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I know people may not give a shit but...

What you are about to read is true information about hidradenitis suppurativa. The people who have this disease should not be ashamed of their bodies. Do not let this define you. One day we will beat this. I invite anyone with HS or any skin disease for that matter to feel free to message me and tell me your story. If allowed I will post on your behalf. My goal is to educate people. I myself have hid for too long. No more.

Not a lot is known about HS. Most people who have the disease do not know because they are embarrassed by their body.

YES this disease can cause CANCER. Though rare.

Yet there are not enough cases to fund medical research.

YES this disease is EXTREMELY PAINFUL.

NO (and I can’t stress this enough) this is NOT contagious.

NO poor hygiene does NOT cause HS.

One in three people with HS have a blood relative that has/had the disease. (I myself am one of three. And so is my mother. And my grandmother.)

No FDA-approved treatment for HS. The treatments listed below are classified as “off label.” The term “off label” means that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the medicine to treat the disease. There are currently no FDA-approved treatments for HS.

Medicines used to treat HS: If you have HS, your dermatologist may include one or more of the following in your treatment plan:

Antibiotics: This is often part of the treatment plan. These drugs can fight infection, prevent HS from worsening, and stop new breakouts.
Acne washes and medicines: Acne treatments that you can buy without a prescription may be helpful. Using only these products will not clear HS.
Bleach bath: If you have a skin infection, your dermatologist may recommend taking a 5- or 10-minute bleach bath. To make a bleach bath, you add ½ cup of non-scented, household bleach to running water. Be sure to fill the tub half way.
Biologics (severe HS only): These medicines work on the immune system. Some biologics require self-injections; others require an infusion at a hospital or clinic. Some patients see long-term clearing of their HS. Due to possible serious side effects, you should discuss the risks and benefits with your dermatologist.
Corticosteroid injection into a breakout: Your dermatologist may inject this into a painful cyst to reduce pain and swelling.

Corticosteroid pills: This medicine reduces inflammation, which can help clear HS and prevent new breakouts.
Diabetes drug: Metformin has been approved to treat adult-onset diabetes. It may also help people who have HS and a condition called metabolic syndrome.  

Hormone therapy: Some women who have HS get relief by taking birth-control pills, a medicine called spironolactone, or another medicine that regulates hormones. These medicines can decrease pain and the amount of fluid draining from the breakouts.
Methotrexate (severe HS only): This medicine is used to treat cancer and certain other medical conditions, such as severe psoriasis. It works on the immune system and may help control HS in some patients.
Oral retinoid: A few patients with HS are helped.
Radiation therapy: This treatment exposes the body to radiation, so it is used less often today than in the past. Some patients have seen their HS clear. Be sure to talk with your dermatologist about the short- and long-term risks to your body.
Wound dressings: If the HS causes tunnels beneath your skin, you will need to treat these as you would wounds.

Surgical treatment for HS: When HS grows deep into the skin, medicine alone may not be effective. Your dermatologist may recommend a surgical procedure. The following can be performed in a dermatologist’s office or clinic:

Laser surgery: This treatment is showing promise. Some patients clear after several treatments. Lasers are proving effective at clearing new and deep HS breakouts. This treatment may be helpful because it destroys the hair follicles.
Deroofing: This surgery may be an option for patients who have painful HS that repeatedly returns. The surgeon turns deep, painful HS into scars.Drain or incise: During the surgery, the dermatologist drains 1 or 2 lesions or cuts them out. This can bring short-term relief, but the HS can return.
Excision: This involves surgically cutting out the HS and some normal-looking skin. Because the wound is deep, the area needs to be covered with a skin graft (skin removed from another part of your body) or skin flap (skin from nearby is pulled over to cover the wound). HS does not return to the treated area, but it can develop nearby.

One day we will beat this.
One day we will find a cure.
One day we will be free.

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(uncle and nephew discussing war tactics then? And nephew giving uncle a run for his money with shogi?)

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BOTW: Beat Generation: The Art of Wondering

They say that creating a good exhibit requires as much research, scholarship and skilled writing as authoring a book. Nowhere is that more apparent than in book-sized exhibit catalogs such as this one. In Beat Generation: The Art of Wondering, curator John Natsoulas, using a combination of beautifully photographed art and his own illuminating commentary, relates stories about a revolutionary artistic movement. In the course of doing so, he not only educates readers about the art and artists active in the Beat movement, but he invites them to consider the nature and purpose of art and the role that art-friendly spaces play in our society. If you have a love of art or the Bay Area, this is a book for you.


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.16.16

theme: romantic + whimsical wedding finds
mystical mountain landscape | custom letterpress wedding suite by colorquarry

colorquarry, you make my heart beat faster. this wedding invitation and map set are complete custom illustrations-turned-letterpress prints. i dig the celestial whimsy and nighttime forest theme of this bronze-and-navy work of art. check out all that detail!!


First night at the Haus and so far – Chase was still trying to get used to the environment around him. Not that he would complain about the three guys than ran past him on the hallway towards the elevator naked, but that wasn’t something he’d seen every day. At least the music at the bar was decent. A modern beat, inviting the shyest clients to the dance floor so that they could release all of their tensions and worries with a drink and a gorgeous guy on their arm. Sipping his beer, Chase remained quiet at his seat. His feet moving slowly to the beat, lips parting open to take a small sip from his cold drink. He had no problem with being alone. Crowds used to confuse him. Scare him when they were loud. Just like an animal. Any sudden movements could trigger something he did not want. There was no issue with him being alone – until he felt a gentle tap against his shoulder, lifting his lake blue eyes towards the man who had just approached him. The seat’s empty if that’s what you are wondering. You can take it.


Beat: We personally have three in fact. One we have our own and one we share. For me one of my Senpais are craftykraken. I personally think he’s awesome!!!

Fus: I think missromancedy Is extremely Amazing! I love her job and I love how she handles things. Plus I heard she’s going to have a Heart and Hooves Party… Hopefully I get invited.

Beat + Fus: And Lastly isle-of-forgotten-dreams is both of ours because She’s freaking amazing!! Now we know she will never notice us, But It’s great to see she’s still around. It’ll be awesome for us to hang out with her some day.

Mod: You three are 3 of Many but you are three I really would love to talk to or hang out with here in the pony world. I will understand if you don’t want to, but I am glad you three are still around. 

( Thanks for the question silver-shades-art )