beat hummus

cosleia  asked:

EXHIBITIONISM!!!! Ahem, I mean, would you write a little something wherein Hux and Ren get naughty in a public place?

(Modern AU for you!)

Ren always manages to forget that Hux has the lowest imaginable tolerance for alcohol. A few sips of wine and he’s transformed, smiles more, his eyes heavy-lidded and his voice smoky and low, as if he’s channeling the spirit of Elizabeth Taylor. He’s friskier, too. This restaurant is charming and old, but the table they’ve been seated at is quite small, and it’s easy for Hux to reach between Ren’s legs, slide his hand up Ren’s thigh so Ren has to work hard to not gasp there among all the other diners. Hux is just smiling like that cat that’s had the cream. 

“Would you like an appetizer to start with?” the waitress asks. 

“Yes. Pita and hummus, please,” Ren says. He wants to get a little food in Hux, and soon. “And some more water, too.”

“Hungry, Ren?” Hux asks. He swishes his wineglass with one hand and creeps under the table again, his fingers gathered on Ren’s knee and then pulling apart, like a jellyfish expanding its tentacles outward. In the low light of the restaurant, Hux’s green eyes look jeweled. 

“You’re such a lightweight.”

Hux’s voice drops as he smirks, leans in. “Have you ever come in public before, Ren?”

“Hux, enough.” He can’t believe it’s going like this. Usually Hux is the one who has to pry him off so he can get to work on time after a round or two of morning sex. But it’s a Friday night and Hux seems determined to enjoy his next few days of freedom. 

“I’ll take that as a no.”

“Hux, hush.”

Hux scoots his chair so it looks like they are just sitting close at the round little table together, examining the entree menu with intense concentration, but the heel of his hand is pressed into Ren’s groin. Little stars gather at the edge of Ren’s vision.

“What do you think of the reuben sandwich?” Hux asks innocently, angled perfectly so no one can see him pressing and kneading. The white wine on his breath is like an aphrodisiac. 


Hux leans in close, his voice soft and impossible to hear by anyone except Ren. “I hope you come right where you sit. I love the thought that I can do that to you, Ren. Even tipsy and silly, that I have that power over you. I love that.”

“I think I’ll get the Southwest burger,” Ren says, louder, cutting over Hux’s flirtation. He doesn’t want to let Hux know just yet how true that is. 

“Are you close?” Hux whispers.

He’s close.

“What are you going to get?” Ren asks, determined.

“You off,” Hux whispers.

That alone nearly sends Ren over the edge, and he’s just barely able to keep himself from making some kind of sound when the waitress returns with water. 

“Sorry to keep you waiting, gentlemen. Your appetizer will be coming soon.”

Hux’s gaze flicks to Ren’s poker face. “Of course.”

Ren wonders if the pita and hummus will beat him to it.