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- 2 am whole-house conversations in the common room because everyone stays up late for one reason or another

- days where the entire tower is completely silent save for the turning of pages, scratching of quills, and rustling of paper and books and soft footfalls

- really intense debates about tiny details in stories

- aggressive note-passing in class, in the common room, at the lunch table, about casual conversation or full on discussions because most prefer written conversations to speaking directly to one another

- whole-house sleepovers which include shitty drinking games pertaining to the story one sober ravenclaw is reading aloud

- passive aggressive competitions in class between overly academic ravenclaws to see who can answer the most questions correct

- alternatively, lazy just already really smart ravenclaws having passive aggressive competitions about who can get away with goofing off the longest (bonus points if its in potions or transfigurations)

- getting detentions because whispered debates get out of hand, or because they’re not paying attention in class cause that book is too damn good

- bewitching shit on halloween in increasingly creative ways to scare fellow housemates. eventually the prefects put an end to this because someone enchanted the books and no one can get shit done

- ravenclaws in cuddle piles, loafing around on sundays because everything was done on friday and saturday

- ravenclaws who are excessively touchy because everyone is always so engrossed in what they’re doing that nobody cares if they’re being used as pillows or armrests or whatnot

- ravenclaws organizing historical reenactment flash mobs because they’re bored

- dramatic duets and whole-house sing-a-longs to musicals and wizard bands

- the occasional burst of loud swearing or exclamation because people finALLY understand what the hell they’re looking at

- really creative insults/swears

- well why dont you shove a fucking CORN STALK up my ASSHOLE, helen, cause ill be damned if i dont need motivation to finish this fucking shit essay about a dick who took too many in the 1700s

- legit not caring or attending about half the classes because you dont have time for them when youre pursuing your own interests

- so many students becoming animagi just to fuck with people

-ravenclaws doing their own tattoos for shits and giggles, and easily removing them because damn if they havent found a way

- the entire house just not leaving the common room occasionally because some students have a mini project going on, some are overwhelmed by stress, some just dont care to go anywhere, some are practicing practical spells, some are fucking, and everyone decided to conveniently organize this all on one day to fuck with the rest of the school

- ravenclaw couples being some of the healthiest in hogwarts because they devote a lot of time in the beginning of a relationship to understanding boundaries and talking about acceptable affection and how to approach kinks and what to/not to do in private and in public, and having calm debates instead of arguing/fighting

- more hotheaded ravenclaws getting into legit fistfights in the middle of the common room because someone insulted a book character/study method and someone else yelled TALK SHIT GET HIT

- drunk ravenclaws playing a spin the bottle type game where they send the chosen person out of the common room and time how long it takes for them to answer the riddle, then afterwards get them more hammered and do it over again until most everyone passes out

- one person starting to hum or sing quietly in the middle of a study day until one by one everyone joins in with either a voice, instrument, or beat

- slytherins being invited for parties and vice versa because ravenclaw and slytherin are really alike

- ravenclaws being influenced by slytherin personalities and becoming more interested in revenge and getting SERIOUSLY creative with it

- ravenclaws being second to slytherins in detentions with filch because they tend to make messes with experiments/get creative with insults/revenge

- ravenclaws resenting the booky nerd hardworking stereotype because some of them are lazy assholes who are particularly good in certain fields but dont give a fuck about anything else, some of them dislike reading but are serious overachievers, etc

Better Than Words

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(In which certain words are hard to say.)

“People say I love you all the time – when they say, ‘take an umbrella, it’s raining,’ or ‘hurry back,’ or even ‘watch out, you’ll break your neck.’ There are hundreds of ways of wording it – you just have to listen for it, my dear.” – John Patrick, The Curious Savage

word count: 4,124

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Blue Sharpie - (chapter 2)

In which Craig’s music is too loud and Tyler is a slut for fruity coolers.

It was two weeks before Craig saw Tyler again.

