choices. Although she would probably have supported Scanlan’s decision to leave Vox Machina to forge his own path and create a family with his daughter, because he did not say goodbye to her and left in such a negative way, she, like Grog, has grown to resent him. His tense and hesitant return has also left her feeling that the close companionship se felt she had begun to share with Scanlan was not equally valued by him.

Note: In order to regain the favor of his two closest friends, Scanlan would have to come begging on his knees and force them to listen to him, proving to them that their relationship is very meaningful and important to him like they originally believed it was.

Percy: Although Percy was not known to be particularly close to Scanlan, his intense involvement in the screaming argument preceding Scanlan’s departure has haunted him and morphed into a continuously burning resentment towards Scanlan. Scanlan’s specific claim that VM did not know or care about him struck a chord in Percy. The complaint is more indicative of an overall problem in VM where many members choose to keep their problems to themselves until they boil over and become dangerous plot points (Percy’s inner demon being the most literal of these examples). Percy never complains about being called out for bad things he does do of which he feels there are many and often mentions his feeling that the things he intends to do are, in his mind, not morally good perhaps in the hopes that someone will argue hm out of it. To be accused of not caring about others in the group rubbed Percy the wrong was so intensely because to him that is one of the only good aspects of himself that he si sure about. Even if he does bad things to people, and makes things that will hurt many people, he knows that at least he really really cares about his friends. And if that’s not true, if Scanlan is right, that he’s back to square one, a person that is not worthwhile.

Keyleth: She’s fairly neutral here. She resents that Scanlan lobbed accusations at the group that while having merit were not entirely based in truth, and also is not a fan of his decision to suddenly cut ties with them and then only return hesitantly without much commitment to rekindle the lost relationships. However, she personally could probably be easily brought to the pro-Scanlan side as she did not have any personal issues with him and can see the merit of him choosing his responsibility to his daughter over his bonds with the group, especially considering her growing guilt that she has yet to fully step into her position as Voice of the Tempest.

Vax: He has always looked up to Scanlan and sees him as the father figure he never had. More than other members of the groups he has been sure than Scanlan would come back on his own terms and is willing to accept him back unconditionally, no questions asked. If anything, Vax is glad that Scanlan took his time to deal with the problems that were making him deeply unhappy when he was with VM. After all, Vax took his own time to figure out what to do when he accidentally became a Champion of the Raven Queen. Vax clearly sees him and Keyleth departing for the Air Ashari in the near future and wants to make sure that group has resolved any bitterness before they say goodbye for good. He will probably be instrumental in healing old wounds.

Vex: Her knowledge about Scanlan’s drug addiction made her more sympathetic to him and she is very happy that he decided make a big personal sacrifice to commit himself to a relationship with his daughter (something she wished her own father had done). Vex’s personal quest is all about mercy and forgiveness, tired of grudges and suspicion holding her down and stopping her from forming close relationships. Scanlan is the biggest example of her new willingness to forgive the past so as to not sully valuable relationships. I think she will be able to pull Percy into forgiving Scanlan as they both wanted to become more merciful, and he has already indicated that he does not want to continue being dragged down into a dark state by pent up resentments. No more revenge is a motto many in VM are really attempting to adopt.

I'm Not Angry

At Koogi revealing she hadn’t done her research on BPD. I think she was maybe…not 100% clear or dare I say honest when she mentioned him having the disorder just HAPPENED. Koogi has had some kind of personal experience with BPD or so many of us wouldn’t have connected with Bum like we do. She might have been reluctant to get any more personal, who knows. It’s her life and her business. All the shade and salt I’ve been hearing about has no merit.

In my opinion, experience beats research when it comes to good storytelling.

Sunset City. 

A final I did for my Beat Research class. youtube version

How Hard Can it Be?

Imagine… Dean trying to plait your hair.

So my Husband got half way through reading this before realising it was based on him. He’s the cutest ❤. I can just see Dean taking the same approach, like ‘Ok, let’s do this.’

Dean x Reader
Word count: 1,300 ish

Your knuckles dug into your cheeks as you propped up your heavy head, elbows resting on the table. Pages and pages of lore tumbled before your eyes as you scrolled through the seemingly endless pages.
You sighed and looked down at the scribbled-down symbol on the table in front of you for what must have been the fifteenth time. Nothing. You had nothing.

You sighed heavily. Sam sat opposite you, across the table, frowning down at his tablet. The dull light of the bunker cast shadows over his face where his hair fell. The crinkles in his forehead told you he was as fed up as you were.

To your right, Dean slammed shut a big, dusty, heavy book and stood up with a huff.

‘I’m done. I’ve got nothing. This is…’ he held his hands up in a kind of hopeless shrug, then reached for his open beer and took a swig.
Sam looked up at him briefly before running his hand through his hair and sitting back in his chair, slouching.

