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I wanna hear you talk about your crush ❤️

My crush is this girl I have known for two years. We met through tumblr and we found out we lived in the same state, in the same area! So we met in real life at a public library and I immediately spotted her and from the moment she said Hi to me, I swear my heart skipped a beat when it happened.

At first I didn’t realize I iked her for a long while because she was the first girl I have ever liked and I didn’t  realize I was Demisexual until her. She is the sweetest girl, she is so understanding and accepting about everything. She is shy in her own way, and she blushes so easily.

She has the cutest laugh that makes her chubby cheeks bunch up and flush when she does, she has such a pretty smile and I love it when she smiles at me because she gets so shy! When she hides her face in her hands because she is embarrassed is so cute too! Ah, I’m so helpless because of her.

I really do like everything about her.

And she’s my girlfriend, we have been dating since November and she makes me extremely happy with everything she does and is.


Some few merpeople can move their ears- and Yuuri is one of them!

His ears’ movements are small and mostly involuntary. When he stretches his body, for example, his ears twitch a couple of times.

When he’s excited or really happy, however, his ears flap quite a lot! Viktor finds it adorable <3

6 dnp moments that keep me awake at night

psa: i’m not including some iconic moments from the dog vlog or pinof 9 that are still fresh in our minds. i’m rather focusing on forgotten or underappreciated moments i rarely or never see on my dash. i present to you six moments that i can never get out of my head, in no particular order. let’s roll.

(click here for my previous list of moments. you won’t regret it)

1. cat sticker

so in the london ditl back in 2013, they’re browsing on their laptops, gbbo is on tv, and phil is covering his macbook with stickers. after he’s done he points out that dan’s laptop is clean and tries to stick a kitten on it but dan is protesting and covering the clean surface with his hand.

phil just laughs and sticks the cat on dan’s arm instead. no protest from dan. no reaction. they cut to the next scene.

later in the video we can see dan with this sticker the whole time: walking around the city, visiting chris, sitting in a cafe. which is where chris finally points it out and dan turns so giggly i swear i can barely function. 

all of a sudden he’s so smiley. because he likes it. you know that feeling you get when someone you like fixes your hair for you? when someone playfully adjusts your clothes and you don’t change it back because you want to keep it that way or you’ll somehow shake their affection off? even if it messes your whole look, even if it’s a stupid glittery sticker on your arm?? you know??????

2. announcement moose

the first appearance of an announcement moose was accompanied by this epic moment of dan roasting phil. annoyed dan blows into the moose’s butthole to announce that he hates phil and it’s followed by the most “done” expression i’ve ever seen on phil’s face. the moment ends in laughs. “omg i’m hilarious” laugh from dan and the “that wasn’t funny at all but you’re precious” laugh by phil. 

3. struggling with roller skates

so much to talk about here! brace yourselves, lads. 

first, not many people are around and no one’s watching them except anthony, but dnp are so comfortable around him that they do this very coupley thing, dan trying to help phil with his roller skate like a caring husband

second, anthony has been filming them all day, he’s been crossing the boundaries with those instagram stories that dnp can’t edit out or control or approve which makes me think that he knows the rules, he’s allowed to witness and capture these intimate moments. 

third, they are obviously smitten by being filmed, especially dan, his laugh is genuine but still a little bit embarrassed. how silly, he probably thinks. but all three of them are light-headed, they’re having fun, and they don’t really care that much. wow, truly a blessed moment to be allowed to observe.

4. you living flop/aw spacial awareness

i’m combining these moments into one because they’re so similar to me. dan’s soft natural voice? check. phil adorably failing to do a task and giggling? check. behind the scene moments not meant to be in the video? also check.

in the pancake flipping one, we can hear dan’s breath, his inaudible laughter, so close. the whole vibe is calm, almost sleepy, a short shared moment between two people who’ve filmed so many scenes together. phil could easily film this by himself. the camera is on a tripod, he can flip the pancake, wait a second and then look whether it worked. but dan is in the next room, why not call him to assist? why not ask him to just sit there and make sure that everything is in frame?? (i have a lot of feelings about dnp helping each other film can you tell?)

here’s another case of dnp’s calm filming routine. in this one, they are filming for dan’s channel and this scene requires more work from phil than from dan himself. dan’s completely neutral voice when phil hits his hand gets me every time. “aw dear. aw spacial awareness. ugh, you buffoon”. he knows phil will be fine. this is a completely different reaction to his “nope nope” when phil risks to seriously hurts himself doing a crab walk in pinof 9.

5. sitting really close in truth bombs

i get it, the table isn’t long enough. i know, sharing each other’s personal space is nothing new to them (and us). but the sight of dnp being that close in a shot, with dan not just pressed against phil’s shoulder, but sitting just a tiny bit behind him makes my little weak heart skip the beat. their hips are obviously touching under the table. their knees must be bumping against each other. they are safe with their friends. they are excited about the game. and they don’t even need to look at each other more than three times throughout the whole video because they’re already so close.

also, i want to individually acknowledge the way dan pushes phil’s chair a bit to the left to fit between him and hazel.

6. you’re gonna have sex

how?? what??? why????? 

i don’t remember dnp ever talking about sex in relation to themselves. (pls enlighten me if you know of such occurrences). they are constantly making sex jokes, discussing kinks (oh that blissful time when phil brought up microphilia). the closest thing to dan mentioning that he orgasms from time to time was the infamous “i’m gonna go and masturbate then cry into a slice of pizza” line. that’s why this moment just blows my mind. 

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