beast of destruction

sometimes I feel like I am a growling beast.
red eyes, black fur
silver-tipped teeth of hatred
green ichor running through my blood.
I feel alive with the sensation of tugging;
heart strings,
drawn in breaths,
held in words
like my mind is to be flooded with thoughts
that make no home.
I feel like a sauntering wolf,
all fierce fire and
black-gaited claws that run rampant over
flesh and torn dreams.
I feel like destruction,
loneliness wrapped in fur,
apocalypse written in my bones since the day I was born.
I feel like Fenrir
gripping the edge of the world so tightly in jaws
meant to cry,
swallowing and
all those around me
—  i’m scared to show you the shards in case you bleed. Krys Kazik.
Charr and the effects of stress

This has been talked about just a bit on the GW2RP boards, but I wanted to go a little further with it.

The topic of discussion was role playing mental health issues, and in particular, the example of PTSD cropped up.  Which is understandable, for a world like Tyria where there is a constant threat of war, such things would come into play.

But something struck me as very dismissive.  I often run into this when the topic comes around to the charr and mental illness.  The automatic response seems to be that any charr with mental illness, such as PTSD, would be turfed from their warband and barred from the Black Citadel and shunned from charr society.

That is, firstly, very problematic, and secondly, extremely dismissive of how the charr would act around such things.  To automatically assume that a race bred for war would have no use for anyone with a mental illness is, without a doubt, greatly underestimates exactly what the charr are capable of.

Given the in game examples of what could be called classic mental illnes, the charr know well enough that these things exist and that even they can be affected by them.  A prime example is Tybalt Leftpaw.  Remember, he wasn’t cast out of charr society, he left on his own.  His warband did force him out but he left the Citadel on his own after an accident caused the death of many of his bandmates.  Tybalt, while appearing lighthearted and having a sense of humour, does display classic signs of self doubt, anxiety and depression.

Another example is given to the player from Vesta Scorchpath.  Vesta speaks of another charr named Salina.  Stating Salina was rescued from a Flame Legion camp and has been invaluable as a guide.  Vesta says Salina is still a little feral after being held captive by Flame, and that she’s endured unspeakable things.  Salina is obviously a survivor of abuse and possibly rape.  The way Salina was introduce was well done, without giving the player the immediate information, but just enough to put together that Salina has survived abuse.

Then there’s Lorzohaz Huntblood, found at Almuten Estates in Gendarran Fields.  She remains with the winery as she waits for her warband.  She’s been there for over six months (now for several years), still waiting.  Most likely she’s in denial that her warband is most likely gone and she’s not accepting that they possibly could be.  She’s just following orders to wait for them.

Those are just a few examples of charr that could be, and most likely are, suffering from some form of mental illness.

But I doubt the charr would give up so easily on anyone that is suffering from some form of mental illness, such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and so on.  They’re probably very aware of the fact that constant combat has an affect on the mental health of their soldiers.  After all, everyone from the highest tribune all the way down to a farm hand considers themselves a soldier.  They all work, in their own way, for the betterment of the Black Citadel.  Everyone’s job is just as important as everyone else.  You can’t have soldiers without having doctors.  You can’t have a standing army without having the agricultural system to feed them.

The charr, being masters of industry, most likely are masters of knowing just how fragile the mind is.  It’s not strength to hide this, it’s strength in knowing when one of your bandmates is suffering.  There’s most likely warbands built around the idea of tending to those very soldiers who do in fact suffer from PTSD.  The best way back into a fight is to heal, and the mind like the body, needs time.

The charr are not mindless beasts bent of destruction and war.  They’re very intelligent, strategic, and resourceful.  They’d be aware that their lifestyle can have extreme shock to their system, body and mind.  And so they’d make sure there are those in place who can deal with and help soldiers carry on.

This isn’t coddling.  It’s meeting a problem head on and finding a way to deal with it.  The charr are like that.  They see a problem and they find a way to deal with it.  Each of the Legions would most likely have warbands dedicated to medicine, dedicated to mental health and even dedicated to overseeing that each frontline warband is taken care of.  Those ‘bands that are have a better opportunity to take down objectives and complete missions.

We only see the charr as mindless beasts bent on war. But by removing that stereotype or removing that perception, the charr become far more interesting and much deeper in their entire society.

Princess of Carrion

I interpret princess of carrion to mean princess of dead things. or princess of dead and abandoned things. princess of things forgotten. princess of the dead. aka ruler of the dead. or ruler of decaying flesh. or ruler of things that have been picked apart, morphed in some way. changed in a way different from simply alive or dead.  