‘You’d think there’d be something,’ he scoffed.

‘What about you?’ Dean asked looking at you. ‘Any luck?’

You had paused in your scrolling, studying an image that looked a little like the one on the paper.

‘I dunno,’ you answered. ‘I’ve found something kind of similar.’
Sam looked across at you, interest peaked.
‘It’s a little tenuous, though,’ you added, shoulders slumping as you squinted at the too-small text.
Dean came round behind you, bending slightly to look at your screen.

‘Hell, anything would be something right now,’ he said, placing a hand on your shoulder.

‘I’m sending it to you, Sam,’ you said and sent him the page.

You continued reading, though it wasn’t making a lot of sense, and you assumed Dean was reading over your shoulder as he lent his arm on you.
After a few minutes, dean’s hand slid across your shoulder and up the back of your neck, snaking round your ponytail, twirling it absently a couple of times. You felt It tug a little.

‘Mmm,’ you heard yourself utter, before you could stop yourself.
He let out a low chuckle but didn’t stop. Sam looked up briefly and smirked, then looked back down at the tablet.
He frowned.

‘I dunno. It’s not quite the same. But it’s… there are similarities.’
You sighed.

‘Could it be a variation? An adaptation of some form?’

‘Maybe,’ Sam said, though he didn’t look convinced.
Dean chuckled again, and you felt his finger slide through the middle of your hair tie.
You laughed, despite yourself.

‘Dean, I feel violated.’
Sam looked up again and smirked.

‘Dean, there are rules about ponytail penetration,’ he said, grinning at the absurdity of the sentence he just uttered. ‘I’m pretty sure you have to ask first.’

‘Couldn’t help myself,’ Dean smirked. He took the bobble in his fingers, pausing to ask, ‘May I?’

‘Sure,’ you shrugged, continuing to scroll through the barely useful information in front of you. Dean pulled out your hair tie and your hair tumbled over your shoulders and down your back. He started combing his fingers through it gently, hesitating when they caught on knots.

‘Am I hurting you?’ he asked, his voice low and gentle.

‘No, it’s fine,’ you answered. He continued, tugging softly through the knots. The pull on your scalp started to tingle.

‘This says it was used by the Aztecs, but the symbol just doesn’t seem to fit. It’s close, but like a badly interpreted drawing of it,’ Sam continued.
Dean seemed to have lost all interest in the lore and instead was paying close attention to carefully combing out the knots in your hair. It was weirdly relaxing, and you leaned your head back into him, slumping down in your chair slightly.

‘Maybe it’s an amateur or a copycat,’ you slurred.
Sam didn’t seem to notice the lull in your voice or your eyelids drooping slightly.

‘Yeah, like it’s a really shoddy job if they were trying to imitate it.’
Dean’s hands flowed freely through your hair, and you could imagine the smug little grin on his face at getting all the knots out.

‘Your hair is so silky,’ he murmured.

‘That’s really nice, Dean,’ you purred, closing your eyes and leaning your head back further.
Sam looked up again and scoffed. ‘Hey Dean, you opening a salon over there?’

Dean’s hands faltered for a second, but then he continued.
‘Maybe I am,’ he retorted. ‘Beats research. Besides, she’s enjoying it, aren’t you sweetheart?’

‘Mmm,’ you responded. He dragged his fingernails gently down your scalp a few times.

‘See? I think you’re just jealous, Sammy,’ Dean teased.

‘Yeah, Dean, why don’t you ever brush my hair like that?’ Sam said, raising his eyebrows sarcastically.

‘It’s been years since you let me cut your hair. That’s why you look like a girl now,’ Dean chuckled.
Your eyes snapped open.
‘Wait, you used to cut Sam’s hair?’
Sam sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

‘Someone had to,’ Dean shrugged.
He wasn’t joking now, he was just telling you. You knew he had always taken care of Sam when they were growing up, but you had never really imagined all the little things he had to do for him.
You swivelled in your chair to look at him, and you saw the memories of childhood fluttering past his eyes.

‘Why don’t you tell her why I stopped letting you, Dean?’ Sam piped up, breaking the tension. Dean’s eyes snapped back to the present, and he smirked.

‘I got distracted one time and cut a massive chunk out of the back of his hair.’ He started laughing. ‘He looked ridiculous.’

‘I had to wear a beanie for a month. I hate beanies,’ Sam said, throwing a glare at Dean.

‘It was pretty funny though, you have to-’ Dean caught Sam’s glare and stopped himself. ‘No? whatever.’ He turned his attention back to you. ‘Turn back around sweetheart,’ he instructed. You did as you were told, and he again gathered your hair up in both his hands, twisting it round, then letting it fall.

‘Hey, Dean,’ you say, a thought occurring to you. ‘Can you plait?’
He didn’t respond right away, combing your hair down your back.

