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Give Me...

… Supercorp Domesticity

… Lena sneaking vegetables onto Kara’s plate every time Kara flies off to rescue someone or stop some robbery

… Kara noticing every time she gets back and looking over at Lena who, in turn, just looks back all innocently and asks how Kara’s latest outing as Supergirl went

… Kara pointing out that her enhanced metabolism means she needs to consume a lot of calories and that a thousand calories of french fries is a lot easier to eat than a thousand calories of broccoli as she puts the ‘healthy’ food back on Lena’s plate

… Lena pointing out that she’s personally seen Kara fit no less than 5 potstickers into her mouth at one time so a few pieces of broccoli shouldn’t present a challenge to  either Kara or Supergirl as she puts the broccoli back onto Kara’s plate

… Kara trying to think of a counter counter argument only to sigh before eating the broccoli

… Kara complaining about Lena never cleaning hair out of the shower drain

… Lena asking how Kara knows its hers

… Kara pointing out that she’s blonde and this hair is not and, oh yeah, it takes a frick’n laser beam to get hair off her head unlike Lena. 

… Kara going into the shower the next morning to find Lena’s installed a laser based auto drain cleaner.

… Kara showing up to the DEO with a brown paper bag of  lunch/snacks Lena made for her complete little hearts and stars and the Kryptonian symbols for ‘good luck’ ‘love you’ and ‘be safe’ (all of which Kara taught her) drawn around Kara’s name on the front and a note inside warning Alex/Winn not to steal anything from the bag.

… Lena calling Kara to let her know she’ll be late getting home because of some work thing and Kara landing on her balcony 2 minutes later with a picnic basket and a bottle of wine

… And Lena thanking Kara for the gesture but she really doesn’t have time to-

… And Kara interrupts her with ‘Broccoli’ and Lena just sighs (and smiles) and joins Kara on the couch for dinner.

… Lena slowly taking over Kara’s half of the closet/clothes rack

… And Kara pointing this out.

… And Lena pointing out that if they’d moved into her apartment, they’d both had all the room either of them would need

… And Kara asking if Lena’s asking her to move in with her

… And Lena saying yes.

… And Kara saying yes.

… And then there’s a beat and then Lena starts taking things out of the closet/off the rack and when Kara asks what she’s doing, Lena replies ‘Packing’

… And Kara, after a beat, flies off to get some boxes and later that night she gets a text from Alex saying “What the hell happened to your apartment?” and Kara replies ‘Um, yeah, about that…

… And Kara’s cleaning up after the housewarming party the next night (the first Lena’s had in her apartment) and Lena tells her that cleaning up can wait. Besides, she has something more important for Kara to do

… And Kara asks “What?”

… And Lena replies “officially break in our bed”

… Supercorp domesticity 

*update: I gave it to myself 


[IG] 170410 winnercity: [TEAM WINNER anxious because of Kkang] Every time we have a music video filming, #NintendoCild- excuse us, #CharismaLeader sings everything live so TEAM WINNER monitoring the filming become anxious…We tell him, “Look. There’s so much more we have to film after this😩“ but he says, “I just end up singing like that unconsciously.” It’s not a secret that afterward, he goes to the hotel room and falls asleep like a child while hugging his Nintendo…🎮  #TEAMWINNER always have cough drops inside our pockets #”I don’t want any” #”You have to” #”No” #Do you want to get beat (joking) #He always flies in front of the camera #He fell asleep without showering that day #So fun to complain about him  

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I laugh long and loud at Bård and Vegard every day. They hold international standard in being witty and they’re the ones I laugh the most at right now. They have an amazing telepathic chemistry between them. Together with the unique musical talent, the looks and the terrible growing up they had as children, they make up a complete package no comedians in Norway can beat.


Supervillain, spy, country music icon: Tom Hiddleston’s comfort zone is massive

Tom Hiddleston talks Hank Williams, feeling like a kid again and Shakespeare

Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, plays Hank Williams in the new biopic “I Saw the Light.” He sat down with RedEye to talk music, the thing that makes him feel like a kid again and Cookie Monster. Yes, Cookie Monster. It will make sense when you listen, trust us.

