BATB Modern AU Headcanons
  • Belle and Adam don’t really want children of their own, at least not in the near future, so Belle dedicates her time to starting her own children’s literature company called Beauty and the Books. It’s hugely successful. 
  • Plumette is her head of her marketing and is literally a genius, Lumiere is constantly blown away by his fiance’s beauty and fucking brilliance and honestly he’s lovesick for her
  • Lumiere himself opens up a classy af five star restaurant in the city, and Cogsworth agrees to work with him if it means he gets to work his own hours
  • Mrs. Potts and Chip move back in with Mr. Potts and Chip grows up in a very simple household. He goes to school where he discovers his passion for dance, but the dance school he wants to attend is super expensive so Adam and Belle help his family out with the tuition :3
  • Cadenza and Garderobe tour the world as an operatic/musical duo, being a fabulous power couple together and booking shows anywhere from italy to israel. They are literally living the dream man
  • Lefou is head of Belle’s company’s creative team and has his own really big office and stuff where he frames all of his boyfriend’s shirtless selfies
  • Gaston is a bodybuilder who makes all his money from his ultra-famous instagram. He’s also a stay at home dad since he and Lefou adopted a cute lil son 
  • Meanwhile, Adam is a professional model and does really classy perfume/cologne commercials and stuff. He’s been offered a few movie roles, but he doesn’t like travelling or people that much, so he’s turned them down to live a relatively quiet life with his Belle
  • Maurice lives in a little cottage out in the country, where he’s been content for a long time. Everyone frequently visits him because Maurice is the best grandpa :))
Beauty and the Beast Retelling.... ACOMAF?

In the first book they told us that ACOTAR was a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story but we don’t know what retelling is ACPMAF….

I’ve been thinking that perhaps both books create the complete retelling, here I live you what I would think the characters are:

Feyre - Belle
Rhys - Beast
Tamlin - Gaston
The inner cycle - members of the castle (lumier, potts, etc)
Lucien - LeFou

If you give it a chance you can see Rhys we thought he was the bad guy at the beginning as we do with the beast in Beauty and the Beast story and Tamlin in ACOMAF acts exactly like Gaston; The inner circle supports Rhys as all the dishes and stuff do with the beast as LeFou and Lucien to Gaston and Tamlin, and well Feyre is exactly like Belle. I know is an Hades an Persephone retelling but beauty and the beast fits perfectly. Theories by my best friend @aagalathynius and me @feyrearcheron-nightcourt.


  • the costume designs in this movie    I    c a n n o t      b e l i e v e
  • the set design too, holy shit
  • this beast ain’t gonna take your shakespeare bullshit here take the whole fuckin’ library and then you come talk to me about romances this is unbelievable
  • I don’t give a fuck I will fight everybody about Le Fou
  • I’ll punch a wasp I don’t give a fuck
  • Belle can sing ya’ll— like I don’t know if the design firm behind the trailers just autotuned the fuck out of the audio they were given but she sounds great
  • okay I’m sorry I work in the CGI field and half of this movie was just me freaking out about the rendering of the beast’s fur and his expressions, they did so great, holy shit, ugh, I was so impressed I’m fucking mad about it
  • seriously dan stevens was physically in this movie for maybe three minutes and the rest of it was face/motion capture and he just shines throughout the whole goddamn thing
  • belle whacks multiple people with sticks, it was good times
  • Le Fou, again, I’mma fight people
  • adlkjflkjdg I DON’T WANT TO GET TOO SPOILERY BUT THE GROWL????? THE G R O W L???????
  • Stanley Tucci was in this movie? Like holy fuck?
  • Gaston????? Like holy shit????? He wasn’t so bad in the beginning but as the movie went on he just got creepier and creepier and creepier?????
  • Is it just me or were there a shit ton of interracial couples in this movie? I counted at least five, I think? I KNOW THAT IS SUCH A LOW BAR TO SET BUT I WAS HAPPY TO SEE IT IN A HUGE ASS DISNEY FILM
  • FUCKING LE FOU’S LINE IN KILL THE BEAST ‘Marching off to battle, yet I fear the wrong monsters have been released’
  • “some of them are in greek.”
  • “was— was that a joke? are you joking now?”

Now I know she’ll never leave me, even as she runs away. She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me, move me, come what may. 

Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in, and be with me for evermore.

Fixing Up - Prince Adam/Belle

Title: Fixing Up

Pairing: Prince Adam/Belle

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 995

[Can be viewed on AO3]

Prompt: Before their lives can start in the palace, Belle sets out to fix up a few things.

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The snowstorms are coming, something that’s felt through the entire palace. Even with the hearths in every room, the large hallways are starting to get cold. Belle gathers the blankets in her arms and continues her walk to the main living room. A soft glow of the fire spills out into the hallway through the open door.