‘How hard can it be?’ he said finally. ‘I’m up for a challenge.’

Sam rolled his eyes with a smirk and returned to the lore in front of him. there was quiet as both men poured their concentration into their respective tasks.
That was something you loved about Dean. He approached many things the way he fixed up Baby. If he found something a challenge, he gave it his focus and attention, critically analysing the process he would need to complete the task.
He sectioned out your hair into three, pushing a section over your shoulders either side. His hands paused, and you glanced over your shoulder to see what he was doing. He was looking at something on his phone.
You sighed, guessing he had lost interest. He flicked his eyes up to you, then shrugged.
The penny dropped.
‘Are you googling it?’ you grinned.
‘Shut up,’ he said, returning his phone to his pocket. ‘Turn around,’ he said impatiently, spinning his hand to indicate.
He carefully wove the sections of hair together.
‘Hold this,’ he said, handing you a section of hair over your shoulder. You took hold of it, he weaved again, took it from you, then handed you a section of hair the other side. You giggled.

‘You’re so funny, Dean.’

‘shh, I’m concentrating. Don’t make me lose it,’ he said, continuing to weave your hair.
After a few minutes, you felt him tying the elastic around the bottom.

‘Heh,’ Dean remarked, running his hand over his masterpiece. You heard the shutter of his phone camera. He leaned round your shoulder, showing you the picture. The plat was a little wonky, but pretty good for a beginner.

‘Hey, not bad!’ You told him. ‘With a bit of practice you’ll have it perfected. Now who else could you practice on?’
You both grinned and looked up at Sam, who gave you both a death glare.

‘Go screw yourselves,’ he said simply.

demonqueen-oceanking  asked:

this blog is wonderful and i love it but also. May I ask u to consider Spock being super into Earth Pop Party Music bc i literally? Can't? Stop thinking about him listening to Cheap Thrills by Sia???? Help???????

Spock doesn’t enjoy earth pop party music. But he does listen to it as a study. Chekov introduced him to it and he was curious as to why everyone seemed to find it so enjoyable and energizing. For the past week he’s spent all his off time listening to different groups play this style of music. For research, obviously. as a vulcan he can’t enjoy things, he can merely observe. Cheap Thrills is just a very good example of this music. It’s catchy. NOT TO HIM OF COURSE. But to others. Sometimes he’ll sing it to himself while he’s doing science stuff. To-to remember… what it sounds like. haha it’s a study… Need to be thinking about that stuff. Gotta tap that foot along to the beat, you know, for research. yeah. science and stuff…

Does anyone else get this really visceral reaction to seeing people being loving and affectionate with each other, that’s like being trapped behind a pane of glass and sadness?

It’s like, the moment you see a social interaction you want to be part of, your body reminds you that you’re not supposed to be part of. It’s shame, it’s a sick feeling at the back of your throat, it’s a pang of envy and jealousy in your heart that you try to smother, it’s yearning cold in the pit of your stomach, and it’s like someone putting a vise on your spine to hold you in place and say, No, you can’t join.

Even when it’s people you know love you or people who’d be happy to include you too, you just see that happen and it’s an instinctive, autonomic response that shuts you down instead of opening you up to them.

Anyone else get that too?

Herb of the Week-Motherwort


Lion’s Ear
Lion’s Tail
Lion’s Tart
Although motherwort is indigenous to Europe, over the years, the plant has acclimatized itself to the different conditions all over North America. Presently, motherwort is found in the terrain ranging from Nova Scotia to Montreal and southern parts of North America to Texas and North Carolina. The plant thrives best in vacant plots and other wastelands.

The motherwort is a perpetual plant often growing up to a height of five feet. The herb bears leaves that are hairy and have an unkempt and disheveled look and often resembles the tail of a lion. Owing to the leaves’ appearance to the lion’s tail, the herb is also known by other common nicknames like lion’s ear, lion’s tart and of course, lion’s tail. The each leaf of motherwort comprises three hemispheres that are shaped like javelins. The herb bears pink, white or purple colored petite flowers that normally blossom between June and September. The motherwort flowers normally blossom in clusters or groups.

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anonymous asked:

Was there a guide somewhere about how to write in cities that you've never visited? Or am I just making this up? My story takes place in Atlanta, somewhere I have never visited and most likely won't be able to any time soon but my characters have lived there all their lives. do you know how I would be able to make Atlanta believable? Or that guide I've seemed to have misplaced? (If it existed at all.)

(If such a guide exists in the Tumblrsphere of writing blogs, I cannot seem to find it. Tumblbuds?)

Here is what I managed to turn up for you:

The short answer is research, and lots of it. Books with maps and pictures, Google Maps, and Google Earth can show you what it looks like. Reading books, blog posts, articles about Atlanta can help you get a feel for what it might be like there. Get in touch with people who currently live in Atlanta and ask them your questions.

