beasted it!


Newt: I’m going to say something and I don’t want you to take it the wrong way - but you are being a huge dork. 

(Parks and Recreation; season 1, episode 3: The Reporter) 


First pictures from absolutely amazing convention called Pyrkon! As you can see, we had a great time with @sassyred-classyblack (Credence and Graves), @fennethianell (Queenie) and her friends (Newt and Tina). Although there were fights and some misunderstandings, we managed to unite against evil and captured Grindelwald.
Oh, and the niffler escaped again. 

PS: Nie macie pojęcia, jak bardzo cieszymy się, że poznaliśmy tak cudowne osoby. Czarny humor jednak łączy ludzi. 


[Beast Boy and Starfire are looking through Beast Boy and Raven’s wedding album]

Beast Boy: She was… wow.

Starfire: Beautiful.

Beast Boy: I remember during the service she was crying so hard, she couldn’t even say the words “I do”. Have you ever seen anybody cry so much?

Starfire: That was you, Gar. And no, I have not.


This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will take, to be seen as we truly are.

  • Belle: What are you reading?
  • Adam: How much do you care about your looks?
  • Maurice: What makes you feel creative?
  • Gaston: What matters most to you?
  • LeFou: What does being in love feel like to you?
  • Agathe: How do you wish you could change the world?
  • Cadenza: What's your favorite song?
  • Garderobe: What words do you live by?
  • Mrs. Potts: How do you show affection?
  • Chip: What do you like to do for fun?
  • Lumiere: Are you an extrovert, an introvert, or something else entirely?
  • Plumette: How do you deal with adversity?
  • Cogsworth: Does time matter to you?
  • Chapeau: Do you like chatting?
  • Stanley: Share a picture you're really proud of.
  • Philippe: Post a story about your pet
  • Pere Robert: What do you want to be when you "grow up"?
  • Enchanted Rose: Are you scared of anything?
  • Library: What would your ideal home be like?
  • Something There: Describe your perfect day.
  • Be Our Guest: What are your friends like?
  • Musicbox: Share a well-loved memory.
  • Magic Book: Where do you want to travel to?
  • Yellow Dress: When was the last time you felt confident?
  • Ballroom: What could happen right now that would make you happy?

Beast Boy: If we were both drowning, who would you save?

Raven: I don’t know, both of you.

Beast Boy: No. If you could only save one of us?

Raven: Well, I would probably save Timmy because he can’t swim and I happen to know you’re an excellent swimmer.

Beast Boy: Suppose I was holding an anchor? … Who would you save then?

Raven: Well, why don’t you let go of the anchor?

Beast Boy: It’s a family heirloom.

Raven: I’m leaving. [walks out]


The Prince and Me!Belle x Adam AU

        Crown Prince Adam of Villeneuve, a small country in Western Europe, is known more as a playboy than a competent ruler. He convinces his parents to send him to an American College, to, in his words, experience more of the world. His real goal is to “experience” as many American girls as possible before coming home. So, paired with his butler Lumiere, he travels to attend College as just “Adam,” with out anyone knowing he is a prince. While there he meets Belle, a dedicated Engineering student who spends all of her time on her work. Belle and Adam are made lab partners in their shared Chemistry class and immediately find themselves arguing. When Adam’s parents cut him off after he wastes most of his money, he’s forced to get a job bussing tables at the same restaurant as Belle, and the two learn to tolerate each other. While he may not be the best chemistry student, he does know Shakespeare, which comes in handy for Belles required English course. As the two grow closer, they spend Holidays together, help each other study, and Belle teaches Adam how to do average things like laundry. Things seem to be looking up for the pair, until the two are caught making out in the library by paparazzi and Belle learns Adam’s true identity. She’s stuck with a choice. Follow him to Villeneuve and become his wife for the rest of her life, or live out her goal of becoming an engineer.