Stepping inside, she smiles at the sight of her husband reclining in a chaise pulled near the fire; book in hand, long hair pulled into a messy bun with stray strands falling down on to his face.

She drapes a quilted blanket over his shoulders. “It’s getting chilly,” she notes, casting a quick glance to the large bay window that opens out on to the large garden. Specks of snow gently sway down to the ground, touching the balcony’s bannister and melting away. It won’t take long. Winter is finally settling in.

He hums, noting the page number and closing the book. The book is placed on a nearby table and Belle sits down on the chaise beside her husband. “Cogsworth says that the snow will come soon,” he notes and she settles beside him, pulling the blanket over her own shoulders. The large hearth is still roaring. The only light source in the room, they snuffed out the other candles and lanterns in the living room.

She rests her head against his shoulder. “I’ve been thinking,” she says simply, looking up at Adam. He raises an eyebrow at her. “I’ve been thinking about the villagers,” she clarifies.

“What about them?”

“Cogsworth says that this winter will be tough,” she says, remembering having an extensive conversation with the head of the house-staff in the kitchen earlier in the day, “and the villagers don’t have a means of getting through the winter without help.”

She remembers spending every winter beating back blustering winds from entering the cracks in the walls. She remembers making every scrap of food count. The bakers and the merchants had to spend their money gathered that year importing goods from other towns and cities just so the village could live through another winter.

And she looks around at the life she has now. Roaring hearths in every room, enough quilted blankets to cover the floor space of the castle twice-over, and enough food to feed the country’s armies, and probably their enemies too.

It’s too much for her, her husband and their small family.

Adam holds her close to him as he considers what she’s implying. “I’m sure we could have a cart of supplies sent over,” he says.

He’s never considered her to be what she fears the most – being his Queen, a pretty trinket to have draped over his arm at dances, to show off in front of other people of importance. She’s told him that it’s not who she is. He’s never considered her to be that. She’s still what she has always been to him.

When LeFou visited days after the curse was lifted, when they had all danced in the grand ballroom, she pulls Adam closer to her. “Do you see them?”

He looks over his shoulder to see. “He seems happy,” he notes, watching LeFou and Stanley continue to stand close to each other, broad smiles on both of their faces.

Adam interlinks his fingers with his wife’s. “What do you propose?” he asks, watching the pair from across the ballroom.

Belle wraps her other arm around Adam’s, hugging it to her. “There is that estate a few fields away. I believe there’s no one living there now…” a small smile lingers at the corner of her mouth.

Adam nods and gestures to the two men. “Consider it theirs, then.”

It takes a number of weeks to get the estate up and running again, but when it is, she doesn’t hear the end of apologies sent to her by LeFou. She takes his hands in hers. “It’s alright,” she smiles, turning around to help load the final crate of supplies from the cart, “it’s behind us now.”

“You were too good for him,” LeFou says plainly as he lifts the crate from her.

She folds her arms over her chest. “So were you.”

Belle tugs her coat tighter around herself when a stray gust of cold wind sweeps through the garden. It rustles the shrubs and bushes, shaking the settled snow from the branches and dumping it on the ground.

She oversaw the last of the carts off that morning Laden with food, hay, blankets and fuel, she and Cogsworth sent the drivers on their way to the village. The worst of the snow hasn’t arrived yet, but with heavy grey clouds looming over the nearby mountains made her worry. The snow would be heavy this year. But at least her home had supplies now that would alleviate the pressure winter brought with it.


She spins around and sees Lumiere walking towards her. “Good morning

Bonjour mon cher,” he smiles brightly at her.

“Where’s Plumette?”

“Training in the new maids, I presume,” he smiles faintly at the mention of his lover, “but you’re the reason why I’m here.”

She takes Lumiere’s arm in hers. “Alright then,” she walks them through the snow-laden garden, “what is it mon amie?”

“We’ve been talking, the staff I mean, and well,” Lumiere waves his hand, trying to put his words together, “and we love the affect you have on the Master. It’s…It has been a while since goodness has been in the palace, and with you and the Master being married now-”

“-I understand Lumiere,” Belle nods. They loop back through the arches, bare now that the flowers and vines have wilted for the winter.

“We look forward to having you live here, mon amie,” Lumiere says when they leave the gardens behind and walk towards the back of the palace. He brings her hand up and kisses her gloved knuckles. “You’ll do marvellous things here: we’re sure of that.”

A/N: I fell head-first right back into my childhood at the ripe age of 21. Curse you Dan Stevens + Emma Watson. Never have I bisexual-ed so damn much during a film.