Introducing Writers Creed Challenges!

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that we will be introducing weekly challenges starting this upcoming week! Weekly challenges will essentially be specific prompts or ideas that we will give you to inspire your writing, be it poetry, quotes, fiction, anything is welcomed and encouraged. 

Please tag your work #writerscreedchallenge and we will reblog your work throughout the week. The first challenge should be coming out real soon, so keep an eye out for it  We are dying to see what you guys come up with!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of the members personally through messages or send an ask in our inbox.

11 facts tag

i was tagged by the lovely @almightybarnes thanks boo

rules: tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself and tag 11 people. tag backs are allowed, but if you get tagged again you must not repeat any of the facts you mentioned in the previous rounds. the facts can be absolutely anything, whatever you feel like sharing and whatever comes to mind first.

1.) i wear black and only black

2.) i want to be an actress or go into the film industry

3.) i know a lot of card tricks.

4.) i am allergic to gluten (celiac) so i can’t eat wheat, barley or rye or i’ll get sick

5.) i love puppers

6.) i love learning about the science behind what happens after death/ ghosts/ souls

7.) i am reading a book called spook regarding those said subjects

8.) i like to write my own poetry  in hopes to create music someday

9.) i have been diagnosed with anxiety and depersonalization/derealization disorder

10.) i like to write (obvs)

11.) poppy seed muffins are my jam

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Last Day of BooklrPositivityWeek hosted by @thebookishdragon and @books-and-cookies

Day 7: Finest Moment

As you might remember, I am pretty new to the active part of Booklr, so I don’t have so many moments, but the finest one was definietly when I inspired with this post @thelibraryofmars and @anovel-notion to read ‘The evil under the sun’ by Agatha Christie! I am really flattered that you want to read the book now :)
I hope that there will be many many more awesome and inspiring moments and that I find lots of friends :)


i can’t justifice this…

a day late, yeah, and i will post the next later
i choose Dancetale ‘cuz…… i like it, i was between 3 Au’s
and diz come
of course, anyway, enjoy diz from now xv 

-cross is not a really good dancer
for once i’m not there, lol
i like the fact that i really likes this AU but i dance like i’m havin’ some sort of attack

Cross by  @jakei95  
Challenge by @byutak
dancetale by @teandstars

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“Dodging Incoming Hype Sleigh” or “MatriX-Mas” -?

Another Draw the Squad lmao

also those beads around the guy-suppose-to-be-the-christmas-tree are tree lights (i should’ve used references for the sleigh but its too late now ;;v;)

no need to ask, but do mention me/tag my username on your post so i can see it too~


New Video! Played the Gingerbread House Challenge game with my friend @ijustine using the Wilton Kit! 🎄❄️ #ad