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In light of the holidays eating up a lot of my month, and realizing it was likely a similar situation for others, I decided to extend the deadline 1 more week for submissions to Tim’rous Beastie. Now they’ll be due by midnight of January 7th, 2017. 

For submission details click here: SUBMISSIONS

Please read all questions and instructions before submitting and/or asking questions. Thank you!

- Amanda


River Song Appreciation Week 
 »  Day 7: Free Day – Alex Kingston as River Song 
         “[River is] a fantastic character, and it’s a wonderfully strong sort of role, and I’m pleased to play her, and I’m pleased to have a character where she’s complex. She’s good, she’s naughty, she’s been sometimes very bad, she’s got a great heart, and she’s also got a lot of fun in her. Who wouldn’t love to play a character like that?“  – Alex Kingston  //  “I never expected that River would be sort of a character who would provide strength to people in their sort of darkest moments.” – AK  //  Probably Alex Kingston [is the reason I keep bringing River back]. I think she brings such joy, such emotion, such a big heart to it that it’s irresistible to come back to it.” Steven Moffat


Official Trailer: Beauty and the Beast

I know this has been an emotional week, but this is so beautiful that I teared up while watching it, so I wanted to share it here! I’m so excited for this movie!

Hello folks, this tumblr has been dead for a bit, and here’s the reason why: for the past 6-7ish months, I’ve been learning how to fly these beasties… next week I’ll have my final check-ride and on April 5th I’ll find out what airframe I’ll be flying for the Army, for the next 6 years of my life.  I’ve had 0 time to sit down and really crank out any art, so I apologize - I hope to have some time to doodle and paint during the next part of my training.  

Got all the memories, now just need one more shrine to get the master sword, then I’m off to fight the last three beasties and two dragons.

It’s been over a week and I’m just now returning to the main quest lmfao. I’ve had way too much fun running feral exploring the map.

I’m going to do a proper write up on my feelings on this game later I think, because there are a few things about it that I wish were different. But they’re mostly minor gripes in the grand scheme of things. The game itself is beautiful and I haven’t yet gotten bored even though I haven’t so much as thought about the main story up til yesterday.


Congratulations for small stuff!

Yahoo! We just got the official copyright registration on the Periodic Table of Parasites and the Periodic Table of Viruses. On top of that we did the ISBN registration, so that they are “real” documents. If you want either one before they go out for sale and distribution let me know.

This was one huge pile of work!  People ask “Why did you do it?” and I usually say 1 of 3 things back. “Clearly the periodic table of elements needed to be rewritten” or “Biologists need something cool to hang on the wall” or “I’m insane.”

With around 240 wee beasties, if we post 2 a week that will keep things busy for more than 2 years. Of course I haven’t finished the Periodic Table of Microbes book yet, but it’s almost there.  I mean the Table is done, but the companion book isn’t. Oh, and I need to do the companion books to the Table of Viruses and the Table of Parasites. Yes, I think it’s insanity. But think of the challenge: “What can you say about small life forms in around 300 words that will be memorable and cool?”

The Tarantula Hawk Wasp and Kyzyl Agach virus are my current favorites. But Mad Itch, Titi Monkey, and Strawberry Crinkle are  pretty awesome too.

The ISBN for the Table of Viruses is 978-0-9961456-7-1.

The ISBN for the Table of Parasites is 978-0-9961456-8-8.

And now for something completely different!

TITLE OF THE WEEK: Tim’rous Beastie, the next Iron Circus Comics anthology project!

That’s right, folks. Get t’brainstorming, because we start taking submissions December 1st. Check the official tumblr for more information!

Conceived of and edited by ICC alum @littlefroggies​, Tim’rous Beastie is a collection for those of us who grew up on Redwall, Watership Down and other sagas of tiny critters on thrilling adventures in a big and dangerous world. But this time, Iron Circus is in charge. So expect the strange and amazing.

Fascinated? Curious? Wanna submit something? The Tim’rous Beastie tumblr has all details! But if you still have questions after reading? Direct any inquiries directly to that tumblr’s Ask box, where we’ll be sure to see them; it’ll help us build the FAQ.

And expect the invitee list soon!

Thanks for reading, everybody! Amanda and I are excited to see what you come up with!