June had faded into July, bringing with it a sweltering summer heat wave. Customers had begun to frequent the Starbucks so much that Craig had been asked to pick up an extra few Saturday shifts for the month, dealing with new sweet summery drinks, hot late night coffees, and even hotter girls.

Craig had soon come to hate the summertime.

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Poetry Sentence Starters

Taken from The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Vol. 1, 3rd Ed.

  • “Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”
  • “Was there another Troy for her to burn?”
  • “A terrible beauty is born.”
  • “Things fall apart.”
  • “The best lack all conviction.”
  • “Are innocence and beauty born?”
  • “That is no country for old men.”
  • “How can we know the dancer from the dance?”
  • “A single image is not splendor.”
  • “Good fences make good neighbors.”
  • “Essence of winter sleep is on the night.”
  • “Some say the world will end in fire.”
  • “Whose woods these are I think I know.”
  • “And miles to go before I sleep.”
  • “For once, then, something.”
  • “I am too absent spirited to count.”
  • “What but design of darkness to appall?”
  • “For the listener, who listens in the snow, and, nothing himself, beholds nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.”
  • “Let be be finale of seem.”
  • “The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.”
  • “It has to be living, to learn the speech of the place.”
  • “The pure products of America go crazy.”
  • “So much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens.”
  • “You are caught in the drift.”
  • “I, too, dislike it.”
  • “Let us go then, you and I, when the evening is spread out against the sky like a patient etherised upon a table.”
  • “In the room the women come and go talking of Michelangelo.”
  • “Do I dare disturb the universe?”
  • “I do not think that they will sing to me.”
  • “April is the cruellest month.”
  • “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”
  • “I could not speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither living nor dead, and I knew nothing.”
  • “Those are pearls that were his eyes. Look!”
  • “Fear death by water.”
  • “You! hypocrite lecteur!–mon semblable,– mon frère!”
  • “I think we are in a rats’ alley.”
  • “Hurry up please its time.”
  • “Well now that’s done: and I’m glad it’s over.”
  • “What should I resent?”
  • “What have we given?”
  • “Revive for a moment a broken Coriolanus.”
  • “Your heart would have responded gaily, when invited, beating obedient to controlling hands.”
  • “Shall I at least set my lands in order?”
  • “I’ve known rivers.”
  • “My soul has grown deep like the rivers.”
  • “Ain’t you heard the boogie-woogie ruble of a dream deferred?”
  • “You think it’s a happy beat?”
  • “I wonder if it’s that simple?”
  • “What happens to a dream deferred?”
  • “Or does it explode?”
just pokemon colosseum things
  • the game’s pokemon starting you off at level 25 and handing you an espeon and umbreon to start with
  • without the e-reader and ho-oh, there are only 51 pokemon that are available in the game and 16 are at the final level or post game
  • six of these pokemon (misdreavus, quagsire, flaafy, slugma, skiploom, noctowl) being easily misable if you don’t battle the trainers in pyrite square at the very beginning of the game (and these are some of the best pokemon in the game)
  • the only time your character has been a fully grown adult
  • cipher having balanced teams of pokemon instead of just zubats and poison types
  • the game’s names (skrub, beluh, secc, divel)
  • a whole bunch of people just deciding to live underground (the under)
  • the infinite pokeball exploit (the game used a double battle system, the trick was to use your first pokemon to catch, switch the ball’s bag placement during the second pokemon′s turn and continue. the pokeball number won’t go down.) and said exploit applying to the master ball
  • miror b and his four ludicolo team
  • the double wailord battle
  • all the game’s pokeballs being sold in one place
  • the penultimate boss’s battle theme (nascour) being complete utter silence
  • a catchable level 40 entei near the middle of the game during a major trainer battle
  • after defeating the second major cipher admin, venus, she brags to wes that he cannot reach the cipher pokemon lab, since she has the only key to the subway used to get there. she runs off shortly afterward. in the next room, you can pick up an item dropped on the floor, the subway key
  • some guy from cipher disguising themselves as you and fucking things up after you beat the game
  • the invitation from rui’s grandfather to get the masterball

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Yuri & Yuri - To all those people who called Yurio a bully! Can we talk about the fact that Yurio....

danced to Yuuri Katsuki. Not to Victor Nikiforov, not to Otabek Altin. BUT TO THE YUURI KATSUKI…..

