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Please, make it into a challenge: the perfect ending for New Girl being Nick and Jess hook up drunkenly, she gets pregnant, they have their own New Girl. The more of you that write it, the more perspectives, the better! PLEASE!

I’m super busy at the moment but I might try it if I get some time! But YES to the challenge. Roomfriends, GO!


My ASMR video, as promised so long ago.

As we said in the announcement of #RudeTrip, this October we will be holding two small challenges instead of a big fest.

Being fans of a TV Show that has some horror elements, the second challenge couldn’t be anything else than a Halloween themed challenge! That’s why we’re thrilled to announce #ThePumpkinIsPeople.

Write/draw/create something related to Halloween; it can be set on Halloween, anything related to monsters or creatures, horror, etc, from October 28th-31st, and post it on Tumblr, Twitter, etc with the tag #ThePumpkinIsPeople.

All characters Hannibal related (or other Hugh/Mads movies and tv shows), all pairings, all sexualities… Anything as long as it has something to do with Halloween.

Since the Hannibal fandom is still very much alive and well, and so many people are organizing things, there is a simultaneous event from our friends at @hannigramacethetic​ (aceofhannigram @ twitter). So, if your contribution to #ThePumpkinIsPeople also fits the rules of their event, #FrightBite, you can include both tags and contribute to both events at the same time! (But make sure your contribution does fit in both events before tagging them. I.e. A story containing an asexual/aromantic character would fit both events, as long as it’s set on Halloween/has Halloween elements)

The art for this announcement was made by the amazing @sylfidxn (art here), and we couldn’t love it more!

Follow us on Tumblr and Twitter for all our updates, and check our FAQ.


Crazy what the body can do 😍 who thinks they can take on this challenge ? #challenge yourself every single day ! @Destorm #Qimmahrusso #Qimmahtherapy

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A Challenge

I am challenging each and every one of you to send something you admire about someone else to them as an ask. It can be someone you’ve talked to before or someone you haven’t. You might make someone’s day. Do it!

Feel free to reblog this. It would be neat to see a bunch of nice things said about other people floating around tumblr.

Spell Writing Challenge - Beginning Now!

I’ll be writing one type of spell each month to up my ante. So this is how I’ll be doing it: the month accompanied by some one or two word prompts for every two days. Feel free to do it with me, or jump in at any time!

October - Curses
1. Skeletons
2. Pumpkin
3. Revenge Served
4. Black Water
5. Nettles/Thorns
6. Vampires
7. Wolves
8. Bats
9. Frankenstein
10. Mummy
11. Spell Books
12. Witches (aw ye)
13. Witches Brew
14. Invitation
15. Tongue

November - Abundance Spells
1. Harvest
2. Seeds
3. Clothing
4. Necessities
5. Recipe
6. Worry
7. Good Vibes
8. Money
9. Gifts
10. Talent
11. Happiness
12. Joy
13. Hospitality
14. Apples and Bananas
15. Cornucopia

December - Glamour Spells
1. Makeup
2. Clothes
3. Shoes
4. Jacket
5. Cloaked
6. Centre of Attention
7. Witchy
8. Job
9. Hair
10. Nails
11. Skin
12. Rosebud
13. Kiss
14. Soft
15. Hard

January - Money Spells
1. Finances
2. Hire Me
3. Promotion
4. Extra Hours
5. Pool of Cash
6. Lottery
7. Budget
8. Credit Star
9. Saver
10. Money Tree
11. Anti Spending
12. Blessing for a Wallet
13. Evergreen
14. Penny Pincher
15. Drawing Cash

February - Love Attraction Spells
1. Attractive
2. Rose
3. Ring
4. Mx. Right
5. Spark
6. Bloom
7. Free Hugs
8. Flambé
9. Picture Perfect
10. Luxury
11. Friendship
12. Self Love
13. Pamper
14. Worldwide
15. Delicate Heart

March - Everyday Spells
1. Weightloss
2. Fertility (people, soil, etc)
3. Study
4. Anxiety
5. Depression
6. Calm
7. Clean
8. Motivation
9. Party
10. Travel
11. Stock the Shelves
12. Energy
13. Habit Breaker
14. Learning New Things
15. Homework

