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There is nothing scarier than something that is out of your control..

Like cancer consuming someone you love so dearly and not being able to take the pain away..

It’s these types of situations that make you stop and realise how cruel life can be..

I’m so scared to lose you..

Whether that be soon or in years to come.. Just keep fighting and I will always be here to support you

Do You Understand Now?

Summary: Based on this.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Word count: 882

Warning: poorly written, making out?

A/N: Surprise! Straying a bit with this one, but writing this beats researching for my EDA report.

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You stalk past Bucky, clambering off the Quinjet, ready to scream at him the minute you get the chance. Until then, you want to avoid him because even knowing he is around is enough to set you off.

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Research shows that one out of every 100 children has a potentially fatal heart defect. Not even the luck of the Irish can help with those odds when you are talking about sudden cardiac arrest.

Sudden cardiac arrest is what happens when a heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. It has become a leading cause of death of student athletes. 

Because sudden cardiac arrest can affect any seemingly healthy student, athlete, or child, it is important to know the symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest, and to listen to your body.

Fainting: Fainting is the #1 warning sign of sudden cardiac arrests and usually occurs immediately after physical activity or as a result of emotional distress. Don’t assume it is from exhaustion or dehydration.

Unexplained shortness of breath: It’s normal to loose your breath during exercise or at practice. However, if you are experiencing shortness of breath during normal activity or your breath loss is severe during or after exercise, you should have it checked by a physician.

Extreme Fatigue: Of course you’ll get tired when you have to do three hornpipes in a row, but if you are more sluggish than everyone else or you feel like you don’t have any energy, check it out.

Unusually Rapid Heart Rate or Chest Pains: If your heart is racing or it feels like it is going to jump out of your chest, your body is telling you something may be wrong. Make sure you listen.

We listen to the beat in Irish dance. We should listen to our heartbeat too.

Does anyone else get this really visceral reaction to seeing people being loving and affectionate with each other, that’s like being trapped behind a pane of glass and sadness?

It’s like, the moment you see a social interaction you want to be part of, your body reminds you that you’re not supposed to be part of. It’s shame, it’s a sick feeling at the back of your throat, it’s a pang of envy and jealousy in your heart that you try to smother, it’s yearning cold in the pit of your stomach, and it’s like someone putting a vise on your spine to hold you in place and say, No, you can’t join.

Even when it’s people you know love you or people who’d be happy to include you too, you just see that happen and it’s an instinctive, autonomic response that shuts you down instead of opening you up to them.

Anyone else get that too?