beastmen of chaos


Frostgrave Gnolls! I had a week and a half off over Christmas, so wanted to get them all blitzed before I went back to work. As I’ve the day off again, I can take this with natural light! They’re all from the box, with the exception of the leader, which is from the Barbarian Box, and looks far more like a Pokeball than I planned

They’re impractically equipped for Frostgrave - 9 Sword&Board+1 dual knives, 5 double-weapons and 5 ranged. But that also makes them an nice skirmish-set for Wargaming (idk what - if I get 5 more bowgnolls I can use them as Gors, Ungor Skirmishers and Bestigors, respectively and use them as Beastman auxiliaries for my Chaos force in AoS (…along with my entire Beastman army). At some point I’ll probably buy a second box.