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I was really excited to go to disneyland so I drew the bride and groom from the haunted mansion and it took the entire week oops

(seriously though someone teach me how to make a decent gif)

also: i know i haven’t gotten like any requests done, this + disneyland was p much the cause of it. I should be able to finish them soon, but in the meantime keep sending them in (like seriously I love any and all requests)

All Things Considered (a supercat story)

Summary: Having an article she’d written be ripped apart, innocent citizens getting injured during her fight with an attacking alien, and being single on top of that didn’t seem to Kara like it would add up to a successful Valentine’s Day.

Then again, she wound up on a balcony with Cat Grant in Paris, so… all things considered, it seemed like the good might outweigh the bad on this particular holiday.

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Intensity III

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Intensity II

Intensity III
Rated: Mature

You were about five seconds away from cursing out your boyfriend.

You groaned removing your headphones and glaring at him through the glass. “What now?” Despite dating for a while, the two of you hadn’t done a song together yet. You were both very open about your relationship when it came to SNS and it had been something that your fans had asked for. However, there was a very important reason the two of you never collaborated before.

Your styles were completely opposite.

It was a miracle that you both agreed on complementary content in your lyrics, but music choice was a whole other battle. Every time you two got over a wall there was another one waiting in the distance. Your current issue was on the other side of that glass. Joon Kyung literally couldn’t let you get four bars into your verse without stopping you and nitpicking at everything.

“Pronounce things differently”

“Try rapping like this”

“Are you sure you don’t want to change it to a trap beat?”

It wasn’t even constructive criticism as a producer, he was actually complaining about your rapping.

It shouldn’t have come of that much of a surprise given your history, but it was actually starting to hurt this time. After some more advice from Joon Kyung he restarted the beat. You groaned before slipping the headphones on and trying to get back into the groove of it.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think Vriska meant with the ghost being a loser thing? Is it because her dating Meenah maybe?

I think she’s annoyed probably because her ghost gave up on the army project and isn’t doing anything constructive to beat LE;;

Anon:But I thought John completely erased the “doomed timeline” with his “time shenanigans.” So why is Vriska mad about her alternate dead ghost self being a loser when she shouldn’t even exist….?

I think the old timeline just kept existing like all other doomed timelines, as in the ghosts from it lived on anyway ;v; John going back and preventing them from dying didn’t make the other versions stop existing (or at least /some/ versions since we haven’t seen the ghosts of all the others so far)


“I went to UC Santa Cruz and majored in film and American studies. Everybody smoked weed and lived in the trees and loved hummus. Being around that environment didn’t change me, I didn’t come back not wearing sock and shoes, but it was really different from growing up in a city. It made me more aware of things and kinda like, Oh okay, this is cool. That was a big part of my progression in music—I realized that music is universal and everyone can relate to it regardless of content, because it’s all truth if it comes from the heart.

Over time, I’ve realized more and more that it’s not about quantity. It’s just quality. I don’t want to be that dude making 100 beats a month. I want to make maybe 10 great ones that go to someone and become great songs.”


“I remember I was in a studio session with a lot of people and Drake came by. He was gonna go get a water, and he was like, “Yo anybody want water?” and got a tray. My friends were really surprised that this guy was just carrying in water. They expected him to act like somebody rich and famous would act. He’s really humble and does nice things for people all the time. He’s the same old guy.”

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews Maxwell’s new album, blackSUMMERS’night, his first since 2009: 

“Part of the gratification of a Maxwell album is hearing the melodies, beats, and grooves constructed with a studio band and musicians that include his long-time collaborator, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Hod David. Together, Maxwell and the music create an atmosphere of free-floating sensuality that is dreamy and roomy enough to accommodate a wide array of emotions.”

Photo: Eric Johnson

anonymous asked:

What exactly is/was the Beat Mesa, and what role did it play in Sburb and The Scratch?

The Beat Mesa is a construct that holds a massive amount of temporal energy that Skaia needs in order to enact the Scratch.

Basically, it’s like a fire hydrant that you crack open when there are too many irons in the fire. And the hose directs the water to make the fire go out so things can go smoothly next time.