beast in your belly

Horror hunger is such a good trope and I really think it’s my absolute favourite thing. As a feeling it’s difficult to depict but there’re so many subtle flavours of it, just-

Hunger that makes thinking feel like fumbling your way through thick, white fog, shot through with crimson clear bolts of intense, crackling need that you can only follow and cling too in the hopes that it’ll bring you back to yourself when it’s sated. It will- eventually. Though you might not like what you find

Hunger that is insidious and soaks into your thoughts like rot, changing how you see yourself and other people so slowly you’re not aware of it at all. Years down the line you don’t remember who you used to be or what that person used to want other than to eat

Hunger that just sits in your belly like an incorporeal, sleeping beast. No matter what or who or how much you eat, how well you manage to fill your stomach, you can still feel it there, undiminished and unaffected

Hunger that sharpens rather than lessens as you feed it, becoming more and more urgent until it reaches a blinding fever pitch that only doing serious injury to yourself will snap you out of

Hunger that makes your teeth and nails itch, makes your stomach snarl and your jaw restless, makes your throat ache for want of swallowing

Hunger that doesn’t send you out of control like an animal but functions like an addiction. You might put off feeding it and let the need accumulate and intensify for weeks because that will make the pleasure of feeding that much sweeter, that much more poignant 

Just. All the varieties of horror hunger

Imagine Newt always watching your belly when your pregnant.

You had broke the news to your fiancé just a couple weeks ago so it was still all so new. You were expecting a baby.
You hadn’t changed your routine much, you felt like you always had, if not with a little more skip in your step. But Newt had become very protective over you. He would be by your side to help feed the creatures, he would always be very wary when you were working around potions, and Merlin forbid you would want to leave the protection of your small apartment, he was attached to you at the hip.

You were busy making up the buckets for every individual beast your took care of when you noticed Newt being very quiet. And that’s when you saw it out of the corner of your eye. Every few seconds he would glance at you, but not so much you, but your stomach.
You couldn’t help but smile.
“You know, I’m okay. And so is the baby. We won’t die if you take your eyes off us for a second.” You laughed.
Newts face got red and he looked away.
“I’m sorry.” He mumbled, embarrassed.
“Why are you so afraid?” You asked. Stepping over to your much taller significant other and leaning against him.
“Because I protect these creatures and now I have my own creature- that came out wrong.” You laughed and kissed him on the cheek.
“Everything will be fine. We’ve got a herd of mooncalves, a nest of occamy and a niffler to protect us. What could go wrong?”

Quarter pounders and soda
Quarter pounders and soda

Soooooooo just a little experiment heheh~ Might’ve had a little binge this morning of a couple of quarter pounders, large fries and large drink, so afterwards I decided I might try out a little advice from a friend and record it~! Nooooot the best quality and certainly not as “active” as I might’ve hoped, b-but hey, it’s your first glimpse into the belly of the beast huh~? <3 (Also I’ve never uploaded an audio file, so this submission might be a little iffy until I figure it all out!)

Please let me know if this is something yall would want me to dabble with more often!

aries: my heartbeat stumbles and my backbone crumbles
i feel, is it real as the lynch mob doubles?
they want blood and they’ll kill for it, drain me and they’ll kneel for it.
burned me at the stake, met the devil, made the deal for it; sell your soul.

taurus: in the belly of the beast, i’m a wolf amongst sheep.
at the bottom of the hill, but at the top of the street,
above the boulevard, schoolyard, victim of deceit.
and you’re running hard, but this wolf it’s always at your feet; – been to hell.

gemini: and it’s lost inside the love that i guess i never had,
but we’re all a simple chance,
holding on with gentle hands.
we’re as simple as a symbol that means slipping to the past; – sing.

cancer: wake up in the middle of ascending in the night,
with some tears on my pillow and this blood on my knife.
and my soul has stained the sheets but they’re pulled off to the side.
who’s blood could this be, is it yours or is it mine?; mother murder.

leo: can you write some checks that you can’t cash?
so i’m a little bitter, baby, keep on coming back.
yeah, there’s just some things that i can’t stand
a little trigger-happy, so come on, let’s dance; – dark places.

virgo: when you’ve got nothing left, you’ve got nothing left to lose.
with my last left single breath, i’ll still be singing to you.
so when you bury me man, you better bury me deep.
and sing along to this song, because you’re broken like me.
 – the diary.

libra: for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee,
for whom they saw when they put you to sleep.
a deal with the devil is a deal with me,
that deal is forever; as long as you breathe.
go forth child; make us proud, honor is yours; underground;
– glory. 

scorpio: take a seat, you could sit in the front row.
the voice in your head is just me in your headphones,
everybody knows that we’re the devil’s heroes.
come and get a ticket, follow me to the creep show; – dead bite.

sagittarius: i will not die in the night but in the light,
of the sun with the ashes of this world in my lungs.
but who am i to say let’s all just run away?
grab your saints and pray, we’re gonna burn this world today; – city.

capricorn: i just wanna say goodbye, disappear with no one knowing.
i don’t wanna live this lie, smiling to the world unknowing.
i dont want you to try, you’ve done enough to keep me going.
i’ll be fine, i’ll be fine, i’ll be fine for the very last time; – the loss.

aquarius: i’m a holy roller, slow blunt smoker.
the mask on the page of a wanted poster.
look into my eyes and tell me what you see,
the wickedness in you is the wickedness in me; – usual suspects.

pisces: i crashed the train just to start a revolution,
i’m not insane i just want to be free.
it’s not the same if it’s our execution,
let them all see you’re undead just like me; – disease.

Ode to Saint Dymphna

O muse how darkly do you sing to me on the night’s edge
with a voice so airy, gently you nuzzle the notes out from the belly of your beast.
Turning ravenous growls, sickening screams and cries of the mouthless undead
into a drink more intoxicating, numbing than ivory poppy milk.
Like a syrup colored with bellflowers, made with liqueurs almost too sweet, you silence it all.
O my muse how you deafen the echoes that ring throughout devil infested caves,
quieting all that would fall upon my ears, except for the pitter patter of rain
with a rhythm of two lovers who never knew another body except for each other’s.
Free from expectation, Free from anticipation, Awakening intimate exploration. O muse what is it that urges me to draw blood for you, even as you salt the earth
the ground you walk on tastes so divine, a slave to the desires you instill in me,
and powerless I lay beneath your silken lips that nail me to your bed.
How I long to be free from your caress,
live without your eyes glazing mine,
rest no longer plagued by your teases of fantasy and wish fulfillment,
to finally breath without your head on my chest
your head that lays like a dead man on a broken chair.
O my muse, how I love you more than you’ll ever love me,
O my muse, how I hate you more than I could ever hate myself,
O my muse, how you will one day kill me as I sleep,
awakening to a noose wrapped around my neck,
watching me tumble off a pedestal,
hearing your laugh as my neck snaps,
being set free from your curse.
O muse, I cannot live without you, I cannot find the will to live with you,
I concede.

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