Car Show #5.
2 more awards for Lucy!
Most outstanding engineering, and Best Overall Muscle!

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There was Otto, so now it’s time for emperor Vra from “Eyes of the Swarm“ that belongs to very talented duo, @zlukaka & @luffik. And really, this is your fault for bringing Vra and dangerous beastriders to my attention! And thanks goodness you did, so I had something fun to do while net once again died XD    Hope you like it!

For those interested, you can read more about Eyes of the Swarm and its characters here: part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4!

This character is a part of Eyes of the Swarm, my and @luffik​​’s visual novel in development. Any feedback/comments will be loved & treasured!

This is Thing.

Some say he is the result of a beastrider taking a liking to his mount, others think it was the other way around, or that he’s something that crawled out of a different realm or a lab. What ever Thing is, he is not human. 

Despite his spiky appearance, Thing is a peaceful timid creature who just wants to be left alone. Sadly that makes him even more of a target in the beastriders’ eyes - freaky appearance would have been forgivable had he been a killing machine. Alas with his disproportionate limbs and lack of moxie, Thing is doomed to be a scapegoat.

Unless someone takes pity on the poor misshapen creature. But what would a charitable person be doing in the Swarm…

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