Tom Hiddleston might be the perfect karaoke companion.

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Conflicting Conflictions (w/wolfisharmageddon)

Anubis is not happy, in fact being displeased is an understatement that would be remedied in the English language of an obnoxious human expression, such as the following: fucking pissed the fuck off to the fourth fucking dimension.

He does not take kindly to the Master Templar that has summoned him this time, the man, although annoying, was clever. Evidently he did his research, having called him with an old saying during the witching hour of a new moon. 

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”

This made the contract stronger than he’s felt previously, binding him with chains he cannot see and practically dragging him forward with the pull of it. The subsequent snarling and struggling had frightened the human, yet he ordered with the confidence of a slave driver.

“This is a direct command Anubis! You shall find a Master Assassin by the name of Arlette Gâteceu and you will eliminate her. I want her dead!”

He shrank a little when the Precursor snarled, “Summoned by a Templar rat! I shan’t obey for you have nothing to give, I despise your kind more than I do the Hashshashins!”

The Templar shuddered, squaring his shoulders, he lifted his chin. 

“I know you require something in return for this obedience yes? We have a common goal and I think I know what you want hmm? We both hate the Brotherhood. And it would be in your best interest to obey me.”

Anubis snapped his teeth, lunging and pinning the man to the ground.

“"Watch your tongue for your next words uttered may be your last, what reason do I have to listen to such a puny human? I find you unworthy and thus you shall be culled for wasting my time!”

The Precursor doesn’t like the growing smirk in the man’s face, he’s hiding something that will give him the upper hand, he knows the expression all too well having had previous experience with lesser intelligent ones than him.

“The Master Assassin I want you go after has been a thorn in my side, I do not have your reward for what I want you to do because she has it. I am sure you are familiar with the Apple of Eden? Assuming your 1st Civilization lineage is sound?”

Mentions of the Apple of Eden catches Anubis attention, instead he snaps at the man to keep talking. Apparently, this man also knew about Equal Exchange, an essence of equal value must be given for the action he is told to do to be enacted. The target had an Apple, if he followed through then in exchange he’d be allowed to keep it.

Anubis grumbled, stepping off and staring with barely contained rage. The Templar is sensible with his point of their common dislike for the Brotherhood, however any similar characteristics end there for he loathes the Templars. Forced to agree to this act he is given, the promise of a Piece of Eden is a chance he cannot let lie. 

Begrudgingly he agrees to do it.

“Done it shall be, for you drive a bargain I cannot ignore.”

The Egyptian is in the Templars face with final parting words before he departs to obey.

“Should I not get what I want, expect the Order to be decimated and burned to the ground. No survivors, fair game for your enemy.”

Oh how this man turns a lovely shade of palor, as if he were the white underbelly if a lizard. Without further word, he takes off, wings beating as he flies away from the Abstergo roof. 


(love is a rebellious bird by @100percentsassy and @gloriaandrews)

“The bird you thought you had caught by surprise
beats its wings and flies away…
Love lies afar, you wait and wait
and when you don’t expect it anymore, there it is!
All around you, swift, so swift
it comes and goes, and then comes back.
You think you’ve caught it, it eludes you;
you think you’re free, it captures you.

Strangers 36

Ultimate thank to betas, especially Marsh for listening to my late night/early morning screaming. It can be read from the beginning on FFN here, the current chapter can be read below or here.  

You Take Me By The Hand

September 7th

He has been haunted since the last adventure at the lake. He saw everything. Well, he can’t say he saw everything – but the combination of moonlight and tanlines gives him a pretty good idea of a lot. He knows she has fair skin, delicate skin that he wants to nibble on a little. But unbeknownst to Soul, she had been growing tanner all summer, increment by increment, shade by shade, except a few select locations. There’s a pale triangle, left behind; he wants to pick her up by it, get a really good grip. He could get a better hold of it then he does on himself right now.

He’s losing it.

Her back had been to him when she got out of the water, and her perfect back side. What even is self control? Does he know anymore? At least when they were at the lake he had already been in cold water. The second incident is less kind. Maka is in his shirt, a true fatality.

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