Yurio is shocked at Yuuri’s possible retirement.

Victor seeks comfort from Yurio.

No matter where Yuuri is, he always, always goes to cheer Yurio on!

The entire performance is a personal skate to Yuuri like Yuuri skates to Victor. It is his appeal to Yuuri to stay. To continue on skating with him.

No matter what you think of your rival, you never go out of your way to meet just so you can ask them to quit. The only thing that was missing from Yuuri’s performances were his jumps!

You could say in a way, Yurio noticed even before Victor did. He wanted to compete against Yuuri, he wasn’t looking down on Yuuri. He wanted him to shine on the ice, which is the same goal as Victor who arrives later on as his coach.

He wanted Yuuri to be fired up. Instead he finds him crying. That pisses Yurio off and that’s why he says what he says. Yurio wanted Yuuri to fight.

Hence the words… Just retire already. Maybe Yurio thought that it would inspire Yuuri. Instead Yuuri disappeared only to appear later on skate Victor’s Free Skate. 

His words are the exact opposite of what he said last year. 

Athletes have strong minds and bodies. It’s adrenaline. Once you get used to winning medals, it’s like a drug. You just have to keep winning, keep improving till no longer can. 

Victor might be the inspiration behind the Quad Flip…But the person behind the Quad Salchow is Yurio. And Yuuri acknowledges it here.

Let’s not forget that Yurio has been with Yuuri every step of his journey the past 9 months. 

Yurio gave Yuuri Katsudon to eat when he was feeling down. Here again he remembers the Katsudon promise. If you didn’t love that person would you remember what they want?

He also says indirectly I won’t let you go, I won’t let you leave. If you have to leave you have to beat me. You have to stay and beat me. It’s an invitation, it’s a challenge, it’s a silent plea. Stay, Yuuri!

Yuuri is torn. He understands finally he can’t go. Not like this! He needs to keep skating. He had just reached his potential, to quit now is a waste. That’s why Victor was very angry. Victor and Yurio, both made Yuuri stay.

If this is the acknowledgement he wanted from Yurio, once he gets it can he leave? Yuuri has received the message loud and clear.

The same Yurio who asked Yuuri to retire last year is asking him to stay. It’s a full circle.

A really proud Otabek. The way he watched Yurio is just amazing. Melt your knees amazing. 

The stress of Yuuri possible retirement, Victor’s return and his own fall in the beginning breaks him. He might have done just enough to win gold. And he did by .12 points reason enough for Yuuri to stay.

Otabek might be the first friend . With exception of parents, grandpa… Yuuri, Victor, Mila, Yuko and all are extended family to Yurio. That is Yurio’s Agape. Victor might have choreographed it! Like Victor said, It’s a feeling and that is what Yurio found through Yuuri!


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.16.16

theme: romantic + whimsical wedding finds
mystical mountain landscape | custom letterpress wedding suite by colorquarry

colorquarry, you make my heart beat faster. this wedding invitation and map set are complete custom illustrations-turned-letterpress prints. i dig the celestial whimsy and nighttime forest theme of this bronze-and-navy work of art. check out all that detail!!

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Maybe some headcannons on who in the Shepards can sing? Or headcannons on other talents besides fighting? :)

Chrom is very adept at sharpening blades and tools, no matter what kind or what he’s to do it with. He can make a knife so sharp that it’ll cut a string laid on the edge, as well as turn a stick broken off a roadside tree into a deadly weapon. Why he doesn’t do that for all the frigging logs he gives to his soldiers is beyond anyone.

Lissa is a decidedly stubborn and competitive person. How is this a talent, you ask? Well, these traits mean that she has ended up with more experience, not to mention the skill that comes with, in a plethora of games. She destroys at marbles, shows no mercy at Four Square, and is a jack of almost every card game you have ever heard of.

