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I don’t know if this is any good, but I don’t feel great today and needed some Stanfou fluff to make me feel better.

It takes place in the same universe as “Hands” … since I never mentioned a spouse, it put the idea in my head of Lefou being a single dad.  I went with it, and gave him a happy ending.

June 25th, Family

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anonymous asked:

☀️ tell us 5 small things that have brightened your day recently

-Having friends online that I can vent to so I don’t lose my mind IRL. ❤️

-I finally had time to watch the new Beauty and the Beast movie with the kids tonight and it did not disappoint. So much nostalgia.

-My favorite food truck is up and running for the summer and they do free summer meals for kids a few days a week. Healthy local food that only costs $6 to feed me and all the kids lunch. Win.

-My friend gave me a whole homemade maple pie and it was delicious.

-It’s summer vacation! Kids are finally out of school and I’m enjoying having them home. (Mostly.)

(This has been sitting for a few days. Oops.)

i love Teen Titans because you got the serious moments, like Robin literally showing signs of a severe mental illness (and everyone’s otp being slammed into the ground)

and the really disturbing moments like a majority of Raven’s clothes being torn off 

and then the really dark moments where Slade lost his skin and was just a walking skeleton out to get his flesh back

but then there’s

and let’s not forget the scene that haunted me throughout a majority of my childhood

and Beastboy