beast ears

But what if… Bunny Beast Elves :v

“Similar to other beast elves, the second set of ears do not serve any purpose, being naught but genetic aberrations carried over from their bestial ancestors; whether they’re kept or not depends heavily on their human master’s taste.

Strangely enough, almost all members of this sub-species have been allowed to keep their beast ears, showing a strange pattern in human’s aesthetics…”

With what the game (ACHHD) provided me with and allowed me to do, I tried my best to replicate the GMM studio!

It’s nowhere near perfect/what it really looks like but I like it. :3



They addressed our frustrations with taking away the full video version.

They apologised and recognised it wasn’t cool. To give something then take it away. Especially after building it up for so long.

They are going to bring it back, but have altered its release date so that it encourages people to use the audio version.



About WHY they made that decision. Because it supports Ear Biscuits and makes sure that its sustainable and profitable. They need us to use the audio version so that they can continue to do Ear Biscuits.

These men.

They just continue to surprise me with their ability to learn from their mistakes, grow and engage with the fans. They realised that not TALKING to us, and being open was pissing us off. And that we just want to know the real deal. That the mythical beasts are very much willing to understand and work with them.

They fucking give a crap about us, about what we think and what we find enjoyable within their mythical empire.

I’m so proud and thankful. I’m proud and thankful of Rhett and Link. I’m proud of the MBs.

I’ve never been a big podcast person. I’m thoroughly more visually orientated and find it difficult to just listen for an hour.

But I’m going to take time out of my weekly schedule to listen, share and review Ear Biscuits in the audio format. As well as watch the YouTube version.

You work with us boys, I’ll work with you. I’ve got your backs.


Blogging this because I’ve been listening to this song over and over this week, and I might as well share it with ya, a rockin-ass villain song.

And yes; this song is about Griffith from Berserk. A lot of this band’s songs are based on Berserk apparently…


It took me a while to get back to this project due to requests from the other blog but here we go-Kiss on the Ear! Glad I had a few of these prompts saved up to use in the queue. It took me a while to find some decent sources from the original series to get the proportions and finer details right but I think it worked out in the end. Maybe next time I could use colors to touch up and make the black work in the arms where they should be in Beast Boy’s uniform, especially where Raven is using her powers. Anyway, I’ll keep this short so please enjoy!

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