Frederick is exceedingly resourceful. No matter what the problem, he can almost always make do with the tools in the immediate vicinity.

Sully has a way with metalworking. Hell, if she hadn’t have become a knight, she very well could’ve become a blacksmith!

Virion has an eye for colour. He can detect the smallest, most minute change in tones and can put together indescribably lovely palettes for any mood.

Stahl is very good with horses. They just seem to have this innate trust in him, even if it’s their first time meeting him.

Vaike is the master of cheap pranks. Sure, they aren’t elaborate. Yeah, they don’t take planning. No, they aren’t clever mind games that make you actually believe it. However, you do not know true fear until you wake up and find that your floor is covered in a coat of paint. And it’s still wet. And it’s on every. Square. Inch.

Miriel has a mind for puzzles. Now, this may seem obvious, but I mean all kinds of puzzles. She can fix up a jigsaw puzzle the size of a table in under five minutes, fill out a crossword puzzle in less, and figure out any magician’s trick after seeing it just once. The one kind of puzzle she is awful at, however, is anything with riddles, especially ones with heavy symbolism and wordplay.

Sumia, as we all know, does fortune telling. However, flower fortunes isn’t all! She’s very good at reading hands. Also, if you don’t believe in that kind of thing, she has a talent for figuring out exactly what you need, whether it be a mug of hot chocolate, a warm hug, or just some alone time.

Over time, Kellam developed a high level of skill in weaving. Now, all the Shepherds are left wondering where all these baskets are coming from…

Donnel is an unexpectedly fast runner. This was discovered when some of the other Shepherds decided to have a race and, not wanting him to feel left out but also thinking that he would even come close to beating them, invited him to join. They almost needed a healer to tend to the scrapes on their jaws when they dropped as Donnel was off like a shot.

Lon’qu is very acrobatic, though he rarely uses it outside of battle. It’s a shame, too; it’s not a sight to be missed.

Ricken has a mind like a steel trap. It might take a few tries, but once he has anything down, he can recite whatever it is, from spells to speeches, from memory.

Although she grew up in a wealthy family, Maribelle is the army’s number one budgeter. She knows how to balance books like nobody else and she will always be able to find a cheaper alternative.

Panne is very good at making impromptu shelters, both above ground and under.

Not only is Gaius a talented pickpocket, he can also ‘stickpocket,’ as he calls it. When he’s bored, he’ll see how many strange objects he can slide into someone’s pocket without them noticing. This has lead to much confusion and stifled giggles at the end of the day, especially this one time that he snuck an entire jar’s worth of pickles into Frederick’s pockets.

Cordelia is a great teacher. Not only does she have at least basic knowledge on many topics, she’s also patient, persevering, and, most of all, willing to learn from her student as well.

Gregor is very good with his hands. One of his favourite uses of this ability is wood carving. In fact, one will often find him whittling a log into his latest statue.

Nowi is the best at making those little knotted friendship bracelets. Whenever she makes a new friend in whichever town they’re staying by, she’ll whip up a little bracelet as quickly as possible.

Libra is a surprisingly good chef, especially when it comes to baking. His soufflés are positively heavenly ha ha get it heavenly, and his food always has this homey feel to it that makes you feel safe.

Tharja can detect almost instantly if an ingredient for her hexes is a fake, and trust me, it does not end well for whoever tried to pull the wool over her eyes.

Anna is extremely persuasive. She can get into your head and make you believe pretty much anything she tells you. She once fooled a seasoned gold dealer into buying three bags of fool’s gold when she convinced him that no, it was actually the very rarest type of gold, and she was selling it to him for the low, low price of ten large Bullions!

Olivia is ridiculously flexible. Like, she can put both legs behind her head without even trying. She is too powerful and must be stopped.

Cherche is one of those people who can not only turn a single leaf into a plant  of its own, but can also make said plant bloom in a matter of weeks, no matter the season. It’s honestly a wonder how green her thumbs are.

