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“Making employees work on Thanksgiving is evil!”

Friend, I 100% agree. But if you want to work towards stopping it, you need to not shop on Thanksgiving. Maybe you by yourself may not mean much, but enough people together refusing to do business with companies on Thanksgiving will greatly discourage corporations from continuing the practice.

This is how you “vote with your wallet.” 

What’s Going on Over There!?

In response to questions about my earlier post from a C-EXOL in regards to Yixing (Lay) not being able to attend the upcoming Exordium in (insert country name) 2017 tour, I’m going to attempt to give a run down of what’s going on as I understand it. Any citizens of either country please correct me if there are any inaccuracies.

As of Today (yesterday for Korea) the South Korean court officially removed Park Geun-Hye as president…she gone. However, while she was in office (around summer time 2016), S. Korea and the U.S. of A came up with, agreed to creating and executed a THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) defense system to protect them against the missile threats that were coming from N. Korea. China was not a fan of the system for they believe “it will enable deep military surveillance that undermines Chinese and Russian security.”

Once S. Korea gave the thumbs up to execute the system, China began restricting all things Hallyu:

Some of the restrictions reportedly outlined in the prohibition are:

  • A ban on Korean organizations filming in Korea
  • A ban on investing in new Korean agencies
  • A ban on Korean idol concerts with over 10,000 audience members
  • A ban on Korean-Chinese collaborative projects
  • A ban on broadcasting dramas with Korean actors

These bans include satellite broadcasts and online video sites. 

Remember when Uncontrollably Fond came out and Suzy and Kim Woo Bin were supposed to go over to China to promote the drama and do a fan meeting but it mysteriously got cancelled like the day before? yeah, this is why. Remember when EXO was supposed to do an Exordium in Shanghai and that abruptly got cancelled too? Yeah, this is why. Remember when Chou Tzu-yu from Twice waived a Taiwan flag on national television and some of y’all ripped her to shreds publicly causing the girl to have a mini nervous breakdown and Twice was banned from Chinese TV as a result!? yeah, China also opposes Taiwan’s independence. Remember when Yixing posted the Chinese flag on IG and dang near all of y’all ripped him to shreds too!?!? yeah….i’m gonna save that rant for another post.

So why are C-EXOLs asking for support for Yixing from international & K-EXOLs? because he is literally banned from any Korean activity!! our dear unicorn can’t be with EXO at this time because of political differences and this applies to any kpop group that has a Chinese member: F(X), Miss A, Super Junior, EXO, etc. etc. Yixing was the face for Lotte Duty free in Korea with EXO but all the Chinese uproar has cancelled that and he has been removed. 

So there you have it folks. It’s always unfortunate and discouraging to read about these things not just in your own country but around the world. Politics is a beast and it feeds on greed, fear and corruption. It’s like Biff Tannen from Back to the Future, like Scar from The Lion King, like Sid from Toy Story. Hopefully you will keep the other innocent citizens of said countries who are now caught in this mess in your thoughts as well.


Tofu Pizza

Anon: Maybe an imagine where the Reader works as a pizza deliverer and they just got an order from the Teen Titans…
World: Teen Titans
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1,116 

           “They’re just superheroes,” you chant to yourself as Titans Tower looms over you, “Just superheroes who eat pizza like normal people.”

           You’ve been working at Pizza Corner for a few months now, but you’re never there whenever the Titans visited. You would always come in and your co-workers would be arguing over Robin and what color eyes he had underneath.

           "I know they’re blue.“

           "No, that’s too obvious. They’re green.”

           "Green is too rare. It makes more sense if they’re brown.“

           And today was no exception. You came in 20 minutes early just to try your luck that maybe— just maybe — you’d see them in the flesh. Your co-workers shook their heads and you groaned. They haven’t come by at all.

           You didn’t hear the phone ring but you definitely heard the words ‘tofu pizza’. You perked up and Max, the one on the phone, turned to you with a smirk. ”..and three meat lovers, got it. Do you want any drinks?“ You leaned over the counter and gave Max a huge smile. He chuckled and pushed your face away before you fell. "We can get it to you in about 25 minutes.. yeah, it’s no problem. We have someone who can be by the tower in a jiffy..” You grinned at Max and jumped over the counter to hug him but he kept you at arm’s length. “Thank you for choosing Pizza Corner.”

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After School

Anon: Could you do a cute/angst almost one with Garfield Logan (Beast boy)?
Series: Teen Titans
Fluff (some sadness)

           "Hey, Y/N!“ a classmates calls out from the front gate, "Your boyfriend’s here!”                       

          There’s a group of students crowding around the front of the school. A common occurrence at this time of day. Ever since Beast Boy started picking you up after school.

