You know we don’t talk about moles enough. We all know about moles in theory, but I think since the majority of our interaction with them is through stylized drawings like:

we just sort of accept the fact that these things are real, but sometimes I see one and I’m just blown away that these things are actual, irl, existing animals like

hands? hands what are hands

visible joints?? is that really necessary

who needs a face? ears? eyes?? are those important?

do we even need mammalian features? features at all? why not just be a tube of silk with a nose on the end. who even cares.

what are moles because i don’t understand why we just accept these


BY ALLISON MEIER / 22 NOV 2013 People love to fill in mysterious areas of nature with myths of monsters. Early maps had voids of knowledge marked with warnings that “Here be Dragons,” sasquatches are believed to be prowling the thick forests, and legends tell of strange creatures that might be concealed beneath the surface of our lakes. Here we present our map of American lake monsters (view it large here), showing the spread of cryptids that might be lurking in the depths of the waters of the United States. Click here to view the whole map of the Lake Monsters of America, and perhaps discover what sea serpents and others nautical beasts might be lurking near you. If you would like even more monsters both mythical and real, check out our places around the world related to cryptozoology and fascinating faunaBe sure to read the whole article at Atlas Obscura