Henry is a very interesting storyteller, especially to children. He’s dynamic and expressive, and he knows exactly how to breathe life into the words.

Say’ri can pick up on the patterns of foreign languages incredibly quickly by just listening to it in use. Once she has the vocabulary, which takes her a bit longer, she’s speaking it almost as well as the natives!

Tiki has some of the best advice you can get. I mean, she has been around for quite some time!

Basilio knows his way around meat like no one else. He knows all the best ways to cook every cut of meat, and he can identify which are the prime cuts just by looking at them.

Flavia has the best sense of direction you have ever seen. She can find north, south, east and west, regardless of day or night, and she can map out streets as she walks on them.

Which Pretty Cure should you fight?

Nagisa: This girl is a team captain for Lacrosse. Do you know what Lacrosse is? Lacrosse is one of four sports where you hit other people with sticks. Don’t fight Nagisa.
Honoka: Why the hell would you want to fight a girl who’s taken an interest in science? Do you secretly hate happiness?
Hikari: She’s twelve, you asshole. If you fight Hikari, Nagisa and Honoka will destroy you.
Saki: Well, I mean you could fight her. But you’d make her little sister cry. Don’t make Minoru cry.
Mai: She’s off in her own little world, sketching everything around her. You could fight her, but there’s no satisfaction to be gained from it.
Michiru and Kaoru: You fight one, you get the other. No chance of a fair fight for you.
Nozomi: She can barely walk and talk at the same time without tripping over nothing. Where’s the challenge?
Rin: Sure. She’ll kick your ass, but you can fight her.
Urara: Hell no. Do not fight Urara. She does not deserve that kind of treatment.
Karen: She has plans within plans. You won’t win.
Komachi: You may think that you can take this bookworm. You think wrong.
Milky Rose: You stand a non-zero chance of winning. Non-zero here meaning 0.0001%.
Love: You could. And you might even win. You stand a better chance if her friends aren’t around, obviously.
Miki: Your style better be perfect. Otherwise, she’ll paste you and look good doing it.
Inori: Yes. You can fight her. But you’ll make her feel bad about herself if you win.
Setsuna: Fighting Setsuna is inviting pain sevenfold. Don’t fight Setsuna.
Tsubomi: Bet you think you’re real tough, fighting Tsubomi. Asshole.
Erika: Fighting Erika is like trying to contain the sea in a colander. You’re going to lose.
Itsuki: Karate Black-belt. Heir to a Karate family legacy. Only fight Itsuki if you’re trying to earn your next belt at her school.
Yuri: Is your name Satan? Yuri’s life is suffering. Don’;t fight Yuri..
Dark Precure: Don’t fight her. Redeem her.
Kaoruko: Why the hell would you fight someone’s grandma? Besides, she’s a world record holding martial artist. Don’t even think of it.
Hibiki: Fighting Hibiki is a bad idea. You’re talking about a girl who works out enough to burn off all the cake she eats at Lucky Spoon.
Kanade: You could, but if you do, Hibiki will run you up the flagpole by your underwear.
Ako: She’s ten! Don’t be a dick!
Ellen: You could fight her. You’re more likely to get your ass kicked. But if you do beat her, you’ll make Hummy sad. What kind of monster would make Hummy sad?
Miyuki: You could fight her. You could win. But then you’d extinguish that ultra happy smile, and doing that invites a beating from other precures.
Akane: Does one fight the sun and win? Don’t fight Akane.
Yayoi: Why the hell would you fight Yayoi? You’d check your swing the moment she starts to cry. I promise you.
Nao: She plays soccer and can keep pace with six younger siblings. You don’t stand a chance.
Reika: She will beat you without breaking a sweat and go back to fixing tea.
Ayumi: Just because she’s called Cure Echo, doesn’t mean she’s a breeze. You will lose.
Mana: Fight Mana. Fight her now. Be prepared for Rikka and Alice to get involved, however.
Rikka: Wouldn’t you rather hear her stories about the curious treasures she has from around the world?
Alice: She once beat up three boys who were all bigger than her, single-handedly. And she has a butler who is 50% muscle and 50% mustache. Don’t fight Alice.
Makoto: Do you want her legions of fans to kick your ass? Then by all means.
Aguri and Ai: This is a beating waiting to happen. You’re not going to make it.
Megumi: Yes, you could fight Megumi. but then Seiji will kick you in the face.
Hime: Are you a sadist? Don’t fight Hime.
Yuko: Why would you fight with Yuko? You’ll never get the honey candy that way.
Iona: See Itsuki.
Maria: Not a safe bet. Don’t fight Maria.
Mirage: Don’t even try.
Haruka: She takes everything as a challenge. If you challenge her to a fight, it had better be good.
Minami: Fighting the Princess of Noble Academy is like fighting the Queen of Amanogawa. There’s no chance of you winning.
Kirara: You want to fight a girl who dreams of being a model? Have you seen how dangerous models are? You’d be better off playing lacrosse with Nagisa. Less chance of injury there.

