beat ny


Lau dancing to a  beat boxer in NY Workshop last night.

the argument that danny and luke had back on that house is clearly a mf wake up call to y'all used to super powered assholes wiling to sacrifice a shit load of people in the name of the greater good, especially if it’s marginalized people. to y'all who think danny rand are on top of the list of the heroes that sees the bigger picture and wouldnt do shit that get people hurt bc it serves his final purpose, he aint. luke does what he does because he has his people to protect, that’s his motivation and reason to keep going, and while i agree that fighting the hand is very important shit, you cant step on people along the way and justify it was collateral damage (do u think i forgot he was boutta wreck that kid before luke got involved). sometimes its the life of one black kid against the global power of destruction of a more powerful organization, but it ain’t mean its more valuable. his ass may be stayed on k'un lun for most of his life dealing with wicked bullshit and honestly i dont blame him for wanting to honor the people who raised him and became his family. but low profile kids with orders from people they dont even know by name ain’t the enemy, and if danny could get his head out of his ass and looked up where tf he was, maybe he could’ve seen it differently. but he would’ve done that beat up on NY and in any other city if it got him answers. black and brown youth are the biggest victims in this scheme, in schemes that uses theses kids as bulletproof vests as if their lives meant nothing because poverty and desperateness are such good tools to persuade. so hell yeah, i know privilege when i see one.



✖️The Pick Up✖️


“Let me know now if you still want me to pick you up.” I held my iPhone in face as I struggle to open my apartment door. “I mean only if you’re gonna be up.” Cameron voice could be heard in my ear from my headphones.

“Like I said Cam I’ll be up.” I already told him yesterday that’ll I’ll be a metro pick him up from JFK instead of him taking a cab all the way to Brooklyn.

“That attitude needs to stop” he says like he’s my daddy. “Yes daddy.” I dunked in the camera making him grin at me. I loved FaceTime with my bae but damn I wish he was hear.

“So you land at three right?” I needed to make sure do that way I won’t be late. I left my shoes by the front door and placed my bag down right next to it. My feet led me to the kitchen as Cameron informed that I needed to be there by four in the morning.

We stayed on FaceTime till my battery was a ten percent, I gave him a kiss and told him I’ll see him soon. Once I hung up I charged my phone and got started on cleaning.

I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had the time to clean my one bedroom loft. I wanted it to be nice and polish for his one week visit. Long distances relationship are hard, he’s all the way in LA while I’m in NY.

Once a month he would come down and visit for a week and the week would be full of love, sex, food and more sex.


I left the house as early as I can to beat the NY traffic, I didn’t want Cameron wasting money on an expensive ass cab ride when he could just have me pick him up.

On the way to the airport Cameron have me a call letting me he just got off the plane which made me press harder on the gas pedal. I made it to the airport in less time than I imagined.

“I just parked, I’m coming in now” I spoke into the phone as I got out my car and locked it. I love the feeling of excitement each time I went to pick Cameron up from the airport. It was like meeting him for the first time all over again.

“I see you baby!” He says making me stop in my track. I looked all over for him but I couldn’t find him, how could he see me? “Turn around Y/N.” His voice can be heard behind me. I turned around with a smile and smiled even harder when I saw his face.

“Fuck I miss you” he groaned in my ear as we hugged each other tightly. “Kiss me” I pulled away grabbed a hold of his face. I kissed him lovingly not wanted to let go. I missed his plump lips, they are so kissable and mine.

“You ready to go home?” I asked him as I held onto his hand, he leans down and pecks my head. “Let’s go home Y/N.”

You know, I find it curious that Grunkle Stan, the shadiest character in Gravity Falls, has never made a deal with Bill. Every other Pines in the show did, but this guy

The morally gray, legally dubious, swindling, two timing master of the deal-n-steal has not once been tempted in his thirty-year mission to go to the devil dorito. And I think that really says something about Stan’s character.



I don’t understand. How did you get here?
The only thing that matters is I’m here with you now.