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So yesterday one of my best friends and I went to Disney World in Florida. At the beginning of the day her and I bought each bought a parasol (down below)

And of course we had to go visit Disney characters cause duh!! One of our must see’s were of course the infamous Gaston. The first time we ran, seeing a sort line and as soon as we were in his eye line he stopped taking a picture and pointed directly at my friend and I saying “Sabrina (her name) You know its not raining right?” and she sassily responded “I know. So?” and now we were even more pumped to see him but when we tried to get in line we were told he was going on break and we couldn’t enter the line and would be back in an hour, so we would come back. And walking away Sabrina and I got the idea of getting Gaston his own little parosal just to sass him back, and we got him the girliest one ever, pink with white lace and his name written on it. When we did come back the second time it was the same ordeal only this time he shouted “You’re late again” meaning he had to go on break once more and he would be back in an hour. Long story short we came back once more only this time IT WAS RAINING! And Gaston can’t come out in the rain but we weren’t leaving! So we waited and waited and got soaked until FINALLY WE MADE IT. 

We finally walked up to him and he started with “Wow you finally made it” which we responded to “Yes, and since you just loved our parosal’s we got you one” And the joy on this mans face. He broke character for .5 seconds and it was the best thing ever. He was so stoked and he responded like a perfect Gaston (Especially in the selfies) and it was the best day ever!! 

Don’t believe me?

200 days until Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Friends, (I get to address you as such because that’s how I think of you)

We made it. We’re 200 days away from our chance to see this glorious movie in the theater. When I started this blog over a year ago, all I was hoping to do was to share my love of this fantastic movie. 

As I’ve shared before, I loved the film as a child. I’m so excited that they’re making it a live-action. I was thrilled about the cast, the director, the producers. So I created it and found this amazing community on Tumblr of friends (yes!) who are just as passionate about this movie as I am. 

I want to say thank you. Thank you for submitting the fan art, the Twitter conversations with Jack Morrissey, the speculation, the animated gifs to me. Thank you for helping to make this a place where we can indulge in our love for this movie. Truly, I’m so glad you all love this movie as much as I do. 

Also, I did just pre-order my copy of Beauty and the Beast from Target. The storybook sold me on it. 

Thank you again! And please – keep submitting to me! I’ll try and post as quickly as I can!


i don’t care if you think beast wars was terrible Inferno is still The Best and if you think otherwise you are Wrong



Yoseob, KiKwang, and DongWoon came out on “Happy Together” and they all wore bracelets that support different organization. The one Yoseob wore is by an organization called “HeeUm” for awareness and support of comfort women and their families (comfort women were girls and women who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Empire during Word War II). Yoseob has been wearing his for a long time, maybe 6 months or longer, but it wasn’t until today that some eagle-eyed netizens realized what kind of bracelet it was. KiKwang and DongWoon both wore bracelets for organization “Be Connect” which helps children in poverty. KiKwang wears a mint color because he helping children in Kenya and DongWoon wore a darker blue color because he is helping children in Tanzania. Netizens are impressed with Beast because idol groups have significant influence among younger demographics and their supporting great things also inspires other to do so as well. The website for HeeUm shut down because so many people flooded their site wanting to buy the bracelet. When idols can wear fancy jewelry where ever they go, Beast wears bracelets in support of great organizations :) Proud B2uty~

Naver #1 search word: HeeUm, #2 Comfort Women Bracelet





After DooJoon’s humble words about thanking staff members and fans went viral a few days ago, with this Beast is just all around considered “respectful idols” by netizens and fans.

Update: Netizens and their eagle eyes also noticed Yoseob is wearing the same “Be Connect” bracelet with KiKwang and DongWoon but his is navy blue in support of Cambodia