snapshots; ed/winry, elric family

Summary: Three snapshots, taking place after the births of each of their kids.

Word Count: 3,302

Notes: ok so this is my belated birthday present for my bb cazz who is entirely to blame for my fma obsession. it kind of gave me a toothache to write this, it’s so fluffy ughhh. i haven’t decided yet how many kids i think ed and winry would have, so for this i decided three was a good number. hope you like this my dear~ 


Ed didn’t know quite what to make of his newborn son.

Winry had decided she would be most comfortable giving birth at home, and they’d called in a local doctor to help deliver when the time came. Al and Mei had both traveled from Xing a few days prior, after Ed wrote them to say that her due date was close. Even Colonel Bastard and Hawkeye were there, on temporary leave from their new stations in Ishval. Only Ed was allowed to stay in the room while Winry endured ten long hours of labor, letting her squeeze his hand as hard as she wanted while she fought through every contraction. There were several times that he wondered if he would ever get the feeling back in that hand.

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Please write about Lee Channie. He's you best friend and you guys are at the park playing, eating, having fun and then he confess and that makes you so happy. Please. Please.

OKAY SO I don’t know if this is a thing but it seems to make sense like I’ve been in random public places that sell hot chocolate in the winter before so we’re just gonna say parks do that too okay okay

There was never so much as a second spent with Chan that was boring, you mused.

Even just his name popping up on your phone was enough to bring a smile to your face. He was just one of those people that had that sort of effect on everyone; the second he walked into the room, everything just seemed a little bit brighter. Then again, though, perhaps that was just you. It would be a lie of epic proportions to say that your feelings for Chan were strictly platonic. You couldn’t help it; you had been harboring what you were certain was definitely more than a crush on the dancer for about as long as you could remember by that point. You’d never acted on it, however, never quite sure of how he would react. Besides, your relationship was ambiguous enough as it was already (or at least it seemed so to you), so you figured that there was no harm in just leaving things as they were. You were perfectly content with they way that things were going.

Still, such a resolution didn’t stop your heart from skipping a beat whenever he invited you out.

You had started off for the park just about the instant you received the text requesting that you join him, and a smile bloomed on your face as soon as you laid eyes on him, sitting on a bench and waiting eagerly for your arrival. Of course, once he caught sight of you, he jumped up from his seat to greet you with a hug in typical Chan fashion, an excited expression taking up residence on his face.

“______!” He exclaimed, squeezing tightly onto you. “Took you long enough!”

“Sorry, sorry!” You laughed, opting to leave out the fact that you had practically run out the door as soon as you saw his message. “So, why did you call me out here?”

You were certain that your eyes were playing tricks on you when you thought you saw the slightest tinge of pink appearing on his cheeks. He stuttered slightly as he spoke, saying, “No reason, really. I was just bored.”

“What, so I’m just here to cure your boredom?” You teased, mocking offense.

