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Submitted by @homecunnings: ok this is my favorite pic bc the big sweater it’s so cute I luv

“Wanna go to the park, girl?” Your voice rose to a louder pitch, speaking in a baby tone while looking down at the puppy in front of you. You picked up her leash after patting her head to calm her down and then hooked it onto her collar. “Alright, girl. Take it easy.” You laughed as she excitedly jumped on you, almost as if she were shoving you with her paws toward the door. You were in Atlanta visiting a friend, but while your friend called off work to spend time with you, there was an emergency that she needed to tend to for a few hours. You decided to spend some time with her new puppy, the newest edition to her one-person family. You had fed her, watched TV with her and even took a nap with her. Now, after your hour-long nap, you decided to head to the park.

After walking out the door, you immediately regretted it. You almost turned back around to head toward the air-conditioned apartment but Daisy, your friend’s puppy, was already basically walking you. Though she was tiny, she was very strong. You decided a few minutes walking around town wouldn’t hurt.

You had only been walking for about fifteen minutes when you had started to grow faint from the beating heat of an Atlanta summer. You stopped at a kiosk to buy some ice cream and sat at a nearby, vacant table outside of a coffee shop. You had gotten distracted half-way through eating, seeing a movie set in front of you. You noticed the camera’s and the various on-set professionals with walkie-talkies and scripts in their hands. Wonder what that’s for, you thought. You had gotten so lost in trying to figure out what was being shot, you hadn’t realized your ice cream melting, until you felt it sliding in between your fingers. You looked down, groaning as the sticky substance laced its way around your hand. You picked up your napkin and tried to dry your hands while simultaneously grabbing Daisy’s leash and trying to walk toward the trashcan.

“Fuck!” You screeched, your hand colliding with another body as you turned, sending the melted ice cream all over your white, loose shirt. “Oh, fuck me.”

“I’m so sorry!” Your eyebrows pulled in as your mouth shut, your need to tell whoever it was that bumped into you off was put to a halt when you heard their accent – foreign. You looked up, seeing a cute boy with brown hair. You smiled briefly, until you looked down at his sweatshirt: Midtown High. High? Like, high school? You mentally groaned but put on a faux smile.

“It’s fine, kid. Just – watch where you’re going next time, yeah?” The stranger’s expression immediately dropped from worrisome to confusion. Kid?

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I was so lucky to have Atlanta photographer Beate Sass take this portrait of me and two of my older paintings titled “Twin Planets” this week! She’s doing a series of photo portraits and interviews profiling interesting people from Decatur. So I guess I count as interesting now?

I don’t usually post my poetry, but I’m getting more serious about writing, so I might start posting more. I’d appreciate feedback from anyone​ who is moved to read it. The artist statement is a lil bit pretentious, but that’s how they got us writing out here in art school.

Slide- Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean and Migos

So I know I usually do these recommendation write ups for albums but this single is something special that I felt like I needed to put on your radar. This is the latest single from EDM producer Calvin Harris, however you wouldn’t know it from how it sounds. I’d almost call this a funk beat than anything else. It sounds more like something that would come from Anderson .Pakk, Bruno Mars, or any of the other artists that are on the forefront of the modern funk and soul revival. The head bobbing bass line and energetic synths could possibly carry this track on their own but what makes this song a hit are the features. Frank Ocean provides the hook and first verse, and Frank’s introspective sound fits so well over this beat. His more monotonous vocal style provides a strange contrast to the energetic beat but it works. Then comes what might be the strangest addition to this song, Offset and Quavo from the rap group Migos. While these two might be more used to rapping over Atlanta trap beats, they bring a smoothness to this song that makes all the other pieces fit together so perfectly. Harris’ beat, Frank’s singing, and Migos’ rapping are all good on their own in this song, but it’s when they all come together they make something really special. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this at #1 on the Billboard Top 40 soon. Check it out and see for yourself but this has the makings to be one of the best singles of the year and it’s not even March yet. 

It means growth to me. He definitely motivated me. I learned from the CD … I don’t think it was too much, but do what you do. Our jeans is tighter than JAY-Z’s jeans. We wear Off White, Hov rocking Tom Ford. It’s just two different things. At some point, you want to put some money down and invest. Get some credit. What he said, for real. Don’t never get it mixed up. You could get real reality rap. You might go look on Instagram and see Meek Mill got six foreigns. Meek Mill got the credit too. We ain’t put that part on Instagram. He just teaching people the game. You running around with $100,000 in your pocket, for what? You got the money to your ear, for what? I like it because it’s a good picture for me. I’m talking to Benjamins. I remember when Benjamins never answered my calls [laughs]. I could pick up and talk to him whenever I want to now.
—  Meek Mill, speaking with DJ Scream of The Beat Atlanta, on the lessons he learned from JAY-Z’s 4:44 project, and how the money phone line didn’t upset him.