Music through the ages 

Just a friendly reminder about how monumental and legendary Michael Jackson's Thriller was
  • Billie Jean: The short film was created in one flawless shot and became the first black film on MTV.
  • Beat It: The studio recording was done in one tape, which includes a minor blooper right before Eddie Van Halen's solo. The tape was so perfect otherwise, he kept it.
  • Thriller: The greatest short film known to man. Over 15 minutes of truly ahead of his time effects. Thriller changed film and choreography forever.
  • Thriller Album: Created 30+ years ago and still remains the best selling album known to man with over 140 million copies sold. 7/9 songs on the album became #1 hits.
  • Hollywood Star: With the help of Thriller's monumental success, Michael became one of the first youngest people to receive a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
  • Grammy Awards: February 1984 Michael set a new world record of eight Grammy Awards gained in one night. 30 years later, the record is still unmatched or beaten.
  • Moonwalk: Showcased on Motown 25, the moonwalk easily became the most popular and inspirational dance move ever created. Michael actually learned it from street kids from the ghetto; he just added minor improvements