Nothing will beat firsthand research, but we can make do with books and the Internet. Let us know if you have further questions for us.


The heart beats rhythmically, and so does a metronome.

So it makes sense that a metronome, typically used by musicians to help keep a steady beat, could help medical professionals restart a heart.

“What we know for sure,” says pediatric cardiologist Dianne Atkins, a spokeswoman with the American Heart Association, is that “high-quality CPR improves survival.” So anything that improves CPR could save lives.

For CPR to be effective, the rescuer kneels at the side of the person in distress, presses one hand on top of the other in the center of the person’s chest and pushes down about 2 inches to force blood through the body before releasing and then compressing again.

The optimal rate for compression is 100 to 120 per minute, which is “fairly fast” says Atkins, and hard to maintain without something to guide you. “When chest compression is too slow or too fast, it decreases the effectiveness of CPR,” she says.

That’s where the metronome comes in. It offers a consistent guide. With every click, you do a chest compression and the metronome helps you keep the beat. Previously researchers have tried using music, including the songs “Disco Science” and “Achy Breaky Heart” to set the beat.

A Metronome Can Help Set The CPR Beat

GIF: Meredith Rizzo/NPR

anonymous asked:

We joke a lot about Arima being Sasaki's dad but what if he really is Sasaki/Kaneki's dad in a weird way? Like, what if Kaneki was 'made' from a younger Arima's genetic material? Also, what if Dr. Kanou is Arima's 'dad' (and Arima is a genetically modified human) and the mysterious bodyguard that was with the doctor in ch 92 is Arima himself? (omg it's very late here and I'm just dumping all of my conspiration theories in your askbox, pls forgive me ;_; ) -anonymouse

Woah, this headcanon is pretty intense. don’t worry, I’m coo with theories in my askbox.

This ended up PREEEEEEETTY long since I had a revelation in between. TRUST ME, THIS IS ONE HELL OF A RIDE.

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Popolo April 2014-Hey! Say! JUMP

“At the movie theater, seeing her sparking face from the side makes your heart skip a beat!”

We researched what kind of moments make the member’s heart throb! Want to see? They’ll make your heart skip too♥


“Heart throbbing moment while setting up a meeting point”


That heart throbbing moment when she suddenly appears from behind.

If she arrived at the meeting place before I did, hid somewhere and came up behind me all of a sudden, I’d probably say “Uwaah!”. Then she’d tilt her face downward and say “Good morning” (laughs) that’s really cute isn’t it?

We’d kiss in a place where we’d fall in love all over again.

I also want to do the same (laughs)


It’d be her smiling face that makes my heart throb

The meet up place would be Shibuya station; where there are lots of people interacting with one another. The girl would arrive a little bit earlier and wait for me. While looking at her watch, she’ll side glance and look at the people in front of her that are passing by. At that moment, I’ll arrive and call out to her. If at that moment I get to see her smiling face look towards me, it’ll make my heart throb!


A heart throb coming from behind

I’d be waiting for her and even though its past the meeting time, she’s still not there. Then, all of a sudden, she’ll come and hug me from behind and say “Sorry for making you wait!”. I think that’d be a good scenario. Although it’d startle me a bit (laughs)


Being patient for 30 minutes

If my girlfriend arrived about 20 minutes early, while blowing onto her gloves she’d say something like “I should have waited at least 30 minutes before coming”. Something like that (laughs).

I wouldn’t be able to bear it if she said something like that, right.


While looking like she’s cold, her worried appearance

As she arrives early to the meeting place, she’d search around the area for me. That side of her sounds good to me. As the weather gets colder, she’d put her hands together and breathe into them while saying “I wonder if he’s coming yet”. That feminine-like point is cute. I think that if I found her in that position, then I’d quickly run to her.


Meeting her from up above

Our meeting place would be at the rooftop of a heliport. My girlfriend would call me to ask “Why at such place?” then I’d say “I’m coming from above right now!” and appear from above in a helicopter (laughs)

The look of surprise on my girlfriend, as her hands drop will make my heart throb but she’d also have her heart throbbing from embarrassment (laughs)


If she arrived faster than I

If something unexpected happened, it’d make my heart throb. For example, I’m the type to arrive before the set time. If she arrived sooner than I did, then I’d end up thinking “She came that fast?!” as my heart throbs. She’s probably looking forward to the day while hurrying up to meet me without being late is what I think.


Gazing at my partner from far away

She’d get there before me, and while waiting for me to arrive, she’ll look in a mirror and fix her hair. Seeing that would make my heart throb because she’s meeting with me, she’s interested in looking her best. While watching her do that I’ll call out to her; “I’m sorry for being late!” I’d keep what I just saw as a precious thing in my heart.