He was back to himself just as quickly as he had started acting strangely, smiling and laughing as he pretended to agree with what you had said, leaving you to nudge him with your shoulder, laughing just as much as him.

“Oh, I forgot!” He exclaimed, straightening up suddenly and leaving you to jump back, surprised by his sudden outburst. Then he was crouching down, fishing through the backpack that he had left slumped against the bench until he finally managed to pull out his wallet, holding it up in the air triumphantly. “Are you thirsty? The hot chocolate they sell over there is really good!”

It was all that you could do to laugh at his sudden excitement, but you nodded along regardless of how ridiculous his actions seemed. You’d never miss out on a chance for something free.

He stood, returning your smile as he slung his bag over his shoulder, the hand that wasn’t clutching tightly to his wallet snatching your hand as he began to tug you in the direction of the little stand just down the path.

“Why the sudden enthusiasm for buying something for me?” You asked, trying as hard as you could not to focus on the fact that he was still holding your hand and his skin was so soft against yours. Not to mention that you could feel his pulse steadily thrumming against your hand, and you were sure that he could feel your own erratically beating heart even if he chose not to say anything about it.

He just shrugged, a faint smile tugging up on the corners of his lips. “It’s the gentlemanly thing to do, isn’t it? To pay for you?”

You scoffed, praying that he hadn’t felt the beat that your heart missed at his words. “You? A gentleman?

“What’s so weird about it?” He asked, and you wondered if you had taken your jokes a step too far at the defensive tone that his voice took up. “I’m just as much of a gentleman as any of the other guys.”

“Fine, fine,” you gave in, putting your hands up in surrender. “I get it, you’re a gentleman.”

That seemed to be enough to satisfy him, the small smile coming back up onto his mouth.

When you reached the little stand set up in the middle of the park, you had to pull your hands apart, much to your displeasure. You could feel the absence of his hand as soon as he pulled away from you, your own hand feeling cold as you tucked it into the pocket of your coat.

“Two hot chocolates, please,” Chan asked, and you couldn’t help but to think of how cute he looked, pulling the money out of his wallet. You felt your face grow hot at the thought that doing things like this for you almost made him seem like your boyfriend.

You didn’t get to think about it for too long, however, as he was soon handing the cup to you, the heat pleasant against your cold hands as soon as you took it. You allowed him to lead you back to the bench, his silence certainly not going unnoticed.

“Are you alright?” You asked carefully as you sat down, concerned that he was upset by your earlier comment. “Listen, I really didn’t mean-”

“It’s fine,” he cut you off with a smile that was obviously forced, another odd behavior for him. “I’m just… thinking.”

You could tell that there was something very off, no matter what he said, but you opted to leave it alone for the time being, figuring that if he wanted to tell you what was wrong, he would. Instead, you just lifted the hot chocolate to your lips, taking a sip. You felt some left on your mouth, but just as you were about to take care of it and wipe it up, Chan was suddenly leaning over, gently dabbing a napkin against your lips for you.

You were absolutely frozen, mind going blank and not moving a muscle. Then, before you could really think about it, the words were falling from your lips.

“You seem like my boyfriend.”

He was taken aback by your words for a second, though no longer than that. Pulling the napkins away and looking towards the ground, he answered simply, “I want to be.”

It was one surprise after another, it seemed. Chan wanted to be your boyfriend? No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t wrap your head around it. “Y-you… you what?

He nodded, face turning pink as he now forced himself to look you in the eyes. “That’s why I wanted you to come here today. I-I wanted to tell you that I like you a lot… as more than just my best friend.”

He watched for your reaction for a few moments after he finished speaking, the grimace on his face showing that he was anticipating a rejection. As soon as his words sunk in, though, you broke into the biggest smile that he had ever seen on you. “I like you too, Chan. A lot.”

You didn’t think that you would ever forget the look of utter elation on his face as you said those words.

yaaaaaaaaaay the first request of the new batch is done!! I literally never get Dino requests tbh it’s pretty sad