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jeff atkins as your boyfriend

  • i haven’t even begun and i’m sobbing
  • jeff is one of the very few decent jocks at the school and one of the most sweetest boys ever
  • despite him telling Clay so much about how to get Hannah and how to be a smooth talker he literally face planted when he tried to ask you out the first time
  • he got so flustered & embarrassed he just pretended he asked you to meet him outside to help him with maths homework (that’s when he properly asks you out in the library w/ flowers awww)
  • you two went to the cinema for your first date where Clay and Hannah gave you free popcorn & drinks, while laughing at Jeff cause he finally grew the balls to ask you out
  • “At least I can ask the girl i want out, can’t say the same for Clay.”
  • cue awkward silence between clay n hannah while the two of you quickly skadaddle away to watch the movie
  • it went rlly well Jeff even pulled the cliche yawning and wrapping his arm around you thing
  • he drove you home and you gave him a lil peck on the cheek before you went inside, he was still blushing when he went to sleep that night aww
  • he tells you such cute things in Spanish but won’t tell you what they mean unless u speak Spanish then he’s stumped
  • you don’t take his letterman jacket he gives it to you when you went to one of his baseball matches since you were cold and bc you are obviously his no.1 fan??
  • he loves wrapping you up in his jumper and how it smells like you once you give it back if you give it back lol 
  • he got so giddy when you kissed him for the first time when he brought you out to get ice cream for your 3rd date & he finally asked you to be his girlfriend
  • when he went home that night he told his mom & dad everything and doesn’t shut up about you for the next 3904820 years
  • he always leave cute lil notes in your locker like “head up hermosa!” or “you look stunning my cariñoa”
  • Jeff is basically a koala bear, you’re trying to study in the library? you’re in his lap and he’s nuzzling you. You’re talking to a friend? He’s wrapped you up from behind. You’re both at home chilling? He’s nappin’ on ya booty
  • he’s usually covering you in kisses & makin u red but once you kiss that lil sweet spot on his jaw you can bet your ass he’s as red as a lobster
  • his kisses are either quick and simple or loooonnnnggg and sensual ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • he forever teases you about the time you two were in the middle of heated makeout session on his couch and his parents suddenly came home an hour earlier than expected 
  • they were just happy Jeff finally found someone good for him :) 
  • and you and his mom end up bonding & Jeff knows he’s found his soulmate  
  • you had gone to Jessica’s party with Jeff  & you two were the wingpeople for clay and hannah the whole night
  • Until he went on the dreaded beer run :’(
  • except it wasn’t a dreaded beer run because you convinced him to stay at the party with you and let some other jock do it, because you two had to find out what happened between clay & hannah
  • so sadly a different student died that night nd Jeff beat himself about it for a long time because he wasn’t the one in the car but you were there for him every single time
  • there’s those tender moments when Jeff will feel really vulnerable and stare at you with such intensity and love & you will kiss away all his worries
  • on more than one occasion Bryce would make a fleeting comment about you and you had to literally sit on Jeff so he wouldn’t throw fists at him
  • Clay becomes the third wheel at Jeff’s study sessions but Clay is just happy ya boi has found the one for him
  • Jeff always takes you out an spontaneous road trips, you sitting in the passenger seat, legs on his lap and the windows rolled down, blasting your shared playlist
  • once you two get more comfortable in your relationship there’s been more than one mishap when your guardian(s) gave out to you about those hickeys on your neck :))
  • his lockscreen is of you wearing his letterman jacket while looking out at the sunset (artsy amirite)
  • yours is of him caught offguard with ice cream on his nose, aw
  • he always remembers the little, insignificant things about you as well as your anniversary dates!!
  • he doesn’t get jealous easily but when he does he’ll turn into a grumpy child and won’t talk until you pepper his face with kisses and have a movie marathon w/ him, only then is he a happy camper 
  • in all jeffery atkins issa perfect boyfriend who deserves the entire world :)))

really, really love the sudden overwhelming feeling that I’m faking all of this and definitely neurotypical ™ just because I can’t fully empathize with one or two symptoms from a disorder I don’t even have


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danse and nick for the ask thing

U all already Kno my opinion but…
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?:no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno

Nd someone beat u to Nick already, sorry!!

a little rant

while i  love roy, if he uses the stone to get his eyesight back, i dont want him anywhere near the fuhrers seat. that stone is not his, to put it lightly, it is not maroch’s to give away and it should not be treated so lightly, and that is one thing that always bothered me. NEITHER OF THEM HAVE ANY RIGHT TO IT. i am 100% for having roy blind, bc blind does not equal useless, and it does not equal inadequate. if need be however, think of different ways he could get his eyesight back and jean could walk again. alkehstry and such. additionally a blind roy means

  • him learning every new hitch and octave of his teams voices, being able to know just by the sound and patterns of their speech whats going on and whats wrong
  • him trying to learn brail, and complaining about still having to do paperwork (though for some time he gets a writers aide)
  • him having to get lep for shaving and things of the like for the first lil bit
  • him cracking jokes about all the time
  • him no longer having to see riza’s back
  • him learning every new little indent left from the scar
  • a blind fuhrer
  • roy
  • being blind
  • nd still beating the shit out of people
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Roll Tide!

ok im abt 2 get Gross but if mark has a rough day, jinyoung definitely brings him dinner in bed nd sings loudly to cover the sound of mark’s fast beating, anxious heart nd after, when mark is sleeping on his chest after wearing himself out w worry, jinyoung brushes mark’s hair as if he’s brushing out all the bad and negative thoughts, all the frustration and self-disappointment, brushed out and replaced w love nd care nd support u can’t fight me on this