beastie drawings

commission for @guttedandrising of Jak and Daxter taking some impromptu shelter from the rain and making light of a miserable situation; Daxter knows just the intimidating orange menace the guards are on the lookout for! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

That time of the year ey Sansy?

sugarskeith  asked:

HI hey my love I uhhhh have never played bloodborne but can you draw like the biggest baddest monster as a widdle baby I just....I need it I love you and your art an hPE YOURE HAVUN gREAT DAY

u see jenn amazing ideas like this are the reason why u are my fave…… i gotta draw my monster boyfriend ludwig for this one okay

lil horsey bby ;w;

So my sister GalaxyGhosty and I went to see a Beauty and the Beast play at the local high school and if you thought for one second I was able to watch it like a normal person without paralleling the scenes with my favorite youtubers than you are dead wrong.

We talked about it over dinner and I’m p sure this is totes gonna be a septiplier thing now lol. Mark is Belle. Just a quick sorta ref sheet I guess, flat colors and all that. That yellow hurts the eyes tho, geez disney tone it down a little.

Blog update

Mod Beasty just finished the Blog icon and I want to scream from how amazing looks, its the most amazing picture ever!!!

Okay but I not only love the style and colours, but I love how insane Harry looks, while poor ben looks scared/shocked, while little Carlos just looks so confused as to what is going on!!

-Mod Pup

-Mod Beasty