beat era

Interviewer: Who in the band is most likely to kiss a member of the same sex?

Ryan: I don’t know. I think Brendon may have…as a joke, you know-

Interviewer: Yeah, it’s always as a joke.

Ryan: I mean, you’re looking for something obviously-

Interviewer: See most bands can’t wait to talk about the rest of the um, the group.

Ryan: What I was just saying is- Brendon’s watching this on a monitor from his hotel room right now and if we say anything bad about him he beats us.

Interviewer: With a stick?

Ryan: Yes.

Bernice Bing

A San Francisco native, Chinese American, artist, lesbian, community activist—Bernice Bing, was a bridge between many worlds. She came of age during the Beat era and entered the San Francisco arts landscape in the 1960s with her paintings, which synthesize abstract modernist painting with Chinese calligraphy.

Spot head cannons cause i wanna

-please imagine spot trying to keep it together when jack betrayed everyone

-like, spot just going to punch him, but stopping, and then when he goes back to brooklyn and has some time to himself just gets super upset

-the only reason he didn’t soak jack there and then was race  (ofc im adding sprace in this, who do you think i am)

-but like spot being all tough and scary, but feeling weak inside sometimes

-spot seeing crutchie get cornered one day after he defended another newsie, spot starts to go over and soak em, but crutchie smacks em in the leg with his crutch, hard

-spot has massive respect for crutchie since that day, he was never wary of him, but he gained respect that day.

-spot loves touch, he loves the pressure of hugs. but is super jittery when people touch him cause he’s king, no one should touch the king of brooklyn

-however when race hugs him for the first time (after they had to leg it for some reason) he cries

-he full on sobs, cause no one hugs him, he cant have people hug him. but race is different

-he trusts race with his life

-his first kiss is with race, when they were both drunk

-spot avoids race for 3 weeks before race storms into brooklyn and demands spot to talk to him

-race ends up with a shiner, but then they make up cause spot misses race.



Beat the Champions: Fencing episode