I don’t interpret carrion as referring to her though, because when you say princess or prince of x- prince of adarlan, princess of terrasen, prince of night etc- the “of x”  is the thing the prince/princess is ruling over/controlling. It doesn’t describe the princess herself, rather it describes the thing she rules over. I interpret princess of carrion to mean the literal thing she is ruling over, a thing that she conquered rather than a thing that she is. Perhaps because she is a mortal thing that died, should have become rotten (like carrion) but managed to be reborn into a different body that was no longer rotting. (obviously feyre’s body is not literally a different body but it is different in the sense that it is a fae body). 

Carrion is a very corporeal word, and relates directly to the physicality of death, rather than the soul. It references the actual state of decay that occurs after death. Not the life or soul itself. And since Feyre’s soul has remained the same- it never died, it never went beyond, never saw the place the bone carver hungers to see- she has only really died a corporeal death. A death of her mortal body, but not of her soul. 

“Be glad of your human heart, Feyre. Pity those who don’t feel anything at all.”     

I just think this quote is still really important. Her soul is never mutated. Her human heart isn’t changed. It’s her body, her corporeal form. So she could be the princess of carrion in that she has experience with flesh, i.e. her mortal body, being changed, even preserved in a way (god this is getting creepy). When she is made fae the decay that would have eventually set into her mortal flesh is stopped. She conquers physical death. She avoids becoming carrion. She is the princess of carrion in that she rules it, rather than it ruling her. 

Her soul was always going to remain alive, or at least go somewhere else, and we know this because she does tell the bone carver that there is definitely a beyond place out there:

“Yet I knew if I wanted, I could have faded. And maybe it would have been a new world, a realm of rest and peace.”

So she is the princess of carrion in that she escaped a physical death, something mortals normally can’t do. As a fae, she is granted immortality, and in a way, is granted the ability to escape becoming carrion, or decaying flesh, completely. Because mortals age. And isn’t that decaying flesh? At at certain point, moral bodies stop producing new cells. At a certain point, we are decaying even thought we are alive. As a fae, Feyre escapes this completely. 

But what does Feyre being the princess of carrion really mean? What does this tell us about her powers? Here’s what she hears in ACOMAF when the book sings to her:

“Life and death and rebirth. Sun and moon and dark. Rot and bloom and bones. Hello sweet thing. Hello lady of the night, princess of decay. Hello fanged beast and trembling fawn. Love me, touch me, sing me.”

So I’m not sure about the first three sentences. Those may simply describe the cauldron/all life/the abilities the cauldron has. I’m not sure they relate to Feyre- it isn’t clear. But if they are related to Feyre, then they certainly imbue her with the powers of death/giving life. And the last one “rot and bloom and bones” definitely calls up images of the cycle of life and the idea that death/destruction needs to occur in order for new beginnings and creation. No birth without death, no creation without destruction etc. But given the sequence of words, this can also be read as the rotting of dead things leading to the blooming of new things which in turn die out as well. 

Next, we have “hello lady of the night, princess of decay.” So the first bit is clear. She is the high lady of the night court, or at this point, about to become the high lady. The next portion relates more directly to “princess of carrion” and reinforces what I was saying earlier about Feyre’s avoidance of corporeal death. But is she princess of decay in that she makes things decay? Or does she save things from decaying? Can she force things to die and also give them new life? Can she make flowers wither and then bring them back to life? I mean remember, there are highkey persephone x hades vibes in this series. Feyre having some control over death would not surprise me at all. Given the next sentence, I’d say she definitely has power over life/death: “fanged beast and trembling fawn.” Fanged beast is clearly about destruction/death and trembling fawn calls up images of birth and newly born babies and perhaps…even newly born worlds?

Now, we know from the bone carver and from the physical evidence of Jurian, that the Cauldron can essentially create anything. It created all life. As the bonce carver says, “If it were broken, then all life would cease to be.” And the book says to Feyre “unmade and made; made and unmade- that is the cycle. Like calls to like.” Perhaps rather than meaning that Feyre has been made and unmade, the book means that Feyre has the powers of making and unmaking. If she is the princess of carrion, well…isn’t decaying flesh an unmaking? It is the physical breakdown of something that was once alive. Maybe Feyre has this power too. Maybe Feyre, who is the only person able to use the book, the only person who has not been made by the cauldron, has the powers of the book, which amount to controlling the cauldron. And if one can control the cauldron, than one is essentially the ultimate creator. Which, by the way, would be a really lovely parallel to Feyre being a painter. She is a creator already, but maybe her powers are greater than we know… 

Perhaps she saves the day in acowar by making a new world. Or simply by unmaking the King of Hybern (and Tamlin but like that is just me dreaming). I realize this is all a long shot but I thought of it when I was reading the passage about Jurian’s finger, “a bit of bone.” Bone with a soul in it. A body that had decayed, but a soul that had been preserved. 