I want to see her shyness

I’d want her to wait for me. As for me, I’d go ahead and be about 1 minute late. Speaking of which, honestly, I’ll arrive before her, but I wouldn’t go to the meeting place yet. I want to watch her for a little as she looks at her phone in a shy manner, she’d probably say “Not here yet?…”. After seeing that, I’d arrive while saying “Sorry!” (laughs)


“A date’s heart throb moment”


Saying “It was delicious” after a meal

After sharing a meal together, if she pulls her wallet out in an apologetic manner I’d say “Don’t worry about it” in an apologetic manner as well. If she told me “That was delicious” after leaving the shop, it’d make my heart throb. It’s fine if she says “Gochisousama” (t/n: thank you for the meal) but “That was delicious” over that would make me happy.


Hot Support in the Cold

The two of us watching a soccer match.

Because the stadium would be an outdoor one, we’d be wearing warm clothes and even though we’d be supporting our own team one of us would say “If you win, I’ll treat you to a meal”. That promise would be the climax of our date (laughs)


Her scared reaction

At an amusement park, the two of us would ride a roller coaster. If she got scared and held on tightly to my hand, it’d be cute. At the very top though, as we fall, I’d want to let go of her hand though (laughs)


Looking at her face full with joy from the side

At a place where a waterfall would fall at an assigned time, the moment it comes out, a natural feeling would carry us. I’d say “Look, look, it started already. It’s pretty, isn’t it?” My heart would throb if I’d get to see her expression of joy from the side. I’d make sure to properly plan that day’s date program (laughs)


Having my heart throb at the movie theater just by seeing her sparking face from the side

The two of us would go see a movie that we had both wanted to watch.

It’d be smart to get the tickets for the best seats beforehand. Then, while watching the movie we like, we’d be eating popcorn and I’d be staring at her sparkling face and eyes beside me. I think that kind of event would make my heart skip a beat.


Startling her at the aquarium!

A date at an aquarium sounds nice, right? In front of a giant fish tank, I’ll tell her “Wait for a bit” and go to the top of the big tank. Since I scuba dive often, I’d go ahead and swim together with the fish and because I’ve always thought that it’d be a fun thing to do, I’d dive right in and write something like “Having fun?”. I’d be having a conversation with her that way (laughs)


A picnic with a handmade lunch

It’d be nice if I went on a picnic. Mostly because I yearn for some handmade cooking. If she was to make some for me, I’d be really happy. The moment she takes the lunch box out, I’d be overjoyed♪

I’d wanna go on a picnic from morning, all the way to lunch time. While eating, I’d naturally want to say “This feels good, doesn’t it?~” it’d be even more great if the season was spring. It’ll be coming soon!


I want to see her facial expression when having fun

If we went on a dog run, being surrounded by so many dogs would probably make her happy.

Then she’d go ahead and call each the dogs equally by saying “Yosh, yosh”!


Go watch a movie!

While watching a movie, you’re not supposed to talk right? It’s hard to avoid since we’d be like that for 2 whole hours. Because over the top love story movies usually raise one’s interest right away, I wonder if a love comedy movie would be good.


[Heart throbbing moment while holding hands]


A teasing heart skip

She’d tell me “I’m cold~” and I’d also say “I’m cold” and after looking at each other without saying another word, we’d get that feeling of “let’s hold hands” and bring our hands out. That kind of moment will make my heart skip a beat, but I’d definitely want to tease her. I’d say “Did you want something?” (laughs) I’m a sadist, aren’t I?


Taking my hands out of my pockets

Any place would be great for us to take a walk in. At that time, because it’s cold, I’ll keep my hands in my pockets but she’d end up forcing my hands out of them in a playful manner, “Let’s hold hands!”.

That would make it a heart throbbing date where we’d be getting along very well.


A cue for when I want to hold hands (laughs)

Holding hands in an awkward manner sounds good to me. She’d want to hold hands, but the courage to do won’t come out so easily for her, that side of hers is something I’d want to see. The cue that my fingers would be waiting for will make me go “Oh” (laughs) I long for something like this! When it comes to a date, I want to hold hands, but I’ll be the one to start it.


A teasing heart throbbing moment

I’d want to hold hands, however, with a pleading-like feeling, she’d probably grab onto my sleeve and slowly move down towards my pinky. If that happened my heart would really go crazy.

Even though I’d be pretending to be calm, thanks to the teasing, I’d be thinking “is it happening, is it happening” (laughs)


A pattern that makes my heart skip a beat

There’d probably be a pattern between the two of us that would make my heart skip a beat.

-During our usual walks together, we’d naturally hold hands pattern

-When she discovers something interesting and she clutches my hand tightly as she says “Look, look!”

Both patterns are a bit different, but whichever happens, both will make my heart skip a beat.


