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azure: what is something that you do that makes you happy?

pretty much anything w music like listening to good songs, writing lyrics, singing, making beats, dissecting the story nd meaning of albums, researching artists i love, really all of it just music in general

i should be doing replies ,, but im highkey still rly sick nd i just cant get myself to focus i keep writing one sentence nd then getting distracted for 12 hrs dkjhkdjhd , im a mess . nd im sry , but i promise the replies r coming this weekend .. prolly sunday seeing i hav work all day tmrw nd rly big hw assignments due saturday dkjdhkdj . i lov u all , hmu in the im’s for plots !!

ok im abt 2 get Gross but if mark has a rough day, jinyoung definitely brings him dinner in bed nd sings loudly to cover the sound of mark’s fast beating, anxious heart nd after, when mark is sleeping on his chest after wearing himself out w worry, jinyoung brushes mark’s hair as if he’s brushing out all the bad and negative thoughts, all the frustration and self-disappointment, brushed out and replaced w love nd care nd support u can’t fight me on this

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