beast from the deep

Greet the creatures

Hello smoke monster, I have brought you embers burned from the deep woods.

Hello shadow beast, I have brought you a candle to extend your reach.

Hello midnight wind, I have brought you a tin to hide during the sun.

Hello distant howl, I have brought you a map so you may find your way home.

Hello invisible one, I have brought you flowers and pollen, show us your beautiful form.

This world is made for monsters.


in the stories you’ve read as a child, there is a girl and there is a monster and the girl always falls in love with the monster. the girl’s love for her monster is so pure it becomes his salvation. 

your story is different. you fall in love with a boy who has so much good in him and he loves you so much. you think your story is over and this is your happy ending but you forgot that your story isn’t a fairytale,

it’s a tragedy.  

you fell in love with a boy and your love couldn’t save him. you fell in love with a boy and your love drove him mad. you fell in love with a boy and turned him into a monster.

The villagers’ fears seem less foolish in the eerie stillness of the night, with the moon hanging full and heavy in the sky.  The houses and farms are locked up tight, with no light to betray the inhabitants’ presence.    You follow the miller’s son, the one villager brave enough to venture out to show you the scene of the last attack.  You round a copse of trees, and find he has disappeared from the path- perhaps a victim of the beast?  A deep throaty growl from somewhere very close by suggests an alternative possibility.

4967. Starfire loves studying sea life. The animals and plants down in the deep epitomize Beast Boy’s line from “Betrothed” (something to the effect of: “I don’t know what’s alive, what’s furniture, and what’s trying to eat me!”) When the Titans look over her shoulder as she watches videos on the cuttlefish, the sea pig and the sea cucumber, they become grossed out and confused. Starfire, however, is reminded of home and comforted that Earth and Tameran are not as different as one might assume.

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