Holding hands with my first lover in life

I don’t really like holding hands. I’m more of the “follow me” type. But maybe for one day, I’ll take my lover’s hands and hold them. Up until now in my life, I’ve really never held hands with anyone so I’d end up saying “It’s because it’s the first time ever, so I’ll hold hands with my lover”. I wonder if me being up front and honest about it would make her happy.


The Silence as we walk

While walking back from a date, whether it be a trip to the convenience store or any trip that requires us to walk together, as long as we’re holding hands my heart will throb.


I want to pull her hand!

When we’re together, she’ll say “There’s somewhere I want to go” and our walking speed will get faster.

Usually though, I walk slowly, so if that happened, our hands would gradually let go. She’d say “Hurry~” and I’d want her to tug at my hand to get them back together.


If her hand jerks back then I’d probably cry…

On our walk back from a date, our hands would slightly graze one another and we’d both mutually become aware of it. If our hands touch a 2nd time, then I’d want to hold her hand! But what if she pulled her hand away when I tried (laughs) I might cry. But as long as we’d go on a date, It might be all fine.


[Heart throbbing moment when you part ways]


A Running Kiss♥

Once we say bye-bye to one another, we’d both turn around and head our own ways.

But then, if she’d turn around, run towards me and land a kiss on my cheek, it would make my heart skip a beat. That heart throb would make me feel excited all over. I think I just watch too many romance dramas.


Kissing (laughs)

I’d walk her home as we hold hands and talk.

Then as we arrive, we’ll both stand in front of her house at an angle that I think her mom or someone else won’t be able to see us and kiss her (laughs). Then, I’ll plainly say “Bye” and go my own way!


The “Not-wanting-to-let-go” mode…..

Once the date ends, we’d have to part ways and go home. But the two of us would probably not want to separate. Meanwhile though, there won’t be much that we can do but to stand. Stand in silence (laughs). If that feeling of not wanting to let go of one another comes up, then my heart will go crazy. Eventually, we’d both go home properly though (laughs)


A simple, clichéd situation sounds good

After saying “Bye-bye”, we’d walk home a bit. She’d look my way and smile and laugh as we hold hands. That kind of simple but clichéd situation sounds good to me. For example, if we were to ride a Ferris wheel on our date, and as soon as we reach the top, we kiss. Isn’t that too clichéd? (laughs)


The Feelings You Get As You Wait For Her Reply

As our date ends and I walk her home, when we arrive and she says “Today was really fun. Thank you” just by saying that, I’d be overjoyed. Obviously, I’d want to see her again so I’d ask in a calm, normal tone “Where should we go next time?”

At that moment though, my heart would be beating like crazy as I wait for her reply.


The one, heart throbbing word at the park

For this situation, we’re not in a relationship yet, but we had just finished our first date.

I’d walk her to house, but, because we both don’t want to separate just yet, we’d walk over to her neighborhood park. I’d say “All day today, thinking of you as my girlfriend was really fun”.

I’d make her heart skip a beat while saying that I liked her by saying these simple words.


If we always held hands

I’d walk her home, we’d chat a little and end up feeling that we don’t wanna go homeee. But we can’t do that or else we’d get home late right? So, if we hold hands the entire walk home without ever letting go, then my heart would throb! While thinking that I want our hands to stay this way, I’ll feel extremely happy.


A somewhat clumsy feeling♥

I’d end up forgetting that there’s something I’m supposed to put in my bag so I’d end up saying “Bye-bye” and leave. But after a bit, I’d realize that there’s something missing. While saying “Sorry! I forgot~” I’d have this “te-he” face with my tongue out★

Because It’d be embarrassing, I might want to run to her and take the item (laughs)


I’d most likely walk her all the way home, right, and then at that moment, if I get the feeling of not wanting to separate, I’d walk around her house’s area once. After that 1st lap, I’d end up in front of her house again and feel all happy again, so I’d go ahead and walk around her house a 2nd time. I wouldn’t really be able to let go.

Then, someone else’s parent would get mad at me for my suspicious pattern (laughs)


[Your Recent Heart Throbbing Item]

(T/N: this column wasn’t fully scanned x.x so some parts got cut off. Inoo’s and Takaki’s part where the most affected, so I could not translate that part :/ )


Somehow, I want to eat meat

When I look at meat, my eyes become hearts. I couldn’t really eat any yakiniku during “Johnny’s World”? so now that it’s over, I thought that it’d be good if I could eat some. When I’m at a restaurant, and I watch the meat grill, my eyes become hearts (laughs) What I really want to eat right now is yakiniku.


Survival games—

When the MC portion came up during Johnny’s World, Hikaru talked about his experience with survival games and how he played with the Snow Man group. Then, I decided to buy equipment for the game to try it out. The fact that I was able to participate in these survival games, I look forward to fighting with everyone else~


Antique jeans are hot!