Finally, I want to just talk about the word carrion. And how yes, it does mean decaying flesh but it’s also a food source for scavengers. It carries a sense of death being used to create new life. Carrion refers to animals that have died, their bodies abandoned, and then found again by scavengers who need a food source. Carrion, in our world, is an essentially part of many ecosystems and supports many animals. It’s also a way of avoiding waste. A lion might eat most of a carcass and leave the bones and bits, which a buzzard then picks on. Carrion as a food source, becomes fuel for life. Feyre as the princess of carrion is perhaps the master of death and life, transforming destruction into creation, using death as the fuel for giving things life. 

But you know, I just wrote a fucking essay on three words so, I could totally be wrong. 

fin du monde dans nos paumes

Pairing: Sormik
Rating: T
WC: 2181
Category: hurt/comfort; fluff
TWs: mild body horror (sprouting wings)
AU: tainted AU
Notes: i love ignoring any mechanics anyway i just wanted some h/c so here take it i love tainted au

ao3 mirror

The realization doesn’t come slowly, or even over time. There are no warning bells, nor any flags. It just hits him, harder than any strike of a Hellion ever could.

Sorey’s look, genuinely scared, aimed at him is stronger than any of them combined.

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My Kingdom Must Not Fall

Imagine being the new Queen of your planet. One day a man named Shiro’s is brought to you and helps you and your kingdom grow

Relationship: Strangers to Friends to Lovers

Fandom: Voltron

Character: Shiro

You knew what everyone was thinking as the heavy crown was placed onto your head and the High Elder spoke. They were all thinking you were too young to rule; which you were. However with you father’s passing, mother’s mental problems, and being the eldest you didn’t have a choose. As the Elder spoke the crown seemed to get heavier and heavier on your head. You were going to be Queen and you were scared.

It was a week after you were crowned Queen when the guards brought a person to the throne room, that looked hurt. Standing up from the throne and walking down the steps you got the guards and the man.
“Who is he?” You asked looking past the guards and to him.
“I’m Shiro. Your Highness.” He gave a small bow before looking at you again.
“We found him on the outskirts. Fighting a Mubase.” Your eyes widen as you looked to the guard that spoke then to Shiro. That explained the cuts and burns shown on his skin and clothes. A Mubase was a nasty beast they killed without mercy, your kind, animals, even its own kind. Beast of destruction the elders called them, so you were ever impressed that Shiro had fought one and survived till a patrol showed up.
“Please take Shiro to the infirmary. As he is getting patched up please tell a few of the maids to get him some new clothes, food, and fix him a room.”
“Yes, ma’am.” The guards said in unity before they lead him away Shiro spoke up again.
“Your Highness. Thank you and your men for your help but I was separated from my friends and needed to find them.” You nodded at his request
“Once you have been fixed up and rested then we can talk more about your problems. Fighting a Mubase is not some you should shrug off so easily.” Shiro nodded and allowed the guards to led him out of the throne room. You took a sit back on the throne as your father’s best friend and adviser who was now your adviser spoke up.
“Your father would be proud how you handled that. He was never one to turn away people that needed help.” You smiled and looked at the older man.
“I remember. Mother always thought that it was silly and it would get him kill.” The gentleman chuckled lightly nodding.
“That she did. However, his kindness brought him many allies.”
“It did.” You mumbled to yourself.

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^ Traditional - Water colour

Digital zoom-in of her full reference ^

‘‘The Void’‘

- History

“They are against, and they are with.”

The void was born out of Ra / Sun’s inside demons. Forged from a paradox that is meant to destroy itself over and over. Made from obsecure complete destructive and evil thoughts. The void carries a bird like appearance to oppose Ra’s golden phoenix formed wings. As the void utterly disgusts and yet loves everything, it is complete discord from the inside. Disharmony and chaotic, their head will always be a mess.
This is why the Arcane Elements were created out of the void, to oppose them in the final battle, back when the void still had conscience and wanted to balance itself with the help of Sun.

In the final form of the void, she will host one of the most innocent people and feed on their fears, emotions, memories.. Destroying the person within. Evangeline, has been hosted ever since Sun placed the void in their world. Growing more and more around her, The void feeds from her powerful emotional soul.