April - Weather Spells
1. Gentle Rain
2. Storm
3. Lightning
4. Hail
5. Sunshine
6. Growing Weather
7. Dry it Up
8. Wind
9. Crisp
10. Warm
11. Hot
12. Cold
13. Schedule
14. Icicles
15. Snowflakes

May - Growth Spells
1. Garden Blessing
2. Pesticide
3. New Me
4. Let Go
5. Height
6. Hair
7. Nails
8. Plants
9. Trees
10. Emotional
11. Physical (therapy, injury, etc.)
12. Home Improvement
13. Family
14. Friendship
15. Work Associates

June - Healing Spells
1. Sickness
2. Burn
3. Sea
4. Kitchen
5. City
6. Plague Dr.
7. Upset Tummy
8. Stuffy Nose
9. Headache
10. Ear Infection
11. Broken Bone
12. Splinter
13. Cut
14. Sleep
15. Aches

July - Wild Card!
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. E
6. F
7. G
8. H
9. I
10. J
11. K
12. L
13. M
14. N
15. O

August - Protection Spells
1. Divination
2. Spirits
3. Negative Energy
4. Injuries
5. Others
6. Magic of Others
7. Curses
8. Backlashes
9. Invisibility
10. Seashell
11. Travel
12. Rock
13. Defense
14. Ward
15. Backup System

September - Confidence Spells
1. Sunshine
2. Stage Fright
3. Blast
4. Power
5. Come out of Your Shell
6. Believe
7. Competition
8. Driven
9. Blow Them Away
10. Disaster Ward
11. Safety Net
12. Eager
13. Take Them by Storm
14. Jewel
15. Smile


Welcome to Octobers Challenge!!

This month’s challenge will be different and new compared to previous months challenge.

This month you will be working in groups to achieve points by working out in order to make your group number one!

A little competition never hurt anyone, and which ever group achieves 1st place status will receive a small prize from me.

You Have Been Challenged…

You are challenged to work out as many days as you can, and keep track of the time length of your workouts.

Please keep in mind this is a healthy competition to stay motivated throughout the year with working out. Please do not try and do more than your body is capable of doing, just to win. Stay comfortable, and be healthy about it.

Each week you will submit to me the days that you have worked out detailing what activity you have done to work out and for how long.

I will post weekly updates on where the standing of each group is.

How Do I Get Points For My Group?

You can achieve points based on the below point system in regards to time length of your workout.

  • 15 - 20 Minutes = 4 Points
  • 21 – 30 Minutes – 6 Points
  • 31 – 40 Minutes = 7 Points
  • 41 – 50 Minutes= 9 Points
  • 51 – 60 Minutes = 11 Points
  • 61 – 90 Minutes = 13 Points
  • 91 – 120 Minutes = 15 Points
  • Over 2 Hours = 18 Points

*Note you have to do at least 15 minutes to considered starting off towards working towards points.

How Do I Get A Group?

Once the sign up cut off day is over I will evenly put everyone into a group. The amount of participants will decide how many groups there will be.

Once you are in a group I encourage you to connect with your partners and help keep each other motivated.

How Will This Be Tracked?

This will purely be on the honor system. So please no cheating, and don’t ruin this for others by lying.

I will ask that Monday - Sunday you keep track of your own workouts and times.

At the end of Sunday/ beginning of the following Monday you will then message me or *e-mail me your weekly results so that I can mark them down.

PLEASE include the number date, time length, associated points per day, and overall added total.

*I have had a created e-mail for almost a year now specifically for this challenge that you will be given the information for at a later date.

You need to have specifics for each day, just so I know how you achieved your points


  1. 10/2 (Sunday) - 40 minutes walking = 7 points
  2. 10/2 (Sunday) - 30 minutes Gym = 6 points
  3. 10/4 (Tuesday) 15 minutes jump roping = 4 points

*It is possible to earn more than one set of points in a day if you do different activities.


    If you would like to be a part of October’s challenge please LIKE or REBLOG & COMMENT on this post.

    **If you reblog with no comment I will assume you are just boosting and I thank you**

    You have until the end of October 1st to sign up for this challenge.


    Ever wondered what Doritos flavoured Mountain Dew tastes like?