Yesterday we printed a set of posters for artist and graphic designer Jon Granered. We love the results!

Right now we are super busy designing, printing and making different paper goods for the design market at Designfabriken on Saturday. We are bringing notebooks, posters, postcards, music and other stuff. We are also selling the posters above! So if you have a soft spot for Lord Byron quotes or just dig Jon Granered’s brilliant style come down and get a poster!


We had a great time at Designfabriken at Moriskan yesterday. We were a bit nervous in the beginning – this was our first time testing out our products. We weren’t sure if people would like it or buy anything. But they did! We also gained a lot knowledge and ideas on how continue our work. So thanks everyone who came by our table! 


Today we delivered a couple of boxes of a fanzine by Marie Dahlén. The fanzine consists of a dark comic and illustrations and are going to travel all the way to Rome! Marie who runs the brand Maerklig Design is going to attend Maker Faire – a three day market for makers all over the world! We wish Marie, Maerklig Design and the fanzines all the best! Watch out for the Pope!


We love science. It freaks us out everyday. It’s scary and cool at the same time. Our new poster is inspired by pi. We can learn a thing or two from pi. Like how to make calculations but there’s also a lesson applicable to life itself. So take a moment and appreciate that not everything has to end.