The World Ends with You is the fucking greatest game ever and it’s so under appreciated and sure it’s from 2007 but it’s still a fucking fantastic game and everyone should play it especially if you like;

- Emo characters that admit they’re emo and don’t care
- Cool female characters who can be girly and pretty badass
- Skater boys with cute little sisters
- Hints of homosexuality in characters
- Modern Japanese culture
- Very cool and interesting plot lines
- A very unique fighting style
- Rad music
- Insulting people using mathematical terminology
- A cool manga-esque art style

It also addresses things like;

- The importance of friendship
- The importance of family
- Shopping is very important
- How to make the best out of a sticky situation
- Your views on people and the world can change
- “Trust your partner.”

I’m sure there’s a shit ton more to say but idk I can’t think of stuff right now but still find and play the game thanks

About Tyler’s tweets:

It is highly disappointing that Tyler has deleted his tweets and slightly worrying because we don’t know why. Maybe it will end up being Blurryface, maybe not.
However, the clique are all together in this. Everyone has lost something valuable in those words whether it be simple humour, or something deeper. People will get upset because there were extremely inspirational words in there which may have changed their lives over the years, just as lyrics do.
Don’t judge them for being upset.
Be there for them. The clique is fragile right now and we need nothing more than to stick together and build a foundation to stand on; for us and for the boys.
Stay loving.