beast slogans

  • Mahiru: If you kill a killer, there will be the same amount of killers in the world.
  • Licht: Yeah, but if you kill, like, 100 killers there'll be 99 less.
  • Misono: Just hire a killer to kill all the other killers.
  • Mikuni: Why kill someone myself? That's Jeje's work~
  • Tetsu: Let's invite all the killers to our hot spring, so they won't have the chance to kill anyone.

When Yellowstone’s wild bison herds migrate out of the park in winter in search of grass …. questions are asked and emotions run high.
1500 pounds on the highway requires great care and great tolerance.
“Im a buffalo I do what I want ” .. if you know these majestic beasts this slogan is a perfect fit and it works for me.
@michaelnicknichols I spent 14 months photographing in Yellowstone for the May 2016 issue of National Geographic Magazine.
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