i did a dumb challenge and hurt myself pretty bad 

#day 464 #daily #sketch #challenge #art #illustration #sketching #sketchbook #drawing #doodle #ink #pen I was randomly recalling a conversation I once had about the women I like(?) or something like this. Long story short there was this one girl whose physical beauty was amaze beans. Well at the time I was mostly focused on the lower half - you see this was a very very very VERY long time ago. A past life. so…There was a captivating Aura about her. I thought a “smart girl” was the right girl for a heterosexual male like myself. I valued intelligence because it seemed the least problematic. The “pretty” girls looked like dumb-trouble waiting to happen. She on the other hand seemed to cross the boundary between “pretty” and something, But what? . No one ever said she was stupid, but no one ever claimed she was “smart.” She just was. It was her humbleness and independence that was the magnetic force for me, which I didn’t understand at the time. Over the years I realized I didn’t really want “smart.” There was always something wrong with “smart.” Smart didn’t seem to mean the smart I was looking for. With “smart” I might’ve lived materially well off, but internally dry. Over the years I’ve met people who were smart, but lacking. So smart is just like dumb… Two extremes of the material world. In the convo I said, I would’ve liked living a simple life with someone who was internally grounded, who may work for pennies, but who would provide the internal support id need to be my best for the relationship. After life manhandled me, I can look back and say that my train of thought was right - for me. I’ve grown up with non “smart” women and their strength is unquantifiable. We live in a world where the smart are miserable, and the rate of surgery is alarming. Young women are as lost as men, distracted by the pursuit of wealth - and how to get it, cultivating the mind with material knowledge and no room for internal. Old people have an expression where they say “I love to learn! I learn something new everyday!” But learn what? It never made sense to me. Trying to learn everything is like trying to learn nothing. I.e. The academic system. Idk what my point is today…



I can’t believe this is the last episode we have with Deidra and Brodie and all the kids! It’s.. kinda making me emotional guys. So first things first I make a large house for the 6 “dwarves” I build them a cabin the forrest, looks small on top but underground its like a mansion. The small house they had before is nothing in comparison to this, because I won’t be playing them I wanted to give them a nice house with everything they needed. I think they like it ;) I will give the young adults jobs so they can get out of the house and get some income but ultimately ( I did use cheats for them) they will be okay.

Speaking of new houses.. I upgraded our house to make it a little more like a castle less like a cottage. TBH I will probably move them into a new and Bigger lot and redo their house next episode. BUT FOR NOW this is good. New generation new heir new house. Starting fresh. 

I moved Brodie back in! Things sure have changed since he moved out. Deidra and Brodie come back from their jobs and they are pissed off an uncomfortable. Joan came back from school and brought her brother Slobby with her. While Deidra is in bed they hangout with their Dad and talk about Grilled Cheese, Rocketships and the Wedding. Sloppy goes back home eventually and Joan finishes her homework the house.. seems.. so empty..

WEDDING DAY! FINALLY, AFTER SO LONG THE WEDDING DAY IS FINALLY UPON US. Deidra wakes up.. uncomfortable, very hungry and smelly. Not the way  you want to start off your wedding day however her daughter Joan starts off the morning the same way. Like mother like daughter. Deidra bakes her own wedding cake a white vanilla cake. She talks to her daughter a bit “Joan after today the 10 generation Disney Challenge is all up to you now” (NO PRESSURE). We then make the call and set up the party. This wedding needs to be stylin, so we hire all the roles we can we set up in the Willow Creek Park. (Fun Fact: If you have a wedding in a place other then your house any sort of objects you place you don’t have to pay for.. its cheaper then having a wedding at your house).

The wedding venue is perfect, lots of white with dark marroon accents. Love love love it. We saved up like 10,000 simoleans for this wedding we are going big. The guests start to arrive and our special guest propersims sim! Thanks for attending the wedding! The family is here and our special guest, the bar tender, cook and musician are here as well and it’s time to get the party on the way!

A bunch of randoms show up as well looking not so fabulous.. I get Joan to be rude and try to get them to leave.. But they end up staying and looking awful and photobombing my wedding pics with their everyday wardrobe. 

Overall it’s a typical wedding, then after having a few drinks and admiring the piano player Deidre and Brodie finally say their vows and share a romantic kiss! The family claps and cheers as this chapter of the 10 gen challenge comes to a close. The Bride and Groom then have some cake and the music turns from classical to pop and everyone drinks (Joan and Angry are drinking a little.. too much) and boogies on the dance floor. 

When the sun sets and the stars come out some sims are tired and start passing out on the wedding benches. Others make a quick run to the bathroom and Joan starts feeling.. ill.. Maybe it’s all the drinks DAMN IT JOAN ur dizzy and ur drunk gurrl go home and check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

The party finishes and I don’t get any prize.. whatever. lol I take Deidra and Brodie home and switch control to Joan. 


Bonus Pic: Joan is fine. She just needed bed rest, I told you that gurl was wasted.

How will Generation 2 go? Will Joan start looking for a man? can she handle the responsibility of being the new 10 gen disney challenge Heir?! 

Find out next episode when Generation 2 begins!


I was tagged by…okay I cannot find your post again!!!! I don’t know why!!! who are you? Your avatar is Dean in a crown! edit: i-am-a-lucky-artefact it was you ;) THANK YOU bc this one seems really cool to do! 

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Well yes, I want to watch a movie, I always want to watch a movie…I guess…

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omg so true, I don’t really know what to do with my life and I’m globally very afraid of the future. It’s always on my mind.

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In the middle of a revolution…nice…

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omg really? In Wonderland?

EDIT: Okay so this gif doesn’t work on tumblr, but it was a gif about Alice falling into the hole to wonderland.

So I’m using the next one instead…

Oh nevermind, I’m still in wonderland.

But now I’m working for an evil queen.

I don’t care, I’m still in wonderland.

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So now I don’t know if they’re thinking of me as an adult or are totally joking…

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No but…who am I here?

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Nice…(I’m sarcastic)

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omg this challenge is awesome, what were the chances of it being a gif of a little boy? who like fairy tales??? People, this is my future son. And he’s perfect.

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this challenge is amazing…

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I’m afraid now.

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