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“J. K. Rowling invites you to explore a new era of the Wizarding World…”

I hope you guys know that there is over 90 minutes of raw, unedited footage of Newt’s mating dance that was trimmed down to the 2 minutes of it we see in the movie and Eddie has begged not to let it be made public because he’s so embarrassed of what he had to do and he feels that if the footage is released he’ll never get an acting job again and I wanna see it so bad but I don’t wanna ruin this poor hufflepuff’s life but I wanna see it oh so bad

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Wow, I love your art of Lumiere and Plumette, adorable! :3 I'm ready to ship them so much too! They're a beautiful couple <3

So this started as @blackberrycreek  and I half-joking “ah yes, candlestick/featherduster OTP,” but now I am more invested in Lumiere/Plumette than I am Belle and the Beast, whoops.

Anyway, here is more of Plumette stealing The Wig, because somebody’s got to keep him in line.


Beauty and the Beast- US Official Final Trailer