beast hunters


(pulled from transformers prime episode “evolution”, which is still new, so spoiler warning.)

so i have spent a lot of time telling my non-tf friends how fucking amazing the animation is in prime, and how its quality even increases in the later seasons

but fuck, this fight scene? i can watch this repeatedly and still be entranced

how magnus strains with the weight of his hammer, how predaking all but dances in order to regain his balance, how clean wheeljack’s flipping sequences are, how seamlessly the characters and background interact.

this shit is stunning.

not to mention the musical score.

also, if you think about it, they showed a full-on shot of magnus’ crushed and dismembered hand. if that were a human hand, that would be considered too graphic for a kid’s show. however, because it’s robotics, it’s kid safe.

but magnus still lost his fucking hand.

that’s fucking gruesome.