I bought a reprint of a pair of antique jeans from 66 years ago. I’ve wanted them from before, so after “Johnny’s World” ended, I went and got them. I haven’t worn them yet, so I wonder when I will.


Listening to music while looking up at the sky

Lately, I’ve really enjoyed spending time on my house’s rooftop. During “Johnny’s World” there were times where I needed to calm down, so I went there. Today, after I’m done with the interview, I’ll go home, lay down on my roof top and listen to music. If I can do that, I can relax. It feels really good when the weather is good during the night too.


A girl’s sweet and lovely fragrance

Fragrance! Both guys and girls use it, but when it comes from girls, it’s different, isn’t it? I love it when girls have a sweet lovely fragrance to them. When I’m on a roller coaster, and the girl sitting in front of me has a nice fragrance, it’d make my heart skip a beat!


The me who’s always been afraid of cats wants to own one

I’ve always been bad with cats. But lately I’ve been thinking that the Bengal cat breed is cute.

Even though I’m bad with cats, I want to buy that breed! When I buy it (gets cut off) I’ll probably take a picture of it. (rest gets cut off)


[The piece of work that made your heart skip a beat]


A talk about how painful love is unbearable

A movie I watched at a movie theatre in Korea called “IRIS THE LAST”.

Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-Hee keep a secret romantic relationship while being in a top secret mission, though, they become mutual enemies, they have a deceiving conversation.

I like those moments where it feels like a message gets sent, but it doesn’t. Even though you understand that it’s mutual love, it becomes painful. I can’t bear such painful moments like those.


The first time feeling honestly moved by a movie

Around the time I debuted there was a DVD that I had watched. It might have been a movie starring Matsushita Nao called “Mirai Yosouzu~ Love’s Sign”. At that time, It was only Keito and I that were watching it. Because I had never watched a serious romance movie before, once it ended I felt deeply moved. I ended up thinking that “Romance sounds good”.


Yearning for everything!

The movie, “The Rum Diary”.

It’s the one where Johnny Depp acts as a journalist for a friend. His character and the story were incredibly good, that whatever time period the movie’s background it is, the lifestyle ends up being one you can yearn for!


I love Honey&Clover

I really like the movie “Honey & Clover” where Sakurai Sho starred in.

I watched it in when I was in high school. While watching it, the college setting made my heart throb.

Since I’m a college student now, when I watch it, I end up thinking of how good it is.


The movie that I want to show to my children

I like this western movie called “Love Actually”.

This movie has a Christmas setting that follows 19 men and women’s love stories.

It’s a movie that I end up wanting to watch every Christmas season, and if I ever have kids, it’s the movie that I want to definitely show them.


The fun in observing the scenery overseas

I’ve watched the movie “Home Alone” countless of times. When I first saw it in high school, I thought it was very funny, I even bought the DVD. It’s not just about the story, but I also find it fun to watch the scenery that’s overseas. When I went to New York’s Central Park, I thought “It’s Home Alone!” and got really hyped up.


The feeling of youth gets my heart noisy

The anime movie, “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo” (The Girl Who Lept Through Time).

I’m not sure if I watched the DVD sometime after high school graduation, but, the youthful atmosphere that I felt after watching felt good. Even now, when I hear the theme song, the fluffy and painful feelings I felt when I watched it come flooding back, I feel happiness. My heart gets really noisy and it goes “Meow, meow” (laughs)


A heart throbbing exchange between the two

Steve Hamilton’s “The Lock Artist”.

It’s about a young boy who’s a genius safecracker (can unlock any lock). He doesn’t speak at all.

That boy only loves one girl and conveys his love for her in a 4 panel comic. She replies to him the same way, with a 4 panel comic. Their quick, ongoing comic made my heart skip a beat.


The anime I got addicted to that Miyacchi recommended

An anime called “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai” (T/N: AnoHana)

Miyacchi (Miyata Toshiya-Kis-my-Ft2) highly praised it, and even though it was a late night anime I looked forward to it every week. It’s a story about 6 people, boys and girls that are childhood friends. Made me think of how good the time period as a high school student is. This anime has romance, friendship and a lot of meaning to it that made my heart throb a lot.


[Heart Skipping Moments caused by the Members]


Having a good time at meal gatherings

Although the four of us, Dai-chan, Keito and Yuya haven’t gone out for a meal in a while, I can’t help but think that there’s no other meal more fun than the one with these guys. I’ve told them that we should go out together again. Somehow we get really excited and end up having a really good time. I said something like, “Since our play ended already, let’s go forth!” and I ended up eating quite grandly.


Inoo-chan doing his best!

During “Johnny’s World”, seeing how hard Inoo-chan was working deeply moved me. Once he finished work, he’d go back home and write his thesis till late at night and then on to the morning when he’d have to begin his theatre work again. Even though he must have felt extremely sleepy and his body probably felt exhausted, he continued his work without complaining. Seeing him like that deeply moved me! Inoo-chan, you’ve done a great job!


