beat juice

hands coated in red dye, beet juice, blood, american stripes. hands coated in dead stars, dead dreams, dead man woman child. hands coated in guilt, abrasion, evasion, invasion. hands coated in western thought, in infertile soil, in lost opportunity, in lost time, in lost people. hands coated in abuse, in harassment, in violence, in dismemberment. hands coated in cancer, in bias, in misjudgement, in displacement, in disadvantage, in discrimination, in incrimination, in intimidation, in miseducation, in reconciliation. hands coated in names, in placards, in protest, in awareness, in movement, in revolt, in union, in images of fists in the air. hands coated in disruption, in corruption, in correction, in insurrection. hands coated in justice, in too often a lack thereof, in ignorance, in shame, in black, in white.

hands coated in red die. beat juice. blood.
stars and stripes.

—  nav k, “administrative leave”


Sky Ferreira is probably the best pop star on the planet right now and if you disagree then I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. Her bruised but defiant debut album, 2014′s Night Time, My Time, had no right being as magnificent as it was, not least because she was working against a record label who seemingly didn’t want to release her music. But she got it out there, toured the shit out of it (including a stint aboard Miley’s ludicrous Bangerz circus) and has quietly set about creating its follow-up. While that album, Masochism – influenced by Fever Ray and produced in part by Kanye collaborator Mike Dean – is still being recorded, the much-trailed single Guardian is proof enough of its impending majesty. Free of the shackles that weighed down the last album, I had a chat with Sky on the phone about the new album, not dying on stage and how she may have created actual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As you’re about to learn, she’s a surprisingly chatty Cathy once she gets going.

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Ride along?

This is my first ride along for Telecom. With where I’m working. Training, learning.

Hopefully I do well, learn well. Do the hard work, etc.

Downside for today, basement still drying, doing good but drying a ton.

Also downside. Sick.. Cold cough, missed out on a LGBT hangout coffee meet last night as I didn’t want to share the joy… Of colds.

Wife thinks it’s a man cold… Doing my best not to portray this… As I know that doesn’t exist.

Tough to beat, been having apple juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, vitamin waters, vitamin C morning pill, and just being proactive to rebuild my immune system.

Crossing fingers it do well today, and survive well without toasting myself.

Had to cancel going to my volunteering tonight, as my cold shouldn’t be spread throughout the facility with one slip of a cough.


Things I Correspond The Zodiac Signs With

♈ ️Aries
burning fire, a sunrise, first kiss, a dormant volcano, fireworks, blown glass sculptures, freshly squeezed orange juice, beating hearts

♉️ Taurus
gardening, baggy jeans, painted nails, dewdrops on grass, art museums, soft blankets, changing seasons, singing in the shower

♊️ Gemini
turning pages of a book, song lyrics, worn out earbuds, cloudy days, blowing bubbles, fresh watermelon slices, singing birds, late night movies

♋️ Cancer
moonlight walks, old photographs, hand holding, aquariums, tarot cards, crashing waves along the seashore, warm green tea, nostalgia

♌ ️Leo
sun bathing, theatre performances, friendly smiles, sunflowers, rosy cheeks, clay sculpting, low lit salt lamps, pressed flowers

♍ ️Virgo
bitten nails, paper cranes, list making, acrylic paints, succulent gardens, dictionary pages, the smell of mint leaves, polaroid pictures

♎ ️Libra
calligraphy, red lipstick, cotton candy sky’s, cherry blossom trees, charm bracelets, cascading waterfalls, bubble baths, hand written letters

♏ ️Scorpio
mystery novels, broken glass, black cats, piercings, shadows on a sidewalk, frosted windows, watercolour paintings, candle light

♐ ️Sagittarius
plane tickets, jokes, train rides, laughter, shooting stars, soft guitar strumming, dusty bookshelves, rainbow after rainfall

♑ ️Capricorn
dreams coming true, smile wrinkles, stain glass windows, steaming cup of coffee, bookmarks, cobblestone roads, vine covered buildings, tree roots

♒ ️Aquarius
mismatched socks, lightning storms, dragonflies, sleepless nights, worn out art smocks, fortune cookies, journaling, stargazing

♓️ Pisces
four leaf clovers, seashells, fairy tails, the wind before a storm, poetry, dream journaling, starry eyes, plush pillows