beast transformation

Transformers Antagonists
  • G1: The original Megatron. Turns into a portable gun.
  • G2: Original Megatron with a sensible alt-mode and insensible color-scheme.
  • Marvel: Rotating cast of bad-guys.
  • Headmasters: A scorpion's head.
  • Masterforce: The Black Repaint of that scorpion.
  • Victory: The Dinosaur of Death who's also a Kaiju. His boobs are alive.
  • Zone: Cancellation.
  • Kiss Players: The evils within the hearts of humanity. Also Ecchi.
  • Beast Wars: Dinosaur Megatron who says "Yes" a lot.
  • Beast Machines: Dragon Megatron who doesn't say "Yes" enough.
  • Beast Wars II: Galvatron? Unicron?
  • Beast Wars Neo: "Magma"tron.
  • RID: The Megatron who turned into a giant hand.
  • Armada: Antler Megatron.
  • Energon: Boredom.
  • Cybertron: The most powerful incarnation of Megatron.
  • Dreamwave: Shitty business practices.
  • Animated: Helicopter Megatron.
  • War for Cybertron: D-16.
  • Fall of Cybertron: The smear on Metroplex's fist.
  • Rise of the Dark Spark: Disappointment.
  • Shattered Glass: Evil Optimus Prime and Rodimus's evil Spock Goatee.
  • Prime: OG Megatron returns.
  • Alternity: Quality Control.
  • RID-2015: Furry Bait.
  • Bayverse: If there was a giant Transformers-sized motorcycle for the Transformers to ride in this universe then Megatron would consistently ride bitch to all the other villains.
  • Combiner Wars: Needed more Megatron
  • IDW: The complex multifaceted issues in a society. Also Shockwave, he did most of this shit.




Prime Master Liege Maximo (Skullgrin)! These tiny TFs represent the Sparks of the Thirteen Original Transformers and can ride around in Legends class figures, become the heads (or power-ups?) for Deluxe or Voyager toys, or become one with the matrices of Leader Class figures!

Legends Class Beachcomber! Peeps can ride him!

Deluxe Class Dreadwind! He can combine in vehicle mode with Blackwing (nee Darkwing, not pictured) into Dreadwing, just like 1988! He’s also built off Combiner Wars Skydive, and it looks like he can still become an arm or leg!

Deluxe Class Jazz! Is that a Combiner Wars peg in his chest? Maaaaybe!

Voyager Class Starscream! … nobody really knows what his deal is yet. Is he a new combiner torso? We hope!

Leader Class Evolution RODIMUS PRIME! Turn a Deluxe-scale Hot Rod into a car, wedge him into his trailer, or combine him with his trailer into Rodimus Prime! His removable Matrix has a removable crystal, into which any Prime Master can be inserted! Will this gimmick carry across the entire size-class? Apparently so, as they all have their own matrices, and evidence also points to them all ALSO being small dudes who merge with things to get bigger…

… ~and that even includes Optimus Primaaaaaal, who won the Power of the Primes fan vote!~