When Hikaru plays bass, he’s cool

In Johnny’s World’s musical performance scene, there were solos and everyone got to do something different every time. One time, Hikaru’s solo was a phrase from Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Around The World” (T/N: I FREAKIN LOVE THIS SONG. Hikaru prob played the beginning since it’s one of the bass’s part) That was really really cool! At that moment, Flea (Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Bassist) was on the stage (laughs).


The necklace I found

It’s probably Yabu-chan. Right now, (in the middle of the interview) I’m sitting at the other side of the table, but, if I unzip my parka, a necklace that’s similar to his appears (laughs)

The necklace Yabu and I are wearing now are from the same brand~


Casually heart touching

In Johnny’s World’s, during the sword battle scene, Inoo-chan came up to me in a casual, more natural manner and quickly pulled the weapon I was using down. That casual heart touching moment!


Yamada’s love for JUMP

In Johnny’s World, when my physical condition wasn’t very well, I tried to keep quiet about it but Yamada noticed. Without letting anyone else find out about it, he lifted the burden I felt and moved me. I felt his enormous love for JUMP!


The heart skip from just a little while ago of Chinen undressing

I wonder if its Chinen. Probably because whenever I was writing my graduation thesis, Chinen would often come up and ask “How’s it going? Does it look like you’ll be done soon?”. It seems like I’ve fallen a bit for him (laughs) Throughout the stage play and all the way to the end, there were a lot of scenes where Chinen would undress and our eyes would meet and he’d always make my heart skip a beat~ ahaha.


The Cheerful Chinen (laughs)

I invited Chinen to play survival games. He’ll cheerfully tell me or ask me things like “ I bought a gun ♪” or “How much should I charge it?” or “Will it hurt for real?”. His cheerful form is cute (laughs)


Keito and his wide open parka

This is about Keito at this very moment. I mean, he’s standing in front of my parka with so much energy!

He’s showing me his abs! I wonder if he has his eyes on something. Maybe I’ll go and take a look at it…no, I’ll only draw attention, so I’ll stop.

Great Work on Johnny’s World! SP♥


These past 3 months were the most important for current me

These past 3 months, I’m really glad that within my job, there have been many things to think about among what I’ve encountered. As the main person, I feel that my sense of responsibility has gone up and that I’ve grown more as an adult. I’m happy that I’ve been able to get closer to Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z as people.


A play where we were able to create treasures in both our minds and bodies

Looking back, it really was a long lasting stage play. When we had rehearsals, it felt like the past. I also can’t believe that I swung throughout the sky on a swing about 100 times. But the stage play itself has become a treasure within my mind and body. Right now, I can’t imagine what I’ll do without the life style I had that revolved around the stage play (laughs)


Beating the drums every single day was fun!

I feel that as performances continued day after day, my mentality grew. Everyone had so many feelings of gratitude. I was really happy when the staff praised me when I played the drums. Playing the drums every single day was loads of fun. After all, I think that I’ve gotten really used to the sound of a beating drum.


I want to study my hobbies that broadened throughout the stage play

On the last day of the stage play, there was a corner of our final “There’s nothing we can do anymore”. It felt pretty lonely, but because I know that I used my full strength to get through the play, when it came to the end, I felt extremely touched/moved. I broadened my hobbies throughout the stage play. The other day I went to Morita-kun’s stage play. I want to see more of it and study it.


Pizza Party inside the dressing room with Snow Man

Because the play lasted for 3 very long months, the feeling of it having ended still hasn’t hit me. However, there have been many precious experiences that have given me the confidence to take the next step without fail. Before the stage play, I was really looking forward to co-starring with Snow man that we ended up having a pizza party in the dressing room. It really was fun.


I really feel glad to be a part of JUMP

One day when my physical condition was bad, I had to take a day off. Yabu memorized every single one of my lines, the members covered for me, I really felt glad that I was a part of JUMP. The fact that every single day there were changes to the play was a really big problem to everyone but we were able to properly see each other and through that I really felt my love for JUMP grow.

Inoo: (t/n: I didn’t translate this part of his cause I could not recognize the names he mentioned x.x im not good with reading names :/)


We became supermen through this hard stage play!

When the stage play first started, it was really harsh on our bodies. Chinen told me then, “By the time this ends, will be worn out or will we become supermen?”. But now that it’s over, I see that we’ve become supermen. We had the live stage recording for “School Kakumei” and when we finished singing one song, the fact that we were not short of breath was amazing (laughs)


Understanding breathing techniques from Tackey

Some problems arose because we had to do the same things for 3 months but I think that those became important experiences. During that same period, the other members and I went out to eat with Tackey. Tackey gave me great advice when it came to breathing techniques for my death scenes.