beast hunters ultra magnus

I haven't seen one of these yet so boom let's go

Transformers: Prime characters as stuff I’ve done:

Optimus Prime: fell asleep with my arms crossed while reading an important book

Ratchet: screamed at a spider and tried to smash it with an umbrella and ended up breaking it and then yelled at the spider for making me break it

Bumblebee: stayed up till 2am watching various memes all centred around bumblebee and “what bee says” videos

Arcee: said “you’re a human. Can you build me a large intestine” to a friend when they said I should know which hormone starts ovulation because I am female

Bulkhead: spent all night revising formulas for a test and could only recite said formulas for the rest of the next day

Wheeljack: in maths I changed all the word problems to have the word “bomb” in them

Smokescreen: leapt up in the middle of class and gestured at the board with jazz hands when a photo of Optimus Prime was shown in a physics lesson (it was about transformers- the power grid kind)

Ultra Magnus: pretended an inflatable hammer was the forge of solus prime

Jack: rode my bike to the middle of nowhere and then realised I forgot to bring my book so just sat there for an hour

Miko: dyed my hair red and blue and was optimus for Halloween

Raf: coded a program to quiz people on their knowledge of transformers that was so in detail nobody could pass it without the specific answers

Megatron: staged an overly extravagant swordfight with a pair of metre rulers over who was the most “extra” of the two of us

Starscream: threatened to stab someone with a knife several times for insulting my fashion sense

Knockout: had to watch a video on illegal Street racing as part of a school programme to deter us and all I could think was “damn those cars look cool”

Breakdown: bought a hammerhead shark plush and named it after a hammer brand

Soundwave: listened to cotton eyed Joe at 2am and tried to decipher what the lyrics mean (turns out nobody knows)

Shockwave: poured salt onto my friend’s food and told them it now matched their personality

Predaking: put on a terribly posh British voice when reading quotes in my English class

Arachnid: when we went to an army event with my school and the teacher asked where we should go next yelled “HELICOPTER” at the top of my voice

ya know

i always wondered if optimus had kept his s1 and s2 look before being buff during s3 and ultra magnus was at the same height with him

i mean

they literally have the same type of body (other than the chest, shoulder pads and head) but i wonder if magnus ever felt like he expected to be the same height as OP like “yes i’m big now i can finally be intimidating and stuff” but nooooo 

OP had to get even bigger and i can just see magnus thinking “goddamnit prime you had to die”

you can even see he mentions “you’re looking…robust” (other words - yOU JUST HAD TO GET BIGGER)

idk the height difference he probably thought he was gonna get over is pretty hilarious


Sometimes we build things up so high that when something lets us down about them, the fall sours the many positives that do result from said thing. However, sometimes when we expect mediocrity, the end result can be so astounding that we are left in awe.

Hey, but we’re just talking about toys here, right? Sure, Grimwing was good but disappointing, Ultra Magnus here I fully expected to just be that same old PRID Optimus mold with some shoulders yawn blah blah yawn.

And how very very wrong I was. Yes, he has a new head. Completely different paint (of course). Giant shoulders. But he also has BETTER paint. More of it. A super sexy hammer (gotta love Animated for starting that trend!) or Forge of Solus Prime if you’d rather call it that. Shoulders that shoot missiles, which is a cool throwback to his G1 self. A jetpack, which bizarrely is more substantial than than BH Optimus Prime’s. Yes, he’s a Optimus repaint. But he’s BLUE. An awesome blue at that. I had forgotten that this mold actually has some pretty damn good articulation, having ankle rockers but no wrist or waist, which is forgivable, really.

Does he have flaws? Yes. For some odd reason the robot mode’s Autobot symbol isn’t covered in alt mode, resulting in it being on display, upside-down on the vehicle mode’s windshield. His hips haven’t been improved either, they are really quite loose. But these? Minor, really.

I really like this UM, maybe even more than the already super sexy PRID one.