           You first saw Beast Boy hanging around Murakami High School a few months ago. He was sitting on a secluded bench, staring at his hands. He looked so anguished that you couldn’t help your feet from approaching him.

           "You’re.. Beast Boy, right?“ Of course he was. Everybody in Jump City knows the Teen Titans and there’s only one green boy ever documented (so far.)

           He didn’t look up at you. He continued to look down and you noticed tear stains on his cheeks.

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And for once it might be grand, To have someone understand,                                  I want so much more than they’ve got planned!

2x21 All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1) 

So I was rereading the Fantastic Beasts textbook...

… And there was something that got me wondering. Newt loves all of his Beasts. “None of the creatures in that case are dangerous!” Even including the erumpent and the Nundu (which his book describes as, “Possibly one of the most dangerous beast in the world.”). He cares so much about all of them. 

But according to the About the Author, Newt was also responsible for the creation of the Werewolf Registry. The thing that stopped Remus Lupin from being able to live like a real person for most of his life. 

Why would Newt create something so vile?

Why does Newt seem to hate werewolves? Unless…

We know this happened in 1947. After the franchise ends (1945). We know Newt and Tina are still alive and in the 90′s. But we know nothing about the futures of Queenie, Jacob, Leta, or Credence…

What if one of them gets killed by a werewolf? Maybe even a werewolf Newt had defended. Stood up for. Trusted.

Newt just wants to protect the Magical Creatures of the world. He doesn’t understand people as well, but he wants to protect them too. Just what would it take to break that?

Of Monsters and Men sentences

Wolves Without Teeth

  • “I’m giving you all”
  • “I’ll be the blood, if you’ll be the bone”
  • “You hover like a hummingbird, haunt me in my sleep”
  • “I run from wolves”
  • “It’s perfectly strange, you run in my veins.”
  • “I breathe what is yours”
  • “You’re feeding on my energy”
  • “I run from wolves tearing into me without teeth”
  • “You can follow me”

Yellow Light

  • “I’m looking for a place to start.”
  • “Grab ahlod of my hand.”
  • “I will lead you through this wonderland.”
  • “Ignore those big warning signs.”
  • “I dare you to close your eyes.”
  • “I see a light.”
  • “The light is blinding my eyes.”

King and a Lionheart

  • “We won’t run.”
  • “We’re here to stay.”
  • “Howling ghosts they reappear.”
  • “You’re a king and I’m a lionheart.”
  • “We’re still the same.”
  • “Creatures lurk below the deck.”
  • “I’ll be here to hold your hand.”
  • “You’re my king and I’m you’re lionheart.”

Black Water

  • “I need nothing.”
  • “There’s something eating at me.”
  • “Darker days are reigning over me.”
  • “In the deepest depths I lost myself.”
  • “I’m ready to suffer the sea.”
  • “I see myself through someone else.”


  • “Heavy stones fear no weather.”
  • “I find comfort in the sound and shape of the heart.”
  • “From the rain comes a river running.”
  • “We’ll create an empire for you.”
  • “Illuminate.”
  • “You’re staring back at me like I wasn’t there.”
  • “We welcome the fear.”


  • “I am lost and led only by the stars.”
  • “Breathe in, breathe out.”
  • “Let it in.”
  • “Shadows form a grin.”
  • “If I lose control, I feed the beast within.”
  • “Cage me like an animal.”
  • “Breathe in, breath out, let the human in.”

Love, Love, Love

  • “Maybe I am a crook for stealing your heart away.”
  • “Maybe I’m a bad person.”
  • “These fingertips will never run through your skin.”
  • “Those bright blue eyes can only meet mine across a room.”
  • “You love, love, love when you know I can’t love you.”
  • “I think it’s best we both forget before we dwell on it.”
  • “You held me so tight all through the night until it was near morning.”

officialravendc  asked:

Give me a 'Oh, my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again.' This one's a challenge - I've been through that myself, and I'd like to see how the two compare... do your best, Ava. Congratulations on the 500.

This one’s on you. I hope you like angst and tears.

Salt in the wound.

Raven had used the saying many times before. She’d never thought much of it; just a casual way of indicating that something awful was unfortunately made worse.

For example, Robin discovering Starfire had been kidnapped was the wound; Red X being the one behind it would have been the salt. It had been serious, but nothing the team couldn’t handle, and nothing Starfire couldn’t get out of on her own.

However, when Raven was the one bearing the injury, somehow the statement took on a whole new meaning.

The tiny, royal blue, velveteen box situated before her, that was her salt.

Fascinating how something so small was capable of so much damage.

[this got long, so the rest is under the cut!]

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