Well…it happened. Kittia and I are not together anymore. (Yes you read that right.)  Questions like “What happened?” and “Why are you guys not together anymore?” pop up. I’ll sum this part up: Pretty much there were personal issues plus distance. Usually we never had a problem with that but since these issues came in, we had to close this chapter of our lives.

I never cried my eyes out in my entire life. NEVER. It just hurt so bad hearing those words but aye shit happens man. I’ll never forget the first time we laid eyes on each other in January. We waited 5 years to finally see each other in person and it was literally the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. For one week, I get to experience having a girlfriend in person and geez it was magical. I missed every touch, every kiss and seeing her face in the morning when I wake up to each other. I was going to experience it again next week but…yeah she ain’t going to the Bay sorry folks.

Anyway, for 5 years we have known each other well and I can honestly say that she’s my first true love. If anyone would asked me, “Patrick, who would you marry in the future?” My answer would be: Kittia Dedtaryoon. If anyone asked me, “Would you marry Mila Kunis or Kittia?” I would take Kittia without a shadow of a doubt. I’m not saying this just because I truly mean it. With Mila yeah I can have money and what not (yeah and she’s hot whatever lol) but nothing can put a price on how much I love Kittia. She made me a better person and made me felt like I was the hottest thing in the world since sliced bread. I don’t think my feelings for her would ever go away. Maybe it will be preserved deep inside my heart and never to be released until we are ready to be together again one day(IF it ever happens). For now we must part ways but hey we are still cool. We homies baby lol.

I’ve never loved a girl that much that I had to give out my heart and soul. 4 months (About to be 5 on Monday if we are still counting) and it was one hell of a ride. Kittia and I went from hell to back sometimes but it was worth it. WELL WORTH IT. It was worth every argument and every tear we shed. I truly think we are soul mates but fate said “Nah uh yall need a break. A long one.” (Well it’s something like that). Fate brought us together again but now he/she/it says “not now but maybe later.” Kittia can say all she wants about me finding another girl out there but man it’s so hard to let go. She’s my one true love and I’m so happy that we shared our lives together as a couple. I hope some day our paths cross romantically and start a wonderful life together. It would be great. Doing taxes together, changing dirty ass dipers, mortgages and all that grown up shit. If it doesn’t happen, it didn’t happen. It’s how life is.

Honestly I’m so selfish when it comes to her because I want her all to myself. Reality is, there are gonna be times when she’s dating other guys and I just gotta deal with it and support her if she ever needs me. Kittia will be fine and eventually I will be too. I can ramble on about her forever and a day in this post but damn dude Kittia made my life so much better and she still can. All I got to say is thanks Baby for showing me what true love is. I hope when you read this it will touch your heart forever. You’re wonderful, you’re beautiful, you’re unique and most importantly you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve never been so blessed to have an angel like you by my side.

I love you Kittia Dedtaryoon. Always and forever.

3/30/07 & 1/11/12<3