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~Xmen Preference~

-Softcore :)-

{I honestly have no idea what to call this mess. But these are softcore canons. These small set of canons contain sexual content, but it’s low level. So, enjoy~!}

A/N: I don’t know how bad these will turn out. Also these were supposed to be straight up sex canons but… It took a turn. So these are Canons with GIFS.


 Hank McCoy- He’s pure. A terribly kind heart rests behind his chest cavity. The slightest touches from you gets his heart racing and his facing boiling to 360° degrees. He’s the guy you’ll find spending all day in the lab rather than all day in bed. He’s the guy that doesn’t need sex in a relationship. If your asexual. Cool. That’s perfectly fine with him. But… With the right strings pulled gently and not forced, sex could be amazing. 

Your first time together would be rather awkward, like any. He’d be a complete mess. Asking “Am I doing this right?” Or “Tell me if I’m hurting you, please.” He’d be as insecure as you. Reassurance spills from both of you. As time would go on, he’d learn what you liked and didn’t. Sex wouldn’t be an everyday thing. It would probably be an end of the week surprise. 

-His lips ghost over your raw ones. His hands would be busy running over your body’s curves and luscious hair. Those beautiful baby blue eyes, so captivating, never leave your gaze. He’s all yours and your all his. Both your shirts are off, but both of you remain undistracted. Just the love from each other’s gazes could be just enough for a mental high.-

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Fantastic beasts and where to find them

Just a bit brighter

Hush hush

Fantastic beasts and where to find them head cannons

How they react when they haven’t seen their so in a while

How they React to seeing you on your wedding day

How they act when they’re jealous

First kisses

Passover with the Goldstein’s

Their favourite kisses

How they react to jump scares

Their pet name for their so

How they cuddle you

How they hold your hand

How they comfort you after a nightmare

How they react to seeing you on your first date

How they dance

How you dance together on your wedding day

How you sleep together

Newt Scamander-fics

My inspiration


What are you worrying about?

Fresh canvas

Where’s that smile? (warning: verbal abuse)

You found me

Dancing shoes

I’ve got you

It could be the rain

Summer symptoms

Helping hand

Brown paper packages

Breakfast in bed

The hunt *

Now you’re here

Lift me up

Half asleep

Decisions decisions

Pictures of you


Not without you, love *

Not quite


Bedtime tea *

First love

Among the stars

What’s In a name?

I’m not going anywhere

Little pest

My favourite

Feel better

It was written

A welcome apology *

You’re perfect

Everybody gets tired of me

Paper aeroplane*

Paper aeroplanes part two

It’s always been you

A beautiful sight

It’s not farewell *

Looking sharp


Terrible handwriting *

to another

To another part two 

Bath time *

Unfinished sketches

Don’t stop *

Let me look after you

What a walk can do

A spring in his step *

You’re not having her

A little friend

Dust me off

A full bed *

Going back

The imperfect moment *

Bubble baths *

Moonlit stroll *

See what I see

Always my sisters

Meeting Mr & Mrs Scamander *

Meeting the parents

Old friends *

Not quite sleep walking *

Celebration *

Something about you *

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five

Part six

Bowtruckle enthusiast *

Distraction *


Becoming Mrs Scamander *

comforting arms *

Perks of insomnia * 

Birds of a feather (part 1)

Birds of a feather (part 2)

More than you could know

I’ll always be here (warning, self-harm scars self-harm)

I’ll look after you

The hound gets the fox *

Enchanting stranger

Nothings changed * 

Waiting for him

Little beasts 

Falling asleep on newts shoulder

Newt Scamander- headcannons/preferences

How Newt shows his love

Newt’s wedding day would include

 How Newt would confess his feelings

Dating Newt during Hogwarts would include

newt’s so being a healer would include

Newt comforting you after a beloved pet dies

Newt dating a muggle would include

Newt taking care of his drunk partner

Newt taking care of his partner when she’s on her period

Newt Taking care of his pregnant wife *

Scamander brotherly head cannons *

Tina & Queenie’s sister marrying Newt

Christmas with Newt

Newt with a bespectacled partner *

Being Jacobs sister and courting Newt would include

Growing up with Newt

Newt with a small partner * 

Travelling with Newt

Newt taking care of you after a bad day * 

Newt as a husband

Newt as a father * 

Jacob Kowalski- fics

What about that bath?

l’ll help you through

The best raspberry donuts *

Brown sugar

Cold hands warm heart

Jacob & Queenie

Jacob Taking care of Queenie when she’s pregnant

Jacob & Queenie as parents

Jacob & Queenie’s wedding *

Credence Barebone fics

I thought I lost you

I never liked those plates anyway

Harry potter preferences and head canons

Transferring from Ilvermorny to Hogwarts 

How they comfort you after the death of a beloved pet

How they comfort you after a nightmare *

Harry Pottsr fics

Teddy Lupin

Close to him 


How the x-men look after their partners when they’re ill *

The x-men go to karaoke song

Couples Halloween costumes *

How the x-men surprise you on your birthday *

X-men favourite Disney princess

X-men favourite Disney films

What the x-men were like when they were younger

How the x-men react to you accepting their marriage proposal *

How the x-men greet you after a mission * 

How the x-men react to the cold *

How you sleep together *

How the x-men like to be comforted * 

How the x-men comfort you after a bad day * 

How the x-men react to finding out that their partner has tattoos * 

How the x-men react to their partners cutting their hair short * 

Alex summers-fics

Alex’s nurse * 

Alex summers headcannons/preferences

Alex as a husband

Summers brotherly head cannons

Adopting a dog with Alex

Hank McCoy

White coat

Hank as a father

Kurt Wagner fics


A German valentines day

Kurt’s promise

Tail issues

Kurt’s suit

Kurt Wagner headcannons and preferences

Kurt with a blind so

Spending Easter with Kurt would include

dating kurt would include

If kurt’s so had wings * 

Kurt as a husband

Kurt as a child

Kurt as a father * 


Logan as a father


Jubilee as a child

Peter maximoff fics

Too late

Cookie monster *

Peters braid train *

Peter Maximoff head cannons and preferences

Peter as a child

Peter as a father

Warren Worthington iii

Baby feathers *

Jean Grey

dating jean would include

Attack on titan

Levi Ackerman fics

Thank you

Armin Arlert fics

Even better

Dating Armin would include

Armin as a father

Dating Hank McCoy Would Include

.Kissing him when he starts to ramble

.Wearing his glasses

.Hank not wanting to show you his blue alter ego

.in heated makeout sessions, you could see patches of blue appear on his forehead


.Holding his hand when he gets nervous

.telling him that his mutation was a gift, not a curse

. When he first says he loves you, he stutters throughout the entire sentence

. “I-I love you, Y/N. A-a lot.”

. Helping him in his lab

.Trying to stay awake, waiting for him to get to your room after a long day at the lab and he never shows

.but waking up in his arms every single day

.he’s the big spoon

. Him always talking about science

. You listening cause people usually cut him off

. You go to his lab to eat lunch with him

. And sometimes dinner

.Cuddling all the time

.hugging you from behind and digging his face into your neck

.bringing you flowers just because

.Peter teasing you guys all the time

.“ You guys were so loud last night, god you woke up the whole masion!”

.him getting flustered

.holding hands a lot

.but not really into pda

.pulling him into a kiss with his tie


ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅ ʜᴀʟʟᴇʀ // ʟᴇɢɪᴏɴ 

Somehow the monster was watching and it found me and like a haunted house, he possessed me. And that made me sick. It poisoned me my whole life. It made me crazy and it fed on me. It was weak but I made it stronger, my powers. And it kept feeding.