Once korangar starts, and the artefacts Sun build to keep the Arcane Elements and the void in control shoot loose, The void will attempt to fend off the Arcane Elements in one grand final battle that defines wether the eternal world will be established or not.
Using the Void Artefact, the VOID will be empowered with Divine Ascension. Ancient powers which are not to be messed with..

Do not assume the innocent Evangeline will still exist within their body, the VOID feeds on her hidden anger, and aims for complete destruction.

Why Ardyn chose Nyx

Alright this post will have spoilers for Kingsglaive and FFXV, so if that isn’t your jam I think you ought to change the song right about now. This is blatantly about Nyx and why he ends up where he ends up, because let’s face it, it seems an odd choice. At least, until we know that Nyx promised to be in the game and they just threw him in there. I’m gonna explore of how it might have worked In Universe, at least how I see it. 

Spoilers under the cut!

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Kirito is that one guy who plays pokemon competitively and writes Smogon reviews. Every time a new pokemon game comes out he is pulling hairs trying to figure out the new meta. “my mewtwo is fucking useless now asuna”, he explains. “kirito it’s 4AM can you please come back to bed”

Agil and Klein are genwunners who cannot believe that there are like, over 1000 Pokémon in 2025. “Kids did you know that back on my day we only had 150 Pokémon?”, they say, rocking on their chair. “and we were grateful for it kids we were grateful

Asuna and Sinon never managed to finish a Pokemon game. Sinon likes the cool final evolution designs but she can never get behind the silly plotlines. All Asuna ever did was catch a Butterfree and name it “Lowfat” on Kirito’s file

Suguha only picks Pokémon she finds cute for her team. She names hers after people she cares about and her Honedge is named “Brother”

Lisbeth names hers stuff like “Dongermeister69″ and “egg”. Her team is a mix of Cutesy Pink Pokemon and Giant Beasts of Destruction. She loves every single one of them and will passionately defend her Tropius, humbly named “ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ” from any of Kirito’s shittalking abouts its stats

Silica is pretty casual about most games EXCEPT Pokémon. She is a goddamn beast when it comes to that. Fully shiny, 6 perfect EVs team, pokedex completed in every game she ever played, over 1000 hours logged in any of the titles. She’ll play pokemon while logged in ALO, she doesn’t give a fuck. she has a Salamance named Pina who she says it’s her baby. Kirito runs a cold sweat every time she brings a DS to one of the gang’s meetings

Mars square Pluto: “Protector vs. Predator”

These are emotionally violent types. They can’t control or contain their emotional spite, and are physically damaging individuals. They have the capacity to ruin lives. They victimize themselves for personal gain, and lie regardless of consequence. They have tumultuous relationships/marriages, and are difficult people to get along with in everyday life.” (unknown source)

Hard or discordant aspects coming from Pluto are extremely volatile, intense, and terrifying if provoked. However, they are extremely symbolic and represent tremendous depth in a person.

Mars is the planet that rules Aries – it represents our natural instincts, drive, motivation, sexual nature, how we express our anger and frustration. Pluto is the planet that rules Scorpio (Scorpio is also co-ruled by Mars, keep in mind) – it represents transformation, death, rebirth, regeneration, what we keep secret, trauma, intensity, our inner beast. Pluto can be highly destructive. It can sometimes be referred to as the “higher octave of Mars” because of it’s nature in this way. While Mars is aggressive and destructive, Pluto is on another level – another octave – meaning, Pluto has the power to completely wipe out a person, and bring them back as someone who’s stronger and wiser.

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anonymous asked:

I adore how carefree and wild Eris is, but she's not just simply a beast of wanton destruction. She has a heart, takes care of the people she loves, and tries her damnedest to protect them. Her style is amazing as well. The wild details of her flat, which you give us something new of almost every time she appears there are just so amazing.

dude I LOVE adding new weird crap to her place, I’m glad you dig it too :)

Snow White

summary: you get a call to drag friends out the shit they brought themselves in, you almost get assassinated, and a friend asks for a huge favor. all of that is directly connected to HYDRA, so you decide to end it yourself.

inspired: an adaption from the movie snow white! this is my entry for the the stark tower’s movie challenge, hosted by two lovely ladies, @stories-from-stark-tower

pairing: sam x reader is like the main pairing but (almost) everyone is here!

warnings: oooh boi. murder, capitivity, sort of torture?? and bad words but that isn’t anything new, is it. these warnings only count for this chapter but the other parts probably won’t be any more extreme.

word count: 1547 words

a/n: if you are confused about the characters, you can have some information here if you’re still confused, just shoot me